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  1. Sustainable Development in Old Communities in China—Using Redesigned Nucleic Acid Testing Booths for Community-Specific Needs
  2. From Image to Imagination: Exploring the Impact of Generative AI on Cultural Translation in Jewelry Design
  3. Design Ritual into Modern Product: A Case Study of Chinese Bronze Ware
  4. From Hi-Tech to Hi-Touch: A Global Perspective of Design Education and Practice
  5. From Eating to Cooking: A Case Study of the Development of the TiMAMA Deli & Café and the Creative Reproduction of Taste Based on the Mother’s Menu
  6. Haptic Cognition Model with Material Experience: Case Study of the Design Innovation
  7. A Study on Traditional Paper-Cut Art Endowing Products with Creative Imagery: Taking Alessi as an Example
  8. Cross-cultural Design for the culturl industries and sustainbility development
  9. Education in Cultural Heritage: A Case Study of Redesigning Atayal Weaving Loom
  10. Communication in Human–AI Co-Creation: Perceptual Analysis of Paintings Generated by Text-to-Image System
  11. The Communication Mechanism in the Workshop and Its Implications for the Sustainable Development of Traditional Crafts: A Case Study of Lacquer Culture in Taomi Eco-Village
  12. A Pilot Study on Reproduction and Sustainable Development under the Promotion of Crafts: Taking Weaving in Taiwan as an Example
  13. Article Analyzing the potential influencing factors in the perception of artistic style transfer
  14. Inheritance of Traditional Family Values: A Comparative Study of Family Ancestral Shrines and Related Paintings of Lee Family
  15. Transforming “Ritual Cultural Features” into “Modern Product Forms”: A Case Study of Ancient Chinese Ritual Vessels
  16. Comparison of Cognitive Differences of Artworks between Artist and Artistic Style Transfer
  17. From Pigments to Pixels: A Comparison of Human and AI Painting
  18. Sustainable Development in Local Culture Industries: A Case Study of Taiwan Aboriginal Communities
  19. Less Is More: Audience Cognition of Comic Simplification in the Characters of Peking Opera
  20. A Study on Teaching Practice-Led Research into Ready-Made Intervene Design in Metalsmithing Education
  21. A Pilot Study of LED Lighting Fixtures Suitable for Computer Monitor Working Spaces
  22. A Pilot Study on the Correlation Between Product Color and Olfactory Experience
  23. A Study of 3D Stereoscopic Image Production of “Triadic Ballet” of the Theater of the Bauhaus
  24. A Study on the Innovation of Traditional Lacquer Art: The Creation of Paper-Based Lacquer Paintings as an Example
  25. Cultural and Creative Products with Macao Road Signs as Elements
  26. From Nature to Reality: The Approach of Transforming Chinese Characters into Product
  27. Relationship Between Taiwanese Audience Preference and Cultural Values in Korean Dramas
  28. Research on the Development of High-Tech Imported Jewelry Composite Media Creation
  29. “Do Not Touch” and “Maintaining Social Distance”: A Study of the Model of Exhibition Viewing Under the Influence of COVID-19 Pandemic
  30. Collaborative Creativity in Design Education: A Case Study of the Design Sketch Course
  31. Design and Implementation of a Curriculum about Aesthetic Education: The Experience of Visiting Li Mei-Shu Memorial Gallery and Its Impact on Creation
  32. Transforming Chinese Characters into Product Design: Learning from Nature
  33. From Theory to Practice: An Adaptive Development of Design Education
  34. From Data to Wisdom: A Case Study of OPOP Model
  35. Less is More: The Simplification of Characters in Chinese Traditional Opera
  36. The development of Taiwan design education (台灣設計教育的發展)
  37. A Pilot Study on Audience's Cognitive Model of Neural Style Transfer 一般觀眾對於人工智慧之藝術風格轉移認知
  38. From Usability to Pleasure: A Case Study of Difference in Users’ Preference
  39. A Study of Applying Bauhaus Design Idea into the Reproduction of the Triadic Ballet
  40. Application of Experience Design in Environmental Education Experience Activities
  41. Brand Construction of Chinese Traditional Handicrafts in the We-Media era—A Case Study of “Rushanming”, a Ru Ware Brand
  42. Discussing How the Viewer, the Author, and the Work See and Be Seen in the Photography Works of “Farewell to the Island”
  43. Exploring the Integration of Emotion and Technology to Create Product Value—A Case Study on QisDesign Lighting
  44. From Imitation to Innovation: A Case Study of an Amateur Artist
  45. ISDT Case Study of Cultivation of Employees’ Creativity in Cultural and Creative Industries
  46. ISDT Case Study of Loving Kindness Meditation for Flight Attendants
  47. Inheritance Model and Innovative Design of Chinese Southern Ivory Carving Culture and Craft
  48. Placemaking with Creation: A Case Study in Cultural Product Design
  49. Study on the Effect of Art Training on Proportion Control
  50. Corrigendum: Cooperative and Individual Mandala Drawing Have Different Effects on Mindfulness, Spirituality, and Subjective Well-Being
  51. Cooperative and Individual Mandala Drawing Have Different Effects on Mindfulness, Spirituality, and Subjective Well-Being
  52. The Effect of Loving-Kindness Meditation on Flight Attendants’ Spirituality, Mindfulness and Subjective Well-Being
  53. Designing for wearable and fashionable interactions
  54. Efficacy of Virtual Reality in Painting Art Exhibitions Appreciation
  55. A Case Study of Applying ‘Black Humor’ to Ceramic Art Performance
  56. A Service Design Framework for Brand Experience in the Creative Life Industry – A Case Study of the Millennium Gaea Resort Hualien in Taiwan
  57. An Exploration of the Development of Visual Design in Taiwan - A Case Study of the Cover Design of Industrial Design Magazine
  58. Effects of Loving-Kindness Meditation on Mindfulness, Spirituality and Subjective Well-Being of Flight Attendants
  59. Reliability and Validity Assessment of the Chinese Version of MBI-PPD Self-efficacy Scale
  60. Research on the Cognitive Differences of Different Types of Interactive Artworks
  61. Research on the Development Path of “New Technology” and “Traditionalization” of Chinese Embroidery
  62. Design perception of Bauhaus Triadic Ballet
  63. from big data to visualization
  64. We’ll App and Corporate Mandala Improves Mental Health and Creativity
  65. Maker education in Taiwan -- A case study
  66. A Framework of Experiential Service Design in Creative Tourism
  67. Cultural Product design
  68. Analysis of Cover Design Styles of Magazines
  69. What's the difference between "home" and "house"?
  70. Effects of Mandala Coloring on Mindfulness, Spirituality, and Subjective Well-Being
  71. How Flow and Mindfulness Interact with Each Other in Different Types of Mandala Coloring Activities?
  72. Research on Creation Architecture of Opera Cartoons
  73. Research on the Influence of Interactivity on the Aesthetic Cognition of Art
  74. Selective Preference in Visual Design: A Case Study of Cover Designs of Industrial Design Magazine
  75. The New Approach of Chinese Animation: Exploring the Developing Strategies of Monkey King - Hero Is Back
  76. The Study of Developing Innovation on Technology-Enabled Design Process
  77. Empirical Study of Communication of Audience Cognition of Environmental Awareness
  78. Discuss the application of innovative service thinking in the design of qualia goods---Take the case of The One South Garden as an example
  79. An Innovated Design of Escape Room Game Box Through Integrating STEAM Education and PBL Principle
  80. Cross-Cultural Communication in Design Collaboration
  81. New Approach to Design in Cultural Society from ABCDE to FGHIJ
  82. Research Model for Traditional Board Game Renaissance
  83. S.A.D in Education and CHEER in Practice: A Case Study of DTIT Program at NTUA
  84. A Pilot Study of Communication Matrix for Evaluating Artworks
  85. A Study of Communication in Turning “Poetry” into “Painting”
  86. Western vs. Eastern: A Reflective Research on the Development of Chinese Animation
  87. Investigating the Advantages and Disadvantages of Taiwan’s Cultural Creative Design Education From Department Evaluation Data
  88. Cultural Ergonomics Beyond Culture - The Collector as Consumer in Cultural Product Design
  89. Cultural Product Design (文化產品轉換設計)
  90. Paradigm shift 典範轉移
  91. Thoughts on Studying Cultural Ergonomics for the Atayal Loom
  92. The Cognition of Turning Poetry Into Painting
  93. Building a Total Customer Experience Model: Applications for the Travel Experiences in Taiwan’s Creative Life Industry
  94. From OEM to OBM - A Case Study of Branding Taiwan
  95. From Dechnology to Humart – A Case Study of Taiwan Design Development
  96. From Dechnology to Humart
  97. The Application of Chinese Poem “Yu Mei Ren” in Design
  98. The Effects of Form Ratio in Product Design
  99. Analysis of Application of Digital Archives to Value-Added Design in Cultural Creative Products
  100. Cultural Creativity in Experience Design Model
  101. Designing Cloud Computing into Taipei City: A Pilot Study of the Service Design from Taipei Cloud
  102. From Adaptive Design to Adaptive City-Design in Motion for Taipei City
  103. Emotional Product Design and Perceived Brand Emotion
  104. A Study of Aesthetic Analysis on Modern Crafts
  105. A Study of Applying Qualia to Business Model of Creative Industries
  106. Affective Fusion of PAD Model-Based Tactile Sense: A Case Study of Teacups
  107. Analysis of Cognition Difference of Visual and Imagined Haptic Inputs on Product Texture
  108. A Discourse on the Construction of a Service Innovation Model: Focus on the Cultural and Creative Industry Park
  109. Constructing Service Innovation Model for Cultural and Creative Industries - A Case Study of NTUA Cultural and Creative Industry Park
  110. Effects of Flicker Rate, Complexity, and Color Combinations of Chinese Characters and Backgrounds on Visual Search Performance with Varying Flicker Types
  111. A Study of Framework and Process Development for Cultural Product Design
  112. Exploration of the Cultural Product Design of the National Palace Museum from a Qualia Viewpoint
  113. The Entwined Economic and Cultural Issues in the Production of Barbie in Taiwan, Taishan
  114. The Importance of “Feel” in Product Design Feel, the Neglected Aesthetic “DO NOT TOUCH”
  115. Usability evaluation of E-books
  116. A Study of Service Innovation Design in Cultural and Creative Industry
  117. Cultural Aspect of Interaction Design beyond Human-Computer Interaction
  118. Designing “Culture” into Modern Product: A Case Study of Cultural Product Design
  119. Designing “Height” into Daily Used Products - A Case Study of Universal Design
  120. Digital Archive Database for Cultural Product Design
  121. Ergonomics in product design (人因工程產品設計)
  122. A study of cognitive human factors in mascot design
  123. A Study of User Perception of Hospital Information Symbols
  124. 醫院用標識圖形符號的認知研究
  125. An application of multidimensional scaling in product semantics
  126. Fuzzy reasoning approach to iconic interface design
  127. A study of visual features for icon design
  128. A New Approach to Keycap Design (鍵盤按鍵設計新方法)
  129. Verification of Dispersion Model on Anaerobic Reaction Simulation
  130. An Application of the Semantic Differential to Icon Design
  131. Understanding the Image Functions for Icon Design