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  1. Study on distribution of radionuclides in soil and pottery samples of archaeological sites of eastern India
  2. A brief review of the distribution of caesium-137 in natural vegetation
  3. Separation of 133Ba and 137Cs from Mixtures of 133Ba and 137Cs by Environmentally Benign PEG-Based Aqueous Biphasic System
  4. A review on adsorption mediated phosphate removal and recovery by biomatrices
  5. Copper dependent ERK1/2 phosphorylation is essential for the viability of neurons and not glia
  6. Separation of no-carrier-added 71,72As from 46 MeV alpha particle irradiated Ga2O3 target by TK200 and DGA-N resins
  7. Fabrication of In(III)-alizarin red S complex trap for efficient detection of fluoride ion in aqueous environs
  8. Separation of ultra-trace amount of 44mSc from α-particle activated KBr target
  9. A review on potential bioactive phytochemicals for novel therapeutic applications with special emphasis on mangrove species
  10. Separation of 109Cd impurity from a decayed 110m/108mAg source
  11. Separation of 71,72As from alpha particle induced gallium oxide target by solid cation and anion exchangers, DOWEX-50 and DOWEX-1
  12. Separation of 206Po from alpha particle irradiated lead bismuth eutectic target
  13. Organic geochemical and palaeobotanical reconstruction of a late-Holocene archaeological settlement in coastal eastern India
  14. Theranostic Terbium Radioisotopes: Challenges in Production for Clinical Application
  15. Distribution of different no-carrier-added radionuclides in Pb and Bi fractions after separation of bulk components of lead bismuth eutectic
  16. Separation of no-carrier-added 71,72As from 46 MeV alpha particle irradiated gallium oxide target
  17. Interaction of metal oxide nanoparticles with microplastics: Impact of weathering under riverine conditions
  18. Retromer retrieves the Wilson disease protein ATP7B from endolysosomes in a copper-dependent manner
  19. Fabrication of thiophene-chitosan hydrogel-trap for efficient immobilization of mercury (II) from aqueous environs
  20. Quantification of radioisotopes produced in 1.4 GeV proton irradiated lead–bismuth eutectic targets
  21. Development of sustainable extraction method for long-lived radioisotopes, 133Ba and 134Cs using a potential bio-sorbent
  22. Radiogenic quality assessment of ground and riverine water samples collected from Indian Sundarbans
  23. A Tripartite Interaction among the Basidiomycete Rhodotorula mucilaginosa, N2-Fixing Endobacteria, and Rice Improves Plant Nitrogen Nutrition
  24. Separation of NCA 88Zr from proton irradiated natY target: a novel approach using low cost bio-sorbent potato peel charcoal
  25. Radiological hazard indices in Indian Sundarbans
  26. Estimation of potassium in Sundarbans surface soil
  27. Polysaccharide-derived hydrogel water filter for the rapid and selective removal of arsenic
  28. New production routes of 181−184Re radioisotopes
  29. An Endophytic Bacterial Consortium modulates multiple strategies to improve Arsenic Phytoremediation Efficacy in Solanum nigrum
  30. Anomalies in quantitative measurement of 40K
  31. Separation of lead and bismuth individually from lead bismuth eutectic by precipitation technique:
  32. Study of uranium toxicity using low-background gamma-ray spectrometry
  33. Measurement of naturally occurring radioactive materials, 238U and 232Th-part 3: is efficiency calibration necessary for quantitative measurement of ultra-low level NORM?
  34. Measurement of naturally occurring radioactive material, 238U and 232Th: part 2—optimization of counting time
  35. The natural radioactivity level in Indian Sundarbans
  36. Measurement of naturally occurring radioactive materials, 238U and 232Th: anomalies in photopeak selection
  37. Ionic liquid-salt based aqueous biphasic system for rapid separation of no-carrier-added 203Pb from proton irradiated natTl2CO3 target
  38. Uranium content in Himalayan Siwaliks, India