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  1. Phosphorylation of PACSIN2 at S313 Regulates Podocyte Architecture in Coordination with N-WASP
  2. Transcriptomic Profiling the Effects of Airway Exposure of Zinc Oxide and Silver Nanoparticles in Mouse Lungs
  3. Increased Heparanase Levels in Urine during Acute Puumala Orthohantavirus Infection Are Associated with Disease Severity
  4. PACSIN proteins in vivo: Roles in development and physiology
  5. Ebselen enhances insulin sensitivity and decreases oxidative stress by inhibiting SHIP2 and protects from inflammation in diabetic mice
  6. Adiponectin receptor agonist AdipoRon ameliorates renal inflammation in diet-induced obese mice and endotoxin-treated human glomeruli ex vivo
  7. Urinary Excretion of Iohexol as a Permeability Marker in a Mouse Model of Intestinal Inflammation: Time Course, Performance and Welfare Considerations
  8. Cold Saline Perfusion before Ischemia-Reperfusion Is Harmful to the Kidney and Is Associated with the Loss of Ezrin, a Cytoskeletal Protein, in Rats
  9. Metformin Protects against Podocyte Injury in Diabetic Kidney Disease
  10. Elevated TLR5 expression in vivo and loss of NF-κΒ activation via TLR5 in vitro detected in HPV-negative oropharyngeal squamous cell carcinoma
  11. Tankyrase inhibition ameliorates lipid disorder via suppression of PGC-1α PARylation in db/db mice
  12. In memoriam: Marilyn Gist Farquhar, 1928–2019
  13. Novel Sulfonanilide Inhibitors of SHIP2 Enhance Glucose Uptake into Cultured Myotubes
  14. SHIPping out diabetes—Metformin, an old friend among new SHIP2 inhibitors
  15. Editorial: Podocyte Pathology and Nephropathy—An Update
  16. Metformin increases glucose uptake and acts renoprotectively by reducing SHIP2 activity
  17. Septins in kidney: A territory little explored
  18. Glucose Transporters in Diabetic Kidney Disease—Friends or Foes?
  19. Inhibition of SHIP2 in CD2AP-deficient podocytes ameliorates reactive oxygen species generation but aggravates apoptosis
  20. PACSIN2 accelerates nephrin trafficking and is up-regulated in diabetic kidney disease
  21. Sept7b is required for the subcellular organization of cardiomyocytes and cardiac function in zebrafish
  22. Kidney morphology and candidate gene expression shows plasticity in sticklebacks adapted to divergent osmotic environments
  23. Septin 7 reduces nonmuscle myosin IIA activity in the SNAP23 complex and hinders GLUT4 storage vesicle docking and fusion
  24. Tankyrase inhibition aggravates kidney injury in the absence of CD2AP
  25. sept7b is required for the differentiation of pancreatic endocrine progenitors
  26. Data supporting the regulation of FOXC2 in podocyte dysfunction
  27. Cyclin-dependent kinase 2 protects podocytes from apoptosis
  28. Overexpression of transcription factor FOXC2 in cultured human podocytes upregulates injury markers and increases motility
  29. Cu-Catalyzed ligand-free synthesis of rosuvastatin based novel indole derivatives as potential anticancer agents
  30. Lack of CD2AP disrupts Glut4 trafficking and attenuates glucose uptake in podocytes
  31. Toll-like receptors 2, 4, and 9 in primary, metastasized, and recurrent oral tongue squamous cell carcinomas
  32. Nephrin Trafficking beyond the Kidney--Role in Glucose-Stimulated Insulin Secretion in   Cells
  33. Tankyrases regulate glucoregulatory mechanisms and somatic growth via the central melanocortin system in zebrafish larvae
  34. Expression of toll-like receptors in HPV-positive and HPV-negative oropharyngeal squamous cell carcinoma—an in vivo and in vitro study
  35. Podocyte apoptosis is prevented by blocking the Toll-like receptor pathway
  36. Early-Onset Diabetic E1-DN Mice Develop Albuminuria and Glomerular Injury Typical of Diabetic Nephropathy
  37. Predictive role of toll-like receptors 2, 4, and 9 in oral tongue squamous cell carcinoma
  38. Ezrin Is Down-Regulated in Diabetic Kidney Glomeruli and Regulates Actin Reorganization and Glucose Uptake via GLUT1 in Cultured Podocytes
  39. Functions of the podocyte proteins nephrin and Neph3 and the transcriptional regulation of their genes
  40. sept7b is essential for pronephric function and development of left-right asymmetry in zebrafish embryogenesis
  41. CD2AP is associated with end-stage renal disease in patients with type 1 diabetes
  42. Report of the Second European Zebrafish Principal Investigator Meeting in Karlsruhe, Germany, March 21–24, 2012
  43. Regulation of nephrin gene by the Ets transcription factor, GA-binding protein
  44. INPPL1is associated with the metabolic syndrome in men with Type 1 diabetes, but not with diabetic nephropathy
  45. Septin 7 forms a complex with CD2AP and nephrin and regulates glucose transporter trafficking
  46. Neph3 associates with regulation of glomerular and neural development in zebrafish
  47. Transcription of nephrin-Neph3 gene pair is synergistically activated by WT1 and NF- B and silenced by DNA methylation
  48. Trans-interaction of nephrin and Neph1/Neph3 induces cell adhesion that associates with decreased tyrosine phosphorylation of nephrin
  49. Missing-in-metastasis MIM/MTSS1 promotes actin assembly at intercellular junctions and is required for integrity of kidney epithelia
  50. Lipid phosphatase SHIP2 downregulates insulin signalling in podocytes
  51.  -Catenin mediates adriamycin-induced albuminuria and podocyte injury in adult mouse kidneys
  52. Regulation of Neph3 gene in podocytes – key roles of transcription factors NF-κB and Sp1
  53. The Endocytic Adaptor Protein ARH Associates with Motor and Centrosomal Proteins and Is Involved in Centrosome Assembly and Cytokinesis
  54. CD2-associated protein is widely expressed and differentially regulated during embryonic development
  55. Connecting the interpodocyte slit diaphragm and actin dynamics: Emerging role for the nephrin signaling complex
  56. The R-Ras interaction partner ORP3 regulates cell adhesion
  57. Densin and beta-catenin form a complex and co-localize in cultured podocyte cell junctions
  58. CD2AP contributes to cell migration and adhesion in cultured gastric epithelium
  59. Cell junction-associated proteins IQGAP1, MAGI-2, CASK, spectrins, and α-actinin are components of the nephrin multiprotein complex
  60. CD2-associated protein in human urogenital system and in adult kidney tumours
  61. Subfamily III of mammalian oxysterol-binding protein (OSBP) homologues: the expression and intracellular localization of ORP3, ORP6, and ORP7
  62. CD2-associated protein directly interacts with the actin cytoskeleton
  63. Interaction of Endogenous Nephrin and CD2-Associated Protein in Mouse Epithelial M-1 Cell Line
  64. Nephrin TRAP Mice Lack Slit Diaphragms and Show Fibrotic Glomeruli and Cystic Tubular Lesions