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  1. support copper with Hard hydrophobic CuO coating and high Heat transfer Performance
  2. improvement of CO Gas-Sensing Performance and Heat Transfer Efficiency of Nano-CuO based sensors
  3. Effects of the operating parameter on the microstructure of Nano Anodized Copper Coating
  4. Develop a corrosion resistant coating on copper using Anodization Technique
  5. prepare Green corrosion inhibitor from Ginger extract for mild steel in acid media
  6. determining coating thickness by destructive and non-destructive techniques
  7. Water Flow Effects on Copper Corrosion
  8. Toward better Adhesion Strength for Copper Electroplating
  9. Effects of Copper Electroplating Parameters on Coating Adhesion
  10. "Enhance Copper Hardness by electrochemical method "
  11. Characteristics of Electroless Nickel-Tungsten Coating on Steels