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  1. A FAIR Approach to Real-World Health Data Management and Analysis
  2. SecureFASTA: Ensuring privacy and trust when sharing genomic data
  3. A Reliable and Secure Method for Sharing Genomic Data
  4. Classifying and discovering genomic sequences in metagenomic repositories
  5. Exploring Kolmogorov Complexity Approximations for Data Analysis: Insights and Applications
  6. Optimizing Variant Calling for Human Genome Analysis: A Comprehensive Pipeline Approach
  7. AlcoR: A User-Friendly Tool to Identify and Visualize Low-Complexity Regions in Genomic Sequences
  8. A New Approach to Organizing Genetic Material in Environmental Samples
  9. Using compression to improve taxonomic identification of unknown organisms
  10. Studying the Complexity Landscape of Viruses
  11. Identifying Archaea using Compression and Genomic Sequences
  12. Automating Artistic Painting Analysis with Information-Based Measures
  13. A new method that shows the presence of short persistent DNA/RNA sequences in SARS-CoV-2
  14. Improving Medical Education and Research with the Dicoogle Framework
  15. Uncovering patterns in Turing machine tapes
  16. Enhancing DNA Sequence Compression with a Novel Weighted Model Method
  17. Web-based DICOM Validation Service for Improved Medical Imaging Interoperability
  18. Revolutionizing Diabetic Retinopathy Detection with a Collaborative Platform
  19. Automating Heart Function Classification using AI in TTE Exams
  20. Ensuring Patient Privacy in Neuroimaging Studies: A Facial De-Identification Service
  21. Secure and Searchable Medical Imaging for Sharing and Research
  22. Opinionated Framework for Building Reactive Services for Web Development