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  1. Alexithymia in Young people’s academic career: The mediating role of anxiety and resilience
  2. Emotion dysregulation, impulsivity and personality disorder traits: A community sample study
  3. Psychopathological Features of Bipolar Depression: Italian Validation of the Bipolar Depression Rating Scale (I-BDRS)
  4. Neuropsychological Performance in Alcohol Dependent Patients: A One-Year Longitudinal Study
  5. Team performance in the Italian NHS: the role of reflexivity
  6. Childhood trauma and resilience in psoriatic patients: A preliminary report
  7. The associations of quantitative/qualitative job insecurity and well-being: The role of self-esteem.
  8. Gender Differences and Psychopathological Features Associated With Addictive Behaviors in Adolescents
  9. Occupations at Risk and Organizational Well-Being: An Empirical Test of a Job Insecurity Integrated Model
  10. Job insecurity and performance: the mediating role of organizational identification
  11. Gender-related psychopathology in opioid use disorder: Results from a representative sample of Italian addiction services
  12. The Impact of Qualitative Job Insecurity on Identification with the Organization
  13. The mediating role of organizational identification in the relationship between qualitative job insecurity, OCB and job performance
  14. Exploring Anger Among Offenders: The Role of Emotion Dysregulation and Alexithymia
  15. Valutare la salute dei lavoratori a tempo determinato: validazione del Precariousness of Life Inventory (PLI-9) - versione breve
  16. Co-occurrence of alcohol use disorder and behavioral addictions: relevance of impulsivity and craving
  17. The relationship between contract type and job satisfaction in a mediated moderation model: The role of job insecurity and psychological contract violation
  18. Psychometric properties and factor structure of the Italian version of the “Aston Team Performance Inventory”
  19. Organizational Health among Public Sector and Nonprofit Employees
  20. Craving Typology Questionnaire (CTQ): A scale for alcohol craving in normal controls and alcoholics
  21. Adult attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder in major depressed and bipolar subjects: role of personality traits and clinical implications
  22. Craving Typology Questionnaire
  23. Temporary employment in Italy and its consequences on gender
  24. Description and validation of a questionnaire for the detection of meteoropathy and meteorosensitivity: the METEO-Q