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  1. Efficient dispersion modeling in optical multimode fiber
  2. Video-based pooled screening yields improved far-red genetically encoded voltage indicators
  3. Confocal 3D reflectance imaging through multimode fiber without wavefront shaping
  4. Reciprocity-induced symmetry in the round-trip transmission through complex systems
  5. Voltage imaging and optogenetics reveal behaviour-dependent changes in hippocampal dynamics
  6. Wide-Area All-Optical Neurophysiology in Acute Brain Slices
  7. Compressed Hadamard microscopy for high-speed optically sectioned neuronal activity recordings
  8. Wide Area Profiling of Neuronal Function Using Hadamard Microscopy
  9. Genetically Targeted All-Optical Electrophysiology with a Transgenic Cre-Dependent Optopatch Mouse
  10. Recovery and normalization of triple coincidences in PET
  11. Simulation of triple coincidences in PET
  12. System for clinical photometric stereo endoscopy
  13. 3D imaging techniques for improved colonoscopy
  14. Feature Space Optimization for Virtual Chromoendoscopy Augmented by Topography
  15. Production of positron-gamma emitters for multiplexed PET (mPET) imaging
  16. Simulation of triple coincidences in PET
  17. Photometric stereo endoscopy
  18. Geometric errors for rapid prototyping
  19. Chemical species separation with simultaneous estimation of field map and T  2* using a k -space formulation
  20. Application of the fractional Fourier transform to image reconstruction in MRI
  21. The fractional Fourier transform and quadratic field magnetic resonance imaging
  22. Extended Kalman filter estimates the contour length of a protein in single molecule atomic force microscopy experiments