Nanotechnological approaches for the development of herbal drugs in treatment of diabetes mellitus-a critical review

Saritha Marella, Prasad Tollamadugu
  • IET Nanobiotechnology, February 2018, the Institution of Engineering and Technology (the IET)
  • DOI: 10.1049/iet-nbt.2017.0242

Nanoencapsulated drugs and their promotion in treatment of diabetes mellitus

What is it about?

The review explains different herbal compounds encapsulated using distinct metal nanoparticles and their efficacy in the treatment of diabetes mellitus both invitro and invivo. This also include the toxicity evaluation and the mechanism of action of the nanoencapsulated drugs at different sites in the biomedical field

Why is it important?

As of now, there is no precise review stating the number of herbal drugs that are being encapsulated using different nanoparticles and their mechanism of action in the treatment of most prevailing diseases and in particular diabetes mellitus.


Dr. saritha Marella

As diabetes mellitus is the second most prevailing disease globally, there has been indeed a great interest of researchers to manage this using herbal therapy which can overcome the adverse effects which are quiet common in allopathy treatment. At this juncture, herbal therapy as such has its own drawbacks like they are acted upon by the acidity, pH and so on where the prescribed concentration may be depleted on reaching the target site. Hence nanotechnology is one of the best drug delivery systems which can escape all these physiological conditions and targeted with the exact amount of the drug. However toxicity studies need to be evaluated.

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