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  1. A qualitative study on the perception of intellectual capital among a group of senior managers of Italian social enterprises
  2. Learning Climate and Job Performance among Health Workers. A Pilot Study
  3. learning and workplace identity
  4. Commoditization
  5. Child Labor and Adolescent Labor
  6. Mix-Method Research in Applied Psychology
  7. Psychometric properties and factor structure of the Italian version of the “Aston Team Performance Inventory”
  8. Comunicazione di crisi: uno studio triangolare sulla risposta dei consumatori al richiamo mattel 2007
  9. Senso e prospettive dell'applicare. Nuove declinazioni della psicologia del lavoro e delle organizzazioni
  10. Rhetoric on sale. Discourse strategies in supermarket interactions.
  11. Student Cynicism: An Initial Italian Validation of C.A.T.C.S. (Cynical Attitudes Toward College Scale)
  12. Education or Employment? The Challenging Choice of Today's Youth
  13. Students’ Academic Performance and Employability
  14. Using Social Network as Organizational Storytelling: A Narrative Analysis of Dooced Employees’ Blogs
  15. Assessing child sexual abuse allegations: An exploratory study on psychological reports
  16. Boundaryless Careers and Occupational Wellbeing
  17. Human resource strategic management in NPOs
  18. Interaction between structural capital and human capital in Italian NPOs
  19. Celebrity Endorsement and Congruence
  20. New Horizons in CSP and Employee/Employer Relationship: Challenges and Risks of Corporate Weblogs
  21. From Corporate Social Responsibility to Intercorporate Social Responsibility
  22. From Corporate Websites to Corporate Blogs
  23. The narrative bias: Political marketing on the world wide web
  24. Rhetorical Argumentation in Italian Academic Discourse
  25. The Diatextual Construction of the Self in Short Message Systems
  26. Silence as a tool for the negotiation of sense in multi-parties conversations
  27. Blogs as Corporate Tools
  28. Job on line: The diatextual rhetoric of e-recruitment