Flavonoids-The Most Potent Poly-phenols as Antidiabetic Agents: An Overview

Saritha Marella
  • Modern Approaches in Drug Designing, December 2017, Crimson Publishers
  • DOI: 10.31031/madd.2017.01.000513

Flavonoids (phytophenols) with high antioxidant activity prove to be antidiabetic in nature

What is it about?

The reveiw presents various flavonoids of plant origin with their chemical nature, sources, mode and their site of action in vivo.

Why is it important?

Phtochemicals prove to have better action against diabetes and prefered due to their minimal side effects compared to the allopathic medicine


Dr. saritha Marella

The article was prepared so as to present different flavonoids with their chemical nature in the treatment of diabetes in particular as it is one of the most prevailing ailments in the current world.

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