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  1. Crying helps, but being sad doesn’t: Infants constrain nominal reference online using known verbs, but not known adjectives
  2. The semantics of questions
  3. Semantics in Language Acquisition
  4. Chapter 1. The historical emergence and current study of semantics in acquisition
  5. Chapter 12. Overt, covert, and clandestine operations
  6. The influence of conversational context and the developing lexicon on the calculation of scalar implicatures
  7. QR Out of a Tensed Clause: Evidence from Antecedent-Contained Deletion
  8. All together now: Disentangling semantics and pragmatics withtogetherin child and adult language
  9. Experimental Support for Inverse Scope Readings of Finite-Clause-Embedded Antecedent-Contained-Deletion Sentences
  10. Events and agents in the acquisition of universal quantification
  11. Experimental Evidence for the Truth Conditional Contribution and Shifting Information Status of Appositives
  12. Prosodic disambiguation of scopally ambiguous quantificational sentences in a discourse context
  13. Production and perception of listener-oriented clear speech in child language
  14. Slowly but Surely: Adverbs Support Verb Learning in 2-Year-Olds
  15. Collectivity, Distributivity, and the Interpretation of Plural Numerical Expressions in Child and Adult Language
  16. The Role of Cardinality in the Interpretation of Measurement Expressions
  17. The interaction of syntax, prosody, and discourse in licensing French wh-in-situ questions
  18. Commentary on “How Can Syntax Support Number Word Acquisition?” by Kristen Syrett, Julien Musolino, and Rochel Gelman
  19. How Can Syntax Support Number Word Acquisition?
  20. Number Word Acquisition: Cardinality, Bootstrapping, and Beyond: Reply to Commentaries
  21. Interfacing information and prosody
  22. Competence, Performance, and the Locality of Quantifier Raising: Evidence from 4-Year-Old Children
  23. 30-Month-Olds Use the Distribution and Meaning of Adverbs to Interpret Novel Adjectives
  24. QR in Child Grammar: Evidence from Antecedent-Contained Deletion
  25. Adjectives