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  1. The psychological mechanism linking life satisfaction and turnover intention among healthcare workers during the COVID-19 pandemic
  2. Do HR practices facilitate innovative work behaviour? Empirical evidence from higher education institutes
  3. Does inclusive leadership incite innovative work behavior?
  4. Human systems management: A retrospective of 40 years
  5. The perception of corporate social responsibility and employee engagement: Examining the underlying mechanism
  6. Entrepreneurial intentions
  7. Knowledge sharing in higher education institutes
  8. The Role of Internship and Business Incubation Programs in Forming Entrepreneurial Intentions: an Empirical Analysis from Pakistan
  9. Intrapreneurial behavior in higher education institutes of Pakistan
  10. Customers’ Expectation, Satisfaction, and Repurchase Intention of Used Products Online: Empirical Evidence From China
  11. Understanding the Impact of Social Apps and Social Network Sites on Consumer’s Online Purchase Intention
  12. Manipulation of Pakistani Women through Skin-whitening Advertising Discourse
  13. Leadership and psychological Empowerment
  14. quality of work life or work life balance are the non monetary ingredients of compensation plan
  15. Can incivility impede knowledge sharing behaviour
  16. Entrepreneurial intentions: the role of family factors, personality traits and self-efficacy
  17. Intrapreneurial behaviour: the role of organizational commitment
  18. Organizational commitment: an empirical analysis of personality traits
  19. Corrigendum
  20. Organizational commitment: Does religiosity matter?
  21. Religion and entrepreneurial Intentions: An empirical investigation
  22. Intrapreneurial behavior: an empirical investigation of personality traits