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  1. Radiological hazard indices in Indian Sundarbans
  2. First time production of V-48 radioisotope from chlorine target
  3. Estimation of potassium in Sundarbans surface soil
  4. Production yield of residues in 11B+93Nb reaction and separation of trace scale Pd from bulk Nb using liquid-liquid extraction
  5. Nature inspired Chemistry
  6. New production routes of 181−184Re radioisotopes
  7. Separation of lead and bismuth individually from lead bismuth eutectic
  8. Anomalies in quantitative measurement of 40K
  9. Separation of lead and bismuth individually from lead bismuth eutectic by precipitation technique:
  10. Separation of no-carrier-added 97Ru from 11B-induced Y target by encapsulation of 97Ru into calcium alginate hydrogel beads
  11. Separation of no-carrier-added astatine radionuclides from α-particle irradiated lead bismuth eutectic target: A classical method
  12. Production, separation and embedment of no-carrier added 93mMo in iron-doped calcium alginate beads from 7Li irradiated yttrium target
  13. Measurement of naturally occurring radioactive materials, 238U and 232Th-part 3: is efficiency calibration necessary for quantitative measurement of ultra-low level NORM?
  14. Li7 -induced reaction on Monat : A study of complete versus incomplete fusion
  15. The electron capture in 163Ho experiment – ECHo
  16. Production of Pd radionuclides from natural niobium and their purification simulating natNb(11B,xn)100,101Pd reaction: an indirect production route of 101mRh
  17. Measurement of naturally occurring radioactive material, 238U and 232Th: part 2—optimization of counting time
  18. Radiometric analysis of isotherms and thermodynamic parameters for cadmium(II) adsorption from aqueous medium by calcium alginate beads
  19. Incorporation of no-carrier added 200,203 Pb and 200,201,202 Tl in calcium alginate and hesperidin incorporated calcium alginate beads
  20. Separation of clinically important Hg isotopes from gold target
  21. Separation of long-lived 152Eu radioisotopes from a binary mixture of 152Eu and 134Cs by calcium alginate: a green technique
  22. Ru-97, medically important isotope, produced by heavy ion activation, has been separated from bulk
  23. The natural radioactivity level in Indian Sundarbans
  24. Experimental probe for the production ofRu97from theLi7+Nb93reaction: A study of precompound emissions
  25. Measurement of naturally occurring radioactive materials, 238U and 232Th: anomalies in photopeak selection
  26. Ionic liquid-salt based aqueous biphasic system for rapid separation of no-carrier-added 203Pb from proton irradiated natTl2CO3 target
  27. Separation of no-carrier-added 195(m,g),197mHg from Au target by ionic liquid and salt based aqueous biphasic systems
  28. Development of a liquid Pb-Bi target for high-power ISOL facilities
  29. Separation of NCA Pb-203 by calcium hydrogels
  30. A dynamic chitosan-based self-healing hydrogel with tunable morphology and its application as an isolating agent
  31. Uranium content in Himalayan Siwaliks, India
  32. Separation of 163Er from dysprosium target: a step toward neutrino mass measurement through electron capture of 163Ho
  33. My work from electron volt to giga electron volt
  34. Separation of no-carrier-added 111In and 109Cd from α-particle induced Ag target using glass wool surface
  35. Measurement of yield of residues produced in 12C+natY reaction and subsequent separation of 97Ru from Y target using cation exchange resin
  36. Tracing ancient silk route by nuclear-analytical technique
  37. Separation of minute amount of Ru and Tc from bulk Y
  38. Selective separation of 152Eu from a mixture of 152Eu and 137Cs using a chitosan based hydrogel
  39. Synthesis, characterization and magnetic properties of CoxCu1−x (
  40. Green methods for the radiochemical separations of no-carrier-added 61Cu, 62Zn from 7Li irradiated cobalt target
  41. Comparison on the production of radionuclides in 1.4 GeV proton irradiated LBE targets of different thickness
  42. Study of naturally occurring radioactive material (NORM) in top soil of Punjab State from the North Western part of India
  43. Ionic liquid-salt based aqueous biphasic system for separation of 109Cd from silver target
  44. Separation of 97Ru from niobium target using PEG based aqueous biphasic systems
  45. ARCEBS-2014: a platform for nuclear and accelerator scientists
  46. Root associated iron oxidizing bacteria increase phosphate nutrition and influence root to shoot partitioning of iron in tolerant plant Typha angustifolia
  47. The Electron Capture $$^{163}$$ 163 Ho Experiment ECHo
  48. Ca48+Bk249Fusion Reaction Leading to ElementZ=117: Long-Livedα-DecayingDb270and Discovery ofLr266
  49. Letter to the Editor: A simple and sensitive separation technique of 99Mo and 99mTc from their equilibrium mixture (DOI: 10.1007/s10967-013-2770-x)
  50. Separation of no-carrier-added rhenium from bulk tantalum by the sodium malonate–PEG aqueous biphasic system
  51. Separation of No-Carrier-Added Rhenium from Bulk Tantalum By Precipitation Technique
  52. Separation of no-carrier-added 109Cd from natural silver target using RTIL 1-butyl-3-methylimidazolium hexafluorophosphate
  53. Application of PEG based aqueous biphasic systems in extraction and separation of no-carrier-added183Re from bulk tantalum
  54. An improved non-destructive method of potassium determination
  55. Production and separation of 111In: an important radionuclide in life sciences: a mini review
  56. Production and separation of no-carrier-added 73 As and 75 Se from 7 Li irradiated germanium oxide target
  57. Synthesis of molybdenum nanoparticle by in situ γ-radiation
  58. Study of the average charge states of 188Pb and 252,254No ions at the gas-filled separator TASCA
  59. Clinically important indium radioisotopes production from silver target
  60. Separation of no-carrier-added 113,117mSn and 113m,114mIn from alpha particle irradiated natural cadmium target
  61. Observation of superparamagnetism to flux closure behaviour in ZnO nanoparticle agglomerates
  62. Cloud point extraction of 99Mo with Triton X-114
  63. An improved method for determination of 7Be in mosses
  64. Species dependent extraction of 99Mo
  65. Preface
  66. Recent developments in nuclear data measurements and chemical separation methods in accelerator production of astatine and technetium radionuclides
  67. Separation of nca 123,124,125,126I from alpha particle induced the natural antimony trioxide target
  68. Preface
  69. Production cross section of At radionuclides from7Li+natPb and9Be+natTl reactions
  70. Studies on dynamic dissociation constant of 99Mo–insulin complex
  71. Production and separation of no-carrier-added thallium isotopes from proton irradiated natHg2Cl2 matrix
  72. Investigation on the production and isolation of 149,150,151 Tb from 12 C irradiated natural praseodymium target
  73. ARCEBS in brief
  74. Separation of no-carrier-added 149Gd from 12C activated natural praseodymium matrix
  75. Time dependent formation of gold nanoparticles in yeast cells: A comparative study
  76. Production and separation of97Ru from7Li activated natural niobium
  77. First superheavy element experiments at the GSI recoil separator TASCA: The production and decay of element 114 in thePu244(Ca48,3-4n) reaction
  78. Separation of 134Cs and 133Ba radionuclides by calcium alginate beads
  79. Studies on stabilities of some human chorionic gonadotropin complexes with β-emitting radionuclides
  80. Separation of no-carrier-added 107,109Cd from proton induced silver target: classical chemistry still relevant
  81. Methods of Cosmochemical Analysis
  82. Production and Decay of Element 114: High Cross Sections and the New NucleusHs277
  83. New routes for production of proton-rich Tc isotopes
  84. Separation of no-carrier-added 93,94,94m,95,96Tc from 7Li induced natural Zr target by liquid–liquid extraction
  85. Separation and purification of no-carrier-added arsenic from bulk amounts of germanium for use in radiopharmaceutical labelling
  86. Separation of 99Mo and 99mTc by liquid–liquid extraction using trioctylamine as extractant
  87. Separation of no-carrier-added 90Nb from proton induced natural zirconium target
  88. Obituary
  89. extraction of different species of Hg by using a green method
  90. Immobilisation of no-carrier-added 93mMo on a biopolymer calcium alginate: a candidate radiopharmaceutical
  91. A green approach for sequential extraction of heavy metals from Li irradiated Au target
  92. Production of 88,89Zr by proton induced activation of natY and separation by SLX and LLX
  93. Production and separation of no-carrier-added 208,209,210At produced from heavy ion activation on natural thallium target
  94. Biomolecule–metal interactions: Applications in extraction and separation techniques
  95. Studies on separation of no-carrier-added 177W from bulk lutetium
  96. Studies on bio-accumulation of 51Cr by Piper nigrum
  97. Theoretical production possibility of astatine radionuclides
  98. Albumin metal interaction: A multielemental radiotracer study
  99. Extraction of long-lived radionuclides 152,154Eu and 134Cs using environmentally benign aqueous biphasic system
  100. Production and separation of no-carrier-added 93,94,95Tc from 9Be activated yttrium target
  101. Complexation study on no-carrier-added astatine with insulin: A candidate radiopharmaceutical
  102. Production of 93mMo through natY(7Li, 3n) reaction and subsequent studies on separation and extraction behaviour of no-carrier-added 93mMo from an yttrium target
  103. In Situ γ-Radiation: One-Step Environmentally Benign Method To Produce Gold−Palladium Bimetallic Nanoparticles
  104. Rare-earth elemental analysis of banded iron-formations by instrumental neutron activation analysis
  105. Immobilization of long-lived radionuclides 152,154Eu by selective bioaccumulation in Saccharomyces cerevisiae from a synthetic mixture of 152,154Eu, 137Cs and 60Co
  106. Biorecovery of gold using cyanobacteria and an eukaryotic alga with special reference to nanogold formation – a novel phenomenon
  107. Separation of Astatine from 7-Li bombarded lead target
  108. Separation of no-carrier-added Tl and Pb radionuclides using poly(N-vinylpyrrolidone)
  109. Species of chromium identified by aqueous biphasic extraction system
  110. Uptake studies of environmentally hazardous 51Cr in Mung beans
  111. Editorial
  112. Preconcentration of gold by Mimusops elengi seed proteins
  113. Separation of no-carrier-added 66,67Ga produced in heavy ion-induced cobalt target using alginate biopolymers
  114. Accumulation of radiocesium by Pleurotus citrinopileatus species of edible mushroom
  115. Adsorption of 125Sb on alumina and titania surfaces
  116. Studies on metal — protein interactions: Inter-comparison among various approaches
  117. Speciation dependent studies on chromium absorption using calcium alginate and iron doped calcium alginate biopolymer
  118. Radiometric study on bioaccumulation of gold by an alkaloid extracted from fruits of Piper nigrum
  119. Speciation-dependent studies on removal of arsenic by iron-doped calcium alginate beads
  120. Separation of iron and cobalt using 59Fe and 60Co by dialysis of polyvinylpyrrolidone–metal complexes: A greener approach
  121. Studies on 66,67Ga- and 199Tl-poly(N-vinylpyrrolidone) complexes
  122. A new method of synthesis of iron doped calcium alginate beads and determination of iron content by radiometric method
  123. Application of tracer packet technique for studying metal — protein interactions with Erythrina variegata Linn. seed proteins
  124. Application of tracer packet technique for multielemental uptake studies by ceric vanadate
  125. Production of no-carrier-added 123I via heavy-ion activation of natural antimony oxide
  126. Studies on the interaction of poly(N-vinylpyrrolidone) with no-carrier-added 61Cu, 62Zn, 66Ga, 69Ge and 71As using tracer packet technique
  127. Diatom: A potential bio-accumulator of gold
  128. Separation of No-Carrier-Added52Mn from Bulk Chromium:  A Simulation Study for Accelerator Mass Spectrometry Measurement of53Mn
  129. Preconcentration of 198Au in a green alga, Rhizoclonium
  130. Preconcentration of 198Au in a green alga, Rhizoclonium
  131. Separation of Trace Level Hafnium from Tungsten:  A Step Toward Solving an Astronomical Puzzle
  132. A green method for synthesis of radioactive gold nanoparticles
  133. Separation of samarium and neodymium: a prerequisite for getting signals from nuclear synthesis
  134. Biosorption of toxic, heavy, no-carrier-added radionuclides by calcium alginate beads
  135. Synthesis of a Novel Ion Exchanger, Ceric Vanadate and Its Application to the Separation of90Sr—90Y Pair.
  136. Alternative separation methods of no-carrier-added 111In produced by heavy ion activation of silver
  137. Separation of 134Cs and 152Eu using inorganic ion exchangers, zirconium vanadate and ceric vanadate
  138. Production of 166Ho through 164Dy(n,γ)165Dy(n, γ)166Dy(β−)166Ho and separation of 166Ho
  139. Heavy ion irradiation on conducting polypyrrole and ZrO2–polypyrrole nanocomposites
  140. Incorporation of thiosemicarbazide in Amberlite IRC-50 for separation of astatine from α-irradiated bismuth oxide
  141. Production of a tracer packet of heavier rare earth elements
  142. Application of tracer packet technique for multielemental uptake studies on the inorganic ion exchanger zirconium vanadate
  143. Synthesis of a novel ion exchanger, zirconium vanadate, for immobilising 134,137 Cs radionuclides
  144. Radiochemical separation of carrier-free 204,206Bi from α-irradiated thallium oxide target
  145. Alternative Production and Separation Method of111In by Heavy Ion Activation of Silver.
  146. Extraction separation of No-carrier-added astatine from bismuth target
  147. Sequential Separation of 61Cu, 62, 63Zn, 66, 67, 68Ga, 71, 72As, and 73Se Produced by Heavy Ion Activation on Cobalt Target
  148. An eco-friendly novel separation of carrier-free thallium radionuclide from mercury and lead radionuclides using algae as bio-reagent
  149. Alternative radiochemical heavy ion activation methods for the production and separation of thallium radionuclides
  150. Synthesis of a new ion exchanger, zirconium vanadate, and its application to the separation of barium and cesium radionuclides at tracer levels
  151. Separation of 48V and 48,49Cr in 7Li irradiated Sc2O3 target by liquid–liquid extraction
  152. Production and separation of 24Na and 28Mg from 7Li-irradiated aluminium target
  153. Tracer packet: A new conception for the production of tracers
  154. Separation of carrier-free 181Re produced in 16O-irradiated thulium target
  155. Alternative methods for the production of carrier-free 66,67Ga
  156. Production and separation of carrier-free 145,146Eu from a CsNO3 target using a 16O beam
  157. Separation of carrier-free hafnium and lutetium radionuclides produced in 16O activated terbium metal target
  158. Separation of carrier-free ytterbium and thulium produced in 80 MeV 12C6+ irradiated gadolinium foil target by liquid–liquid extraction with HDEHP
  159. Separation of carrier-free cerium radionuclides from different target matrix produced by heavy ion beams
  160. Separation of 187,188Pt and 187,188Ir produced in 11B4+ irradiated tantalum target
  161. Separation of carrier free 151,152Tb produced in 16O irradiated lanthanum oxide matrix
  162. Application of radioisotopes in the field of nuclear medicine
  163. Production of carrier free192,193Hg and192,193Au in16O irradiated tantalum target and their separation by liquid-liquid extraction
  164. Separation of heavy ion induced carrier free europium isotopes from bulk quantity of cesium
  165. Production and separation of carrier-free from a 6+ irradiated La2O3 matrix
  167. Separation of carrier free dysprosium and terbium isotopes from 12C6+ irradiated Nd2O3
  168. Separation of carrier-free gadolinium produced in an 80 MeV 12C6+ irradiated CeO2 target
  169. Separation of carrier free152, 153Dy and151–153Tb from16O7+ irradiated CeO2 by liquid-liquid extraction
  170. Synergistic extraction of neodymium and carrier-free promethium by the mixture of HDEHP and PC88A
  171. Separation of carrier-free 199Au as a β-decay product of 199Pt
  172. Extraction and separation of141Ce and153Gd with HDEHP
  173. Review Article: Separation of the Carrier Free Radioisotopes of Second Transition Series Elements
  174. Separation of No-Carrier Added 147,149Gd and 147Eu Produced in 70 MeV 11B Irradiated Praseodymium Foil Target
  175. Separation of Carrier-Free 163 165Tm Produced in 80 MeV 16O Irradiated Eu2O3 Target Matrix
  176. Separation of carrier free lutetium produced in proton activated ytterbium with HDEHP
  177. Studies on Liquid-Liquid Extraction of No-Carrier-Added 91,92,96Nb and 93mMo Isotopes Produced in α-Particle Activated Zirconium Target with HDEHP
  178. Studies on the Separation of No-carrier-added Gold from Neutron Activated Platinum Target
  179. Extraction of Transplutonium Elements with Liquid Ion Exchanger
  180. Sequential separation by HDEHP of carrier-free101,105,106Rh,103,104,105,106,110,112Ag and104,105,107,109,111Cd produced in alpha-particle activated palladium
  181. Sequential separation of carrier free radioisotopes of rhodium, silver and cadmium produced in α-particle activated palladium by TOA
  182. Liquid-liquid extraction of α-activation products of iron with HDEHP
  183. Separation of Zr and Nb radioisotopes from alpha particle bombarded yttrium target
  184. Liquid-liquid extraction of carrier-free radioisotopes produced in α-particle activated molybdenum target by HDEHP and TBP
  185. LLX separation of carrier-free,94,95,97,103Ru,93,94,95,96,99mTc and95,96Nb produced in alpha-particle activated molybdenum by TOA
  186. Neutron activation analysis of noble and platinum group metals in the proterozoic Dalma rocks of Eastern India
  187. Separation of carrier free65Zn and66,67,68Ga, the alpha-particle activation products of copper with HDEHP
  188. Simultaneous production of89Zr and90,91m92mNb in α-particle activated yttrium and their subsequent separation by TOA
  189. Simultaneous production of carrier-free 65Zn and 66,67,68Ga in α-particle activated copper target and their separation with TOA
  190. Sequential separation of carrier free 52,56Mn, 55,56,58Co and 56,57Ni from α-particle activated iron with triisooctylamine
  191. Radiochemical Preconcentration of Noble and Platinum Group Metals for Nuclear Activation Analysis
  192. LLX separation of carrier-free 47Sc, 48V and 48,49,51Cr produced in α-particle activated titanium with HDEHP
  193. Separation of Sc, V, Cr radionuclides which were produced in alpha particle bombarded titanium
  194. Extraction chromatographic separation of99Mo and187W with trioctylamine
  195. Liquid-liquid extraction of trace level zirconium and hafnium with trioctylamine
  196. Liquid-liquid extraction of 99Mo and 187W with trioctylamine
  197. Liquid-Liquid Extraction and Reversed Phase Chromatographic Separation of Parent-Daughter, 95Zr-95Nb, with TOA
  198. Reversed phase chromatographic separation of zirconium, niobium and hafnium tracers with HDEHP
  199. Nuclear microanalysis of titanium
  200. Liquid-Liquid Extraction of Trace Level Niobium and Tantalum by Trioctylamine.