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  1. A Centralization Measure for Social Networks Assessment
  2. An Approach to Modeling a Real-Time Updated Environment Based on Messages from Agents
  3. The Formal Framework for Collective Systems
  4. An Implementation of Formal Framework for Collective Systems in Air Pollution Prediction System
  5. Estimating Semantics Distance of Texts Based on Used Terms Analysis
  6. A Conceptual Framework of Intelligent Management Control System for Higher Education
  7. Towards the Continuous Processes Modeling of Grain Handling in Storage Facility Using Unified Process Metamodel
  8. Advances in Computational Collective Intelligence
  9. Defining semantic networks using association-oriented metamodel
  10. Ontological Information as Part of Continuous Monitoring Software for Production Fault Detection
  11. Definition of the crowd and a new approach to calculate crowd properties.
  12. A new approach to modelling behavioral aspects of processes.
  13. Assessment of the Content of Fluorescent Tracer in Granular Feed Mixture
  14. New influence metrics for recommending better user interfaces.
  15. Meta-structural Graph-Based Design Patterns for Knowledge Representation in Association-Oriented Database Metamodel
  16. Towards Association-Oriented Model of Lexical Base for Semantic Knowledge Base
  17. Towards Semantic Knowledge Base Definition
  18. Application of fluorescent markers for homogeneity assessment of grain mixtures based on maize content
  19. Modeling of Unified Process Metamodel structure in Association-Oriented Database Metamodel: Flowing Resources and transformation
  20. Semantic Networks Modeling with Operand-Operator Structures in Association-Oriented Metamodel
  21. Introduction to Semantic Knowledge Base: Multilanguage Support of Linguistic Module
  22. Semantic Knowledge Base: Quantifiers and Multiplicity in Extended Semantic Networks Module
  23. Unified Process Management for Service and Manufacture System—Material Resources
  24. Semantic Knowledge Base is using large number of knowledge representation methods.
  25. Introduction to semantic knowledge base: Linguistic module
  26. An Introduction to Ontology Based Structured Knowledge Base System: Knowledge Acquisition Module
  27. ACL Rehabilitation Enhanced by 3D Modeling Software
  28. Knowledge Acquisition in Conceptual Ontological Artificial Intelligence System
  29. Morphological Analysis of Binary Scene in APR Integrated Environment
  30. Knowledge acquisition and gathering in new AI system
  31. An easy method for comparing documents in spite of plagiarism.
  32. Conceptual Ontological Object Knowledge Base and Language