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  1. Introduction of a control network survey and its simulation for high energy particle accelerators.
  2. First direct measurement of electron and positron bunch characteristics at the positron source
  3. Direct Observation of Positron Capture Process at the Positron Source of the SuperKEKB B-Factory
  4. Characteristic Analysis of Wideband Beam Monitor with High-Frequency Pickups
  5. First simultaneous detection of electron and positron bunches at the positron capture section
  6. Signal transmission lines and noise reduction technique in linear accelerators
  7. Longitudinal phase-space diagnostics using a stripline-type beam-timing monitor at the KEKB injector linac
  8. Angle Detection Using a Continuously Rotating Gyro for Large Scale Profile Evaluation – Reversal Measurement for Eliminating Gyro Drift –
  9. Spatiotemporal Diffusive Evolution and Fractal Structure of Ground Motion
  10. Construction and commissioning of direct beam transport line for PF-AR
  11. Optimization of an hybrid positron source using channeling
  12. Real-time observation of dynamic floor motion of the KEKB injector linac with a laser-based alignment system
  13. Elimination of Gyro Drift by Using Reversal Measurement
  14. Investigations on a hybrid positron source with a granular converter
  15. Wide dynamic range FPGA-based TDC for monitoring a trigger timing distribution system in linear accelerators
  16. Straightness evaluation using inclinometers with a pair of offset bars
  17. Numerical Design Analysis of Energy-Spread Monitor Using Multi-Stripline Electrodes
  18. Development of an intense positron source using a crystal-amorphous hybrid target for linear colliders
  19. Large-scale accelerator alignment using an inclinometer
  20. Numerical design analysis of energy-spread monitor using multi-stripline electrodes
  21. Propagation and stability characteristics of a 500-m-long laser-based fiducial line for high-precision alignment of long-distance linear accelerators
  22. Accelerator control system at KEKB and the linac
  23. Accelerator design at SuperKEKB
  24. Achievements of KEKB
  25. Commissioning of KEKB
  26. The KEKB injector linac
  27. Characteristic analysis of coupled transmission lines in stripline-type beam position monitor
  28. Experimental investigation on focusing characteristics of a He-Ne laser using circular Fresnel zone plate for high-precision alignment of linear accelerators
  29. Experimental study of new laser-based alignment system at the KEK B-factory injector linear accelerator
  31. New beam-charge interlock system for radiation safety at the KEKB injector linac
  32. First application of a tungsten single-crystal positron source at the KEK B factory
  33. Lattice and beam optics design for suppression of CSR-induced emittance growth at the KEK-ERL test facility
  34. Beam operation with crab cavities at KEKB
  35. Beam-beam effects observed at KEKB
  36. Compensationof the crossing angle with crab cavities at KEKB
  37. Enhancement of the positron intensity by a tungsten single-crystal target at the KEKB injector linac
  38. Quadrupole HOM damping with eccentric-fluted beam pipes
  39. Recent progress of KEKB
  40. Status of R&D efforts toward the ERL-based future light source in Japan
  41. Experimental study of positron production from a 2.55-mm-thick silicon crystal target using 8-GeV electron beams with high-bunch charges
  42. A conceptual pre-injector design for the KEK-ERL test accelerator
  43. New energy-spread-feedback control system using nondestructive energy-spread monitors
  44. Experimental study of positron production from silicon and diamond crystals by 8-GeV channeling electrons
  45. Trigger-timing signal distribution system for the KEK electron/positron injector linac
  46. Nondestructive beam energy-spread monitor using multi-strip-line electrodes
  47. Commissioning of KEKB
  48. The KEKB injector linac
  49. Measurement of positron production efficiency from a tungsten monocrystalline target using 4- and 8-GeV electrons
  50. Experimental study of positron production from a W single crystal by the KEK 8-GeV electron linac beam
  51. Multipole Analysis of Electromagnetic Field Generated by Single-Bunch Electron Beams
  52. Stripline-type beam-position-monitor system for single-bunch electron/positron beams
  53. Absolute Beam-Charge Measurement Tecnhiques for Single-Bunch Electron Beams
  54. New analysis and performance of a wall-current monitor
  55. Search for susy particles in e+e− annihilation at tristan
  56. Charge asymmetry measurement in e+e−→μ+μ− and τ+τ− reactions at and 55 GeV
  57. TOPAZ barrel electromagnetic calorimeter at TRISTAN, KEK
  58. Search for sequential heavy leptons ine+
  59. Search for Top Quark ine+
  60. Measurement of the processes e+e−→e+e− and e+e−→γγ at
  61. Time resolution of a large area planar spark counter
  62. A test of a planar spark counter of 500 μm spark gap
  63. Performance Test of the TOPAZ Barrel Calorimeter
  64. Energy-Spread Feedback System for the KEKB Injector Linac
  65. Recent Progress at KEKB