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  1. Financial inclusion and small enterprise growth in Africa: emerging perspectives and research agenda
  2. Solar energy development in Ghana
  3. Evolution of modern food retailing in Africa
  4. Influencing dynamics of culture and employee factors on retail banks’ performances in a developing country context
  5. Modern food retailing buying behaviour in Africa: the case of Tanzania
  6. Marketing, economic growth, and competitive strategies of firms in Africa
  7. The human side of economic development in Africa: a paradigm shift
  8. Entrepreneurship in Africa
  9. Enterprise growth and financial management in Africa
  10. Customer Satisfaction with Retail Banking Services in Ghana
  11. Economic growth and poverty alleviation in Africa – linking hard and soft economics
  12. Financing economic growth and development in Africa
  13. George Coulter Africa in Transition – The Journey from Traditional to Modern20131George Coulter Africa in Transition – The Journey from Traditional to Modern. Brighton: Book Guild Publishing 2011. 318 p.
  14. Infrastructure and development in Africa
  15. Managing organizational performance in Africa
  16. Corporate social responsibility (CSR) practices of foreign and local companies in Ghana
  17. Macroeconomic pressures and their implications for business development in Africa
  18. Understanding growth options and challenges in African economies
  19. AJEMS - a new African journal
  20. Culture and Leadership in Africa
  21. Gender, Social Networks, and Entrepreneurship in Ghana
  22. Facilitated inter-firm collaboration in Ghana: The case of Danida's private-sector development projects
  23. Market Orientation and Management Practices in Ghanaian Firms: Revisiting the Jaworski and Kohli Framework
  24. Collaboration between developed and developing country‐based firms: Danish‐Ghanaian experience
  25. Upstream and Downstream Processes of Internationalisation: Some Ghanaian Evidence
  26. Management Education in Africa