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  1. Applying CS0/CS1 Student Success Factors and Outcomes to Biggs' 3P Educational Model
  2. 10 Things Software Developers Should Learn about Learning
  3. Toward CS1 Content Subscales: A Mixed-Methods Analysis of an Introductory Computing Assessment
  4. Benefits of Failure on Neuroplasticity and Tools for Persistence
  5. Self-Regulation and Metacognition Strategies in Computer Science and Programming Education
  6. A Review of International Models of Computer Science Teacher Education
  7. Subgoals for CS1 in Python
  8. Getting By With Help From My Friends: Group Study in Introductory Programming Understood as Socially Shared Regulation
  9. Models for Computer Science Teacher Preparation
  10. Instructional Design to Support Student Learning
  11. Effect of Implementing Subgoals in's Intro to Programming Unit in Computer Science Principles
  12. Metacognition and Self-Regulation in Computer Science and Programming Education
  13. The Cambridge Handbook of Computing Education Research Summarized in 75 minutes
  14. Training Spatial Skills to Improve Achievement in STEM Fields
  15. Training Spatial Skills to Improve Achievement in STEM Fields
  16. Using the SOLO Taxonomy to Understand Subgoal Labels Effect in CS1
  17. Guest Editorial
  18. Negotiating Varied Research Goals in Computing Education Research
  19. Using Subgoal Labeling in Teaching CS1
  20. The Relationship Between Learner Characteristics and Student Outcomes in a Middle School Computing Course: An Exploratory Analysis Using Structural Equation Modeling
  21. Review of measurements used in computing education research and suggestions for increasing standardization
  22. Socioeconomic Status and Computer Science Achievement
  23. Finding the Best Types of Guidance for Constructing Self-Explanations of Subgoals in Programming
  24. Using Learners' Self-Explanations of Subgoals to Guide Initial Problem Solving in App Inventor