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  1. Barriers to technology transfer
  2. Examining key socioeconomic factors to prepare for COVID-19-like pandemics
  3. Socioeconomic factors of investment-induced petroleum consumption
  4. Factors influencing China's decreasing renewable energy consumption
  5. Consumer to consumer (C2C) emissions
  6. Sectoral demand and supply-driven fossil fuel consumption
  7. CO2 emissions from global air dispatch of the COVID-19 vaccine
  8. The role of labor and capital in the generation of CO2 emissions
  9. The Nexus between Environmental Impact and Agricultural Sector Linkages
  10. The Impact of Direct and Indirect COVID-19 Related Demand Shocks on Sectoral CO2 Emissions
  11. Chinese consumers' willingness to participate in green logistics
  12. Consumer pulled industrial carbon emissions
  13. Structural decomposition and Regional Sensitivity Analysis of Carbon Emissions
  14. Optimization of carbon abatement efficiency
  15. How Does the Efficiency of Value Realization on a Platform Influence Sustainability Transition
  16. Economic consequences of COVID-19 pandemic
  17. Statistical analysis of fatalities in underground coal mines in Pakistan
  18. Artificial Neural Networks Vs Linear Regression
  19. Inter-sectoral carbon ties and final demand
  20. Carbon emissions from the inter-sectoral linkages of India.
  21. Best fit non-liner regression curves for Chinese carbon emissions.
  22. Household emissions from intermediate industrial consumption and production
  23. Fault tree analysis and prevention strategies for gas explosion in underground coal mines of Pakistan
  24. Carbon emissions from the entire production cycle
  25. Demand and supply-driven carbon linkages
  26. Transport sector carbon linkages
  27. Chinese rural and urban residents’ carbon consumption
  28. Measuring China’s carbon emissions based on final consumption