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  1. Antidiabetic Action of Mcy Protein: Studies on Gene Expression and Competitive Binding to Insulin Receptors
  2. Antidiabetic action of Mcy protein through the regulation of number and affinity of insulin receptors
  3. Nano-ellagic acid: inhibitory actions on aldose reductase and α-glucosidase in secondary complications of diabetes, strengthened by in silico docking studies
  4. anti-diabetic functions of Anisomeles malabarica
  5. Biofertilizers and Biopesticides prove to be boon to agriculture globally
  6. Analytical concepts of plant proteins of antidiabetic nature
  7. Nanoencapsulated drugs and their promotion in treatment of diabetes mellitus
  8. Flavonoids (phytophenols) with high antioxidant activity prove to be antidiabetic in nature
  9. Antidiabetic protein and its action in regulating carbohydrate metabolism
  10. Role of Mcy protein from Momordica cymbalaria in treatment of diabetes
  11. whole plant extract of Heliotropium indum in screenig of antidiabetic activity
  12. Biophysical characterization of synthetic Copper compounds