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  1. Microfoundations of network exploration and exploitation capabilities in international opportunity recognition
  2. Business Model Innovation in the Internationalization of SMEs: The Role of Causation and Effectuation
  3. Enabling and disenabling boundary conditions of export marketing assistance: an interdisciplinary framework
  4. Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Research
  5. Service innovation and internationalization in SMEs: antecedents and profitability outcomes
  6. The role of home market context in business model change in internationalizing SMEs
  7. Research Handbook on Start-Up Incubation Ecosystems
  8. Business model innovation in international performance: the mediating effect of network capability
  9. Making Sense of Culture in Management: Qualitative Sensemaking Approach in Explaining Cross-Cultural Business Networking
  10. Value-chain digitalization of born-digital companies
  11. Internationalising SMEs and Social Networks in the Global South
  12. The Role of Responsible Business Practices in International Business Relationships Between SMEs from Developed and Emerging Economies
  13. Renewable energy market SMEs: antecedents of internationalization
  14. Microfoundations of Novelty in Foreign Locations–Exaptation in First- Time FDI Modes
  15. Business model innovation and entrepreneurial orientation relationships in SMEs: Implications for international performance
  16. Institutional environment and network competence in successful SME internationalisation
  17. Internationalization of born digital companies
  18. The Role of Culture in Responsible Business Practice: An Exploration of Finnish and Russian SMEs
  19. Country institutional profiles: evidence from Colombian software exporters
  20. The Rise and Fall of an International New Venture: The Case of an Online Medical Tourism Platform
  21. Chapter 1: A Global Mindset – Still a Prerequisite for Successful SME Internationalisation?
  22. No manager is an island: culture in sensemaking of business networking
  23. Subsidiary’s Network Competence: Finnish Multinational Companies in Russia
  24. The entrepreneurial ecosystem and born globals: the Estonian context
  25. Uncovering new value frontiers: the role of the entrepreneurial ecosystem in nurturing born globals
  26. Sustainability and Knowledge Dynamics in Entrepreneurial Growth: Evidence from Internationalizing Finnish SMEs
  27. Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility in Internationally Operating SMEs: Implications for Performance
  28. Network competence in Finnish SMEs: implications for growth
  29. Business Strategies in Internationalisation Outcomes among SMEs
  30. Dynamic capabilities in MNCs: subsidiary international business competence in the Finnish-Russian context
  31. Service innovation and internationalization in SMEs: Implications for growth and performance
  32. Do All Roads Lead to Rome? The Effect of the Decision-Making Logic on Business Model Change
  33. Profitable SME internationalisation: the influence of cross-relational and relationship-specific network competence
  34. Managerial sensemaking of interaction within business relationships: A cultural perspective
  35. The effect of network competence and environmental hostility on the internationalization of SMEs
  36. Chapter 5 The Effect of Network Competence and Environmental Hostility on the Propensity of SMEs to Internationalise
  37. The development of network competence in an internationalized SME
  38. Drivers and Barriers of International Growth: Small- and Medium-sized Enterprises from Finland