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  1. Impact of Privacy Protection Methods of Lifelogs on Remembered Memories
  2. Re-Evaluating VR User Awareness Needs During Bystander Interactions
  3. Comparing Dwell time, Pursuits and Gaze Gestures for Gaze Interaction on Handheld Mobile Devices
  4. Big Buddy: A Simulated Embodied Moderating System to Mitigate Children’s Reaction to Provocative Situations within Social Virtual Reality
  5. Exploring crowdsourced self-care techniques: A study on Parkinson’s disease
  6. ThermoSecure: Investigating the Effectiveness of AI-Driven Thermal Attacks on Commonly Used Computer Keyboards
  7. Conducting and Mitigating Portable Thermal Imaging Attacks on User Authentication using AI-driven Methods
  8. Privacy-Enhancing Technology and Everyday Augmented Reality
  9. Drone Authentication via Acoustic Fingerprint
  10. PIN Scrambler: Assessing the Impact of Randomized Layouts on the Usability and Security of PINs
  11. Implications of XR on Privacy, Security and Behaviour: Insights from Experts
  12. Are Thermal Attacks a Realistic Threat? Investigating the Preconditions of Thermal Attacks in Users’ Daily Lives
  13. Shoulder Surfing through the Social Lens: A Longitudinal Investigation & Insights from an Exploratory Diary Study
  14. Exploring Attitudes Towards Increasing User Awareness of Reality From Within Virtual Reality
  15. CueVR: Studying the Usability of Cue-based Authentication for Virtual Reality
  16. Stay Home! Conducting Remote Usability Evaluations of Novel Real-World Authentication Systems Using Virtual Reality
  17. DeepFakes for Privacy: Investigating the Effectiveness of State-of-the-Art Privacy-Enhancing Face Obfuscation Methods
  18. Exploring Manipulating In-VR Audio To Facilitate Verbal Interactions Between VR Users And Bystanders
  19. Understanding Shoulder Surfer Behavior and Attack Patterns Using Virtual Reality
  20. User-centred multimodal authentication: securing handheld mobile devices using gaze and touch input
  21. ”Your Eyes Tell You Have Used This Password Before”: Identifying Password Reuse from Gaze and Keystroke Dynamics
  22. VRception: Rapid Prototyping of Cross-Reality Systems in Virtual Reality
  23. The Dark Side of Perceptual Manipulations in Virtual Reality
  24. Co-existing With a Drone: Using Virtual Reality to Investigate the Effect of the Drone’s Height and Cover Story on Proxemic Behaviours
  25. Novel Challenges of Safety, Security and Privacy in Extended Reality
  26. The Feet in Human-Centred Security: Investigating Foot-Based User Authentication for Public Displays
  27. Advanced Techniques for Preventing Thermal Imaging Attacks
  28. State-of-the-Art in Smart Contact Lenses for Human–Machine Interaction
  29. Transitional Interfaces in Mixed and Cross-Reality: A new frontier?
  30. The Interplay between Personal Relationships & Shoulder Surfing Mitigation
  31. Prototyping Usable Privacy and Security Systems: Insights from Experts
  32. GaitWear: a smartwatch application for in-the-wild gait normalisation based on a virtual field study assessing the effects of visual and haptic cueing
  33. Surveying Consumer Understanding & Sentiment Of VR
  34. Observing Virtual Avatars: The Impact of Avatars’ Fidelity on Identifying Interactions
  35. GazeMeter: Exploring the Usage of Gaze Behaviour to Enhance Password Assessments
  36. GazeWheels: Recommendations for using wheel widgets for feedback during dwell-time gaze input
  37. Using Personal Data to Support Authentication: User Attitudes and Suitability
  38. Think Harder! Investigating the Effect of Password Strength on Cognitive Load during Password Creation
  39. RepliCueAuth: Validating the Use of a Lab-Based Virtual Reality Setup for Evaluating Authentication Systems
  40. Toward a roadmap for human-drone interaction
  41. Fast and Secure Authentication in Virtual Reality Using Coordinated 3D Manipulation and Pointing
  42. 634 Views No files have yet been downloaded. 0 Citations See all citations Reviewed article Interorganizational Cooperation in Supply Chain Cybersecurity: A Cross-Industry Study of the Effectiveness of the UK Implementation of the NIS Directive
  43. Are my Apps Peeking? Comparing Nudging Mechanisms to Raise Awareness of Access to Mobile Front-facing Camera
  44. GazeWheels: Comparing Dwell-time Feedback and Methods for Gaze Input
  45. Are Thermal Attacks Ubiquitous?
  46. Don't Use Fingerprint, it's Raining!
  47. Augmenting TV Viewing using Acoustically Transparent Auditory Headsets
  48. Assessing Social Text Placement in Mixed Reality TV
  49. Bystander interruption of VR users
  50. GazeLockPatterns: Comparing Authentication Using Gaze and Touch for Entering Lock Patterns
  51. Predicting Mid-Air Gestural Interaction with Public Displays based on Audience Behaviour
  52. RubikAuth: Fast and Secure Authentication in Virtual Reality
  53. Knowledge-driven Biometric Authentication in Virtual Reality
  54. Virtual Field Studies
  55. The Role of Eye Gaze in Security and Privacy Applications: Survey and Future HCI Research Directions
  56. ElectroCutscenes: Realistic Haptic Feedback in Cutscenes of Virtual Reality Games Using Electric Muscle Stimulation
  57. Calibration-free text entry using smooth pursuit eye movements
  58. Just gaze and wave
  59. Can Privacy-Aware Lifelogs Alter Our Memories?
  60. Passquerade
  61. iHDI
  62. Introduction
  63. Touchscreens as the de facto interface to complex systems
  64. Orochi
  65. DialPlates
  66. Securing personal items in public space
  67. CueAuth
  68. Design Considerations for Secure and Usable Authentication on Situated Displays
  69. GazeRecall
  70. Smooth Pursuit Target Speeds and Trajectories
  71. eNGAGE
  72. EyeSpot: Leveraging Gaze to Protect Private Text Content on Mobile Devices from Shoulder Surfing
  73. Hidden pursuits
  74. Exploring Participatory Design Methods to Engage with Arab Communities
  75. Lunchocracy
  76. Privacy Invasion Experiences and Perceptions
  77. EyePACT
  78. GazeDrone
  79. Pocket Transfers
  80. Public HMDs
  81. The past, present, and future of gaze-enabled handheld mobile devices
  82. Understanding Face and Eye Visibility in Front-Facing Cameras of Smartphones used in the Wild
  83. VRpursuits
  84. Which one is me?
  85. EyeScout
  86. PerDis 2017
  87. GTmoPass
  88. They are looking at me!
  89. Understanding Shoulder Surfing in the Wild
  90. Stay Cool! Understanding Thermal Attacks on Mobile-based User Authentication
  91. TransparentHMD
  92. Brainatwork
  93. GazeTouchPIN: protecting sensitive data on mobile devices using secure multimodal authentication
  94. Seamless and Secure VR: Adapting and Evaluating Established Authentication Systems for Virtual Reality
  95. They are all after you
  96. Challenges and design space of gaze-enabled public displays
  97. TextPursuits
  98. 6th international workshop on pervasive eye tracking and mobile eye-based interaction
  99. Proceedings of the 2016 CHI Conference Extended Abstracts on Human Factors in Computing Systems
  100. Investigating User Needs for Bio-sensing and Affective Wearables
  101. EyeVote in the wild
  102. GazeTouchPass
  103. Introduction and establishment of virtual training in the factory of the future
  104. A field study on spontaneous gaze-based interaction with a public display using pursuits
  105. AirDisplay: Experimenting with Air Flow as a Communication Medium
  106. Tackling challenges of interactive public displays using gaze
  107. AreCAPTCHA: Outsourcing Arabic Text Digitization to Native Speakers