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  1. Board characteristics and IPO underpricing across the world
  2. Introduction
  3. China
  4. South Korea
  5. Japan
  6. The Oxford Handbook of Asian Business Systems
  7. Asian Business Systems
  8. Asian Business Systems
  9. Culture and the Business Systems of Asia
  10. Asian business systems: institutional comparison, clusters and implications for varieties of capitalism and business systems theory
  11. Editorial
  12. Corporate governance and initial public offerings in Singapore*
  13. Asian Business and Management
  14. Culture and the Business Systems of Asia
  15. The spirits of Corporate Social Responsibility: senior executive perceptions of the role of the firm in society in Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea and the USA
  16. Editorial
  17. Japan
  18. Germany
  19. The Future of Chinese Capitalism: Choices and Chances
  20. Introduction to the Comparative Chapters
  21. Another Miracle?
  22. Describing Business Systems
  23. Escape from History?
  24. The Legacies of History
  25. The State-owned Enterprises
  26. From Collectives to Local Corporates
  27. The Private Sector
  28. United States
  29. South Korea
  30. The Future of Chinese Capitalism
  31. The Regional Ethnic Chinese in Business
  33. China’s business system and its future trajectory
  34. Culture, meaning, and institutions: Executive rationale in Germany and Japan
  35. Outward foreign direct investment as escape response to home country institutional constraints
  36. Foreword
  37. Introduction
  38. Conclusion
  39. Appendix
  40. References
  41. Changing Japanese Capitalism
  42. The ‘Tray of Loose Sand’: A Thick Description of the State-Owned Enterprise Sector of China Seen as a Business System
  43. China: What Variety of Capitalism?
  44. China: Authoritarian Capitalism
  45. South Korea: Plutocratic State-Led Capitalism Reconfiguring
  46. Asian Business Systems: Institutional Comparison, Clusters, and Implications for Varieties of Capitalism and Business Systems Theory
  47. The Role of Executive Rationale in the Comparison of Capitalisms: Some Preliminary Findings
  48. Bibliography of Research on the Regional Ethnic Chinese of East Asia in Business