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  1. Biomolecule-Mediated Generation of Ru Nanocatalyst for Sustainable Reduction of Nitrobenzene
  2. Role of biomolecules in selective extraction of U(VI) using an aqueous biphasic system
  3. γ-Irradiated Ni-hesperidin nanocomposite for selective trace-level sensing of sulfide ions
  4. Encapsulation of Thymol in cyclodextrin nano-cavities: A multi spectroscopic and theoretical study
  5. Generating cellulose-agar composite hydrogels for uptake-release kinetic studies of selenate and selenomethionine
  6. Micelle mediated extraction of calcium species in aqueous biphasic systems: A mechanism steered by aggregation number
  7. Aqueous biphasic extraction of metal ions: An alternative technology for metal regeneration
  8. Thermoseparative Regeneration of Triblock Copolymer after Aqueous Biphasic Extraction of Molybdate Species
  9. Phytomediated generation of Ag, CuO and Ag-Cu nanoparticles for dimethoate sensing
  10. Au nanoparticles functionalized 3D-MoS2 nanoflower: An efficient SERS matrix for biomolecule sensing
  11. Nature inspired Chemistry
  12. Drug delivery of sulphanilamide using modified porous calcium carbonate
  13. Sustainable Generation of Ni(OH)2 Nanoparticles for the Green Synthesis of 5-Substituted 1H-Tetrazoles: A Competent Turn on Fluorescence Sensing of H2O2
  14. Block copolymer mediated generation of bimetallic Ni-Pd nanoparticles: Raman sensors of ethyl paraben and ciprofloxacin
  15. Polyvinyl alcohol based hydrogels for urea release and Fe(III) uptake from soil medium
  16. Extraction of Bi(III) subsalicylate in micellar aggregation and its sustained release using an aqueous biphasic system
  17. Separation of no-carrier-added 97Ru from 11B-induced Y target by encapsulation of 97Ru into calcium alginate hydrogel beads
  18. Contemporary mesoporous materials for drug delivery applications: a review
  19. Ammonium and manganese sulfate salts vs. Brij 35 in forming new aqueous biphases: Application in validation of drug-drug interaction
  20. Production, separation and embedment of no-carrier added 93mMo in iron-doped calcium alginate beads from 7Li irradiated yttrium target
  21. On the kinetics of block copolymer mediated palladium quantum dot synthesis: Application in reduction of Cr(VI) to Cr(III)
  22. Hassle free synthesis of nanodimensional Ni, Cu and Zn sulfides for spectral sensing of Hg, Cd and Pb: A comparative study
  23. Radiometric analysis of isotherms and thermodynamic parameters for cadmium(II) adsorption from aqueous medium by calcium alginate beads
  24. Incorporation of no-carrier added 200,203 Pb and 200,201,202 Tl in calcium alginate and hesperidin incorporated calcium alginate beads
  25. Ionic liquid vs tri-block copolymer in a new aqueous biphasic system for extraction of Zn-cholesterol complex
  26. Separation of long-lived 152Eu radioisotopes from a binary mixture of 152Eu and 134Cs by calcium alginate: a green technique
  27. Biogenic Nano-CuO-Catalyzed Facile C–N Cross-Coupling Reactions: Scope and Mechanism
  28. Species dependent iodine extractions in polymer based aqueous biphasic systems: Emerging relations with aggregation number of polymeric micelles
  29. Comparison of Salt Cations in the Design of Nonionic Surfactant Based Aqueous Biphasic Systems: Application in Polyphenol Separations
  30. Detoxification of Hg(II) from aqueous and enzyme media: Pristine vs. tailored calcium alginate hydrogels
  31. A phenoxo–azido assorted Schiff base copper(II) bridged dimer in trace level fluorescence sensing of a pesticide: a DFT supported phenomenon
  32. A glycine based aqueous biphasic system: Application in sequential separation of Ni, Cu and Zn
  33. Discrimination for inorganic and organic mercury species by cloud point extraction of polyethylene glycol
  34. Peanut proteins in periodate specific anion sensing: An ensuing reduction in allergic response
  35. Spectral anion sensing and γ-radiation induced magnetic modifications of polyphenol generated Ag-nanoparticles
  36. Impact of pH and temperature on phase diagrams of different aqueous biphasic systems
  37. Separation of NCA Pb-203 by calcium hydrogels
  38. Block copolymer and organic salts in forming aqueous biphases: a platform to identify molecular interactions in aqueous medium
  39. Enhanced anion sensing by γ-irradiated polyphenol capped iron oxide nanoparticles
  40. Peanut protein sensitivity towards trace iron: A novel mode to ebb allergic response
  41. Species dependent sustainable preconcentration of zinc: Possible aspects of ABS and CPE
  42. Block copolymer as a novel functional phase in an aqueous biphasic system for species selective iodine extraction
  43. On the design of Ag–morin nanocomposite to modify calcium alginate gel: framing out a novel sodium ion trap
  44. Free iron status & insulin resistance in type 2 diabetes mellitus: Analyzing the probable role of a peanut protein
  45. Organized polyvinyl alcohol assemblies: Eligible luminescent centers for species dependent metal sensing
  46. Phase separation in aqueous systems for realizing virtually significant extractions
  47. Anion induced gelation in polyvinyl alcohol: a probe for metal ion speciation studies
  48. Self-assembled polymer vesicles in deciding action of Zn-sulfanilamide allergenicity
  49. Unexplored analytics of some novel 3d–4f heterometallic Schiff base complexes
  50. Cloud point extraction: A sustainable method of elemental preconcentration and speciation
  51. l-Proline Based Aqueous Biphasic System: Design and Application To Isolate the Alkaline Earths
  52. Peanut proteins: Applications, ailments and possible remediation
  53. Aromatic amino acids in high selectivity bismuth(iii) recognition
  54. Competent arsenicals: aqueous biphasic extractions and their application in nitrate/nitrite speciation
  55. Poly(ethylene glycol) Vesicles: Self-Assembled Site for Luminescence Generation
  56. Combined effort of Fe-dextran and an RTIL towards formation of ionogel
  57. Species dependent aqueous biphasic extraction of some heavy metals
  58. Role of an ionic liquid, 1-butyl-3-methylimidazolium 2-(2-methoxyethoxy)ethyl sulfate in extraction studies of gadolinium oxide
  59. Speciation of no-carrier-added 68Ga prior to its labeling for PET imaging
  60. Time dependent formation of gold nanoparticles in yeast cells: A comparative study
  61. Studies on stabilities of some human chorionic gonadotropin complexes with β-emitting radionuclides
  62. A green approach for sequential extraction of heavy metals from Li irradiated Au target
  63. Extraction of long-lived radionuclides 152,154Eu and 134Cs using environmentally benign aqueous biphasic system
  64. Complexation study on no-carrier-added astatine with insulin: A candidate radiopharmaceutical
  65. Species of chromium identified by aqueous biphasic extraction system
  66. A green method for synthesis of radioactive gold nanoparticles