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  1. The Role of Religiosity, Ethnicity and Gender Identification in Individual’s Moral Judgments; The Mediation Effect of Self-transcendence
  2. An analysis of the religious, social factors and income’s influence on the decision making in Islamic microfinance schemes
  3. Influential Behavioral Factors on Retirement Planning Behavior: The Case of Malaysia
  5. Theory of Planned Behaviour and Health Belief Model: females’ intention on breast cancer screening
  6. A Study of Accounting Outsourcing Decision: The Case of Malaysian SMEs
  7. An Empirical Study in Human Resource Management to Optimize Malaysian School Counselling Department
  8. The Effect of Demographic Variables and Ownership on Credit Card Market in Malaysia
  9. Social Marketing in Foods: A Review of Behavioural Change Models of Healthy Eating
  10. Service recovery, customer satisfaction and customer loyalty: evidence from Malaysia’s hotel industry
  11. Factors That Influence Females’ Intention towards Breast Cancer Early Diagnosis
  12. Intrapreneurial behaviour: the role of organizational commitment
  13. Generation difference in hiring financial planners in Malaysia
  14. Organizational commitment: an empirical analysis of personality traits
  15. Parents' Influence on Retirement Planning in Malaysia
  16. Hotel Service Recovery and Service Quality: Influences of Corporate Image and Generational Differences in the Relationship between Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty
  17. Standardization, customization, and customer loyalty in service industry
  18. Personal Financial Planning Industry in Malaysia: A Market Survey
  19. Intrapreneurial behavior: an empirical investigation of personality traits
  20. A Shariah Perspective Review on Islamic Microfinance
  21. Acceptance of novel products
  22. Service Quality, Satisfaction and Student Loyalty in Malaysian Private Education
  23. The Associations Between Service Quality, Corporate Image, Customer Satisfaction, and Loyalty: Evidence From the Malaysian Hotel Industry
  24. Malaysian Private Education Quality: Application of SERVQUAL Model
  25. Global replication of CETSCALE: A study of the Iranian market
  26. Religiosity