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  1. Reviews recent articles on removal of process contaminants 3-MCPDE and GE from palm oil
  2. Optimization of water washing for mitigation of 3-monochloropropane 1,2 diol ester in palm oil physical refining process
  3. A review on reducing the content of both 3-MCPDE and GE from processed palm oil
  4. Ideas implemented to reduce pollution in a palm oil processing plant.
  5. Chloride reduction by water washing of crude palm oil to assist in 3-monochloropropane-1, 2 diol ester (3-MCPDE) mitigation
  6. Lessons learnt from biomass-fueled power plant
  7. An integrated simulation–optimisation approach for free fatty acid removal in palm oil deodorisation process
  8. Sustainable Practices of an edible oils refining complex
  9. Simultaneous reduction of chlorate and regeneration of activated carbon.
  10. Removal of chlorate from chlor-alkali plant effluent stream
  11. Reducing pollution from chlor-alkali plants
  12. Removing chlorate from chlor-alkali plant brine stream
  13. A review of the chlor-alklai industry, latest technology.