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  1. Antecedents of sustainable fashion apparel purchase behavior
  2. Examining the nonlinear impact of coal and oil-based electricity production on CO2 emissions in India
  3. Green apparel marketing and marketing constructs
  4. Influence of values, brand consciousness and behavioral intentions in predicting luxury fashion consumption
  5. Values, sustainability consciousness and intentions for SDG endorsement
  6. Examining the nonlinear impact of selected macroeconomic determinants on FDI inflows in India
  7. Fashion portals and Indian consumers: an exploratory study on online apparel retail marketing
  8. Do the international economic endeavors affect CO2 emissions in open economies of South Asia? An empirical examination under nonlinearity
  9. Online product assortment and order fulfillment for superior e-tailing service experience
  10. Value orientation, green attitude and green behavioral intentions: an empirical investigation among young consumers
  11. Environmental consciousness and recycling intentions on green purchase behavior
  12. Determinants of pro‐environmental behavior and environmentally conscious consumer behavior: An empirical investigation from emerging market
  13. Dynamism between selected macroeconomic determinants and electricity consumption in India
  14. Aid-Growth Association and Role of Economic Policies: New Evidence from South and Southeast Asian Countries
  15. Fashion portals and Indian consumers: an exploratory study on online apparel retail marketing
  16. Impact of Selected Macroeconomic Determinants on Economic Growth in India: An Empirical Study
  17. Consumer values, fashion consciousness and behavioural intentions in the online fashion retail sector
  18. Terminal and instrumental values for green products
  19. Assessing Dynamism of Crude Oil Demand in Middle-Income Countries of South Asia: A Panel Data Investigation
  20. Green Marketing In Indian Market
  21. Niche Marketing Strategies for Business Growth