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  1. An Explanatory Model Steering System for Collaboration between Domain Experts and AI
  2. Representation Debiasing of Generated Data Involving Domain Experts
  3. The Need for User-centred Assessment of AI Fairness and Correctness
  4. Lay User Involvement in Developing Human-centric Responsible AI Systems: When and How?
  5. Influence of User's Characteristics on Interacting with XAI.
  6. EXMOS: Explanatory Model Steering through Multifaceted Explanations and Data Configurations
  7. Implications of Regulations on the Use of AI and Generative AI for Human-Centered Responsible Artificial Intelligence
  8. Investigating Privacy Perceptions and Subjective Acceptance of Eye Tracking on Handheld Mobile Devices
  9. Human-Centered Responsible Artificial Intelligence: Current & Future Trends
  10. Workshop on Trust and Reliance in AI-Human Teams (TRAIT)
  11. Helping people without an AI background to investigate fairness in AI decisions
  12. Investigating Daily Practices of Self-care to Inform the Design of Supportive Health Technologies for Living and Ageing Well with HIV
  13. TExSS 22: Transparency and Explanations in Smart Systems