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  1. Photovoltaic Performance of Si and SiGe Surfaces Sonochemically Activated in Dichloromethane
  2. Ag/C60 heterojunctions for thermoelectricity
  3. Lifetime improvement in silicon wafers using weak magnetic fields
  4. Nonstructural acousto-injection luminescence in metalized lithium niobate wafers
  5. Atomistic simulation of the thermal conductivity in amorphous SiO 2 matrix/Ge nanocrystal composites
  6. Carrier recombination in sonochemically synthesized ZnO
  7. Optical properties of ZnO fabricated by hydrothermal and sonochemical synthesis
  8. Photovoltage improvements in Cz–Si by low-energy implantation of carbon ions
  9. Acoustoluminescence in lithium niobate
  10. Photovoltage decay in sonochemically synthesized ZnO
  11. Increase of Photoelectric Response of Ge Nanocones Formed on SiGe by Laser Radiation
  12. Impact of oxide nanofillers on the elastic properties and thermal decomposition of resins
  13. A model for predicting the thermal conductivity of SiO2–Ge nanoparticle composites
  14. Thermoelectric energy conversion in layered structures with strained Ge quantum dots grown on Si surfaces
  15. Study of Photovoltage Decays in Nanostructured Ge/Si
  16. Charge transfer model for generation of ZnS: Mn nanocrystalline luminophore emission
  17. Features of the stress-strain state of Si/SiO2/Ge heterostructures with germanium nanoislands of a limited density
  18. Subsurface localization of charge carriers in Si/SiO2/Si x Ge1 − x nanostructures
  19. Charge carrier lifetime recovery in γ-irradiated silicon under the action of ultrasound
  20. Effects of low temperature anneals on the photovoltage in Si nanocrystals
  21. Carrier confinement in Ge/Si quantum dots grown with an intermediate ultrathin oxide layer
  22. Effects of Ultrasonic Cleaning on Carrier Lifetimes and Photovoltage in Monocrystalline Silicon
  23. Ultrasonically Recovered Performance of $\gamma $-Irradiated Metal-Silicon Structures
  24. Photovoltage transients at fullerene-metal interfaces
  25. Acoustically driven charge separation in semiconductor heterostructures sensed by optical spectroscopy techniques
  26. Electrical and micromechanical performance of ultrasonically cleaned silicon wafers
  27. Rf strain-controlled built-in electric field near SiO2/SiGe interface
  28. Control of photoelectric conversion in GaAs/AlGaAs heterostructures by means of an acoustic vibration piezoelectric field
  29. Effect of piezoelectric fields of ultrasonic vibrations on raman scattering in GaAs/AlGaAs heterostructures
  30. Elastic fields of quantum dots in semi-infinite matrices: Green’s function analytical analysis
  31. Ultrasonic annealing of radiation defects in silicon
  32. Modeling boundary conditions for computation of piezoelectric fields in quantum dots with image charge analogy
  33. Piezoelectric gate for a two-dimensional electron system transport in LiNbO3-GaAs/AlGaAs sandwich structures
  34. Tuning the exciton luminescence in an acoustically depleted two-dimensional electron gas
  35. Radiation defects manipulation by ultrasound in ionic crystals
  36. Doped ZnS:Mn nanoparticles obtained by sonochemical synthesis
  37. Acousto–domain interaction in ferroelectric lithium niobate
  38. Ultrasonic engine based on traveling waves in a plate
  39. Q factor of lithium niobate piezoelectric transducers at high excitation levels
  40. Acoustically pumped stimulated emission in GaAs/AlGaAs quantum wells
  41. Ultrasound-stimulated translation of microparticles on the surface of a LiNbO3 plate
  42. Sonoluminescence effects in ZnS materials
  43. Characterization of semiconductor heterostructures by acousto-optical perturbation technique
  44. Acoustic driving effect on radiative decays of excitons in ZnSe/ZnS single quantum wells
  45. Powder agglomeration patterns at acoustic driving observed by sonoluminescence technique
  46. Acoustically Driven Optical Parameters in Ⅱ-Ⅵ Photonic Materials
  47. Sonoluminescence and acoustically driven optical phenomena in solids and solid–gas interfaces
  48. Study on bound exciton dynamics in CdS crystals at acoustic driving
  49. Acoustically driven bound exciton lifetimes in CdS crystals
  50. Sonoluminescence in granular media
  51. Long-wavelength acoustic-mode-enhanced electron emission from Se and Te donors in silicon
  52. Characrerization of unstable point defects in crystals
  53. SnO/sub 2/ based sensors of smoke
  54. Above Threshold Acoustic Modulation Method For Semiconductor Characterization