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  1. Does serendipity matter in knowledge management? Organizational sharing and use of encountered information
  2. Proceedings of the annual meetings of the association for information science and technology: analysis of two decades of published research
  3. Disconnectedness in a connected world: why people ignore messages and calls
  4. Creation, dissemination and mitigation: toward a disinformation behavior framework and model
  5. The Yin and Yang of smartphones: an interview study of smartphone use and its effects
  6. Looking for knowledge management in library and information science research
  7. Effect of knowledge management on service innovation in academic libraries
  8. Are Faculty Members Ready? Individual Factors Affecting Knowledge Management Readiness in Universities
  9. Knowledge retention and transfer
  10. Conceptualizing value co-creation for service innovation in academic libraries
  11. Knowledge management for service innovation in academic libraries: a qualitative study
  12. How does knowledge management affect service innovation in academic libraries?: A survey study
  13. Information seeking and beyond: Impacts of studying different forms of information behavior
  14. Library adoption of knowledge management using Web 2.0
  15. Use of Touch Devices by Toddlers or Preschoolers: Observations and Findings from a Single-Case Study
  16. How Much of Library and Information Science Literature Qualifies as Research?
  17. Knowledge management implementation in a library
  18. Office Location Map of Individuals in the Library and Other College Campus Buildings: A Proof-of-Concept Wayfinding System
  19. Role of nurse practitioners in encouraging use of personal health records
  20. Happiness: Exploring relationship with information and place in information science research and education
  21. All-visual retrieval: How people search and respond to an affect-driven visual information retrieval system
  22. Effect of institutional factors on source and channel use by medical residents
  23. Library & information science literature: How much of it is research?
  24. Preparing for the academic job market: An interactive panel for doctoral students
  25. A context-based investigation into source use by information seekers
  26. Information source and its relationship with the context of information seeking behavior
  27. Verifying survey items for construct validity: A two-stage sorting procedure for questionnaire design in information behavior research
  28. Knowledge community (K-Comm): Towards a digital ecosystem with collective intelligence
  29. Delineating the boundary of “context” in information behavior: Towards a contextual identity framework
  30. Capturing tacit knowledge across different domains: Knowledge Community (K-Comm)
  31. Component-based Development of MILLS: A Case Study in the development of an Inter-library Loan Software System
  32. Making sense of an Electronic Document - Visualization Strategies for Concept Presentation
  33. Meeting knowledge management challenges through effective search
  34. Collaborating to Search Effectively in Different Searcher Modes Through Cues and Specialty Search