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  1. A bibliometric analysis of China’s rural revitalization pathway
  2. Alternative livelihood sources for in-lane street hawkers
  4. Contribution of green infrastructure to urban heat mitigation
  5. Mapping of sacred groves in Ghana
  6. Why Eastern Africa was not dry during the 2020 short rainy season
  7. Land use dynamics in response to surface temperature in South-eastern part of Ghana
  8. Spatial Distribution of Telecom Masts, Accessibility and Customer Hotspots in the Greater Accra Metropolitan Area, Ghana
  9. Precipitation products' performance in Sudan's different topographical features.
  10. Identifying major drivers influencing land use systems
  11. Class dynamics and relationship between land-use systems and surface temperature in South-eastern Ghana
  12. Correction to: Landslide detection from bitemporal satellite imagery using attention‑based deep neural networks
  13. Changes in Near-Surface Temperature in Ghana, West Africa and the links with Climatic Factors
  14. Landslide detection from bitemporal satellite imagery using attention-based deep neural networks
  15. Characteristics of frost/snow disasters in North China
  16. Validating Local Drivers Influencing Land Use Cover Change (LUCC) in Southwestern Ghana: A Mixed-Method Approach (MMA) Analysis.
  17. CMIP6 multimodel simulated changes in near‐surface temperature properties over Ghana
  18. Land use systems and climate variability in Ghana over the past 50 years
  19. Impact of Oil Spillage on Vegetation in South-Western Niger Delta, Nigeria
  20. Summer monsoon rainfall variations and its association over Sudan
  21. Connecting the Complex Dots of Environmental Problems in Greater Accra Metropolitan Area of Ghana
  22. Assessment of drought events, their trend and teleconnection factors over Burundi, East Africa
  23. GIS-Based Emergency Fire Response for Minimization of Fire Outbreaks in the Greater Accra Metropolis, Ghana
  24. Impacts of climate hazards on coastal livelihoods in Ghana.
  25. Assessing local drivers influencing Land Use Cover Change (LUCC) in Southwestern Ghana: A Mixed-Method Approach (MMA) Analyses.
  26. Assessment of Drought Event, its Trend and Teleconnected Factors Over Burundi, Central East Africa
  27. A sustainability study at Eriwe fish farming village in southwest Nigeria
  28. Influence of socioeconomic factors and environmental hazards on efficiency of shrimp farms
  29. Influence of Organic Amendments on Soil Fertility and the Growth of Maize (Zea Mays)
  30. Current Perspectives to Environment and Climate Adaptation
  31. Bio-economic modeling of fishing activities in Kenya: the case of Lake Naivasha Ramsar site
  32. Loss of wetland resources in Uganda: The case of lake Wamala in Mityana District
  33. Effectiveness of initiated Climate Change Adaptation Strategies
  34. Concept of Climate Vulnerability
  35. Climate Change awareness and vulnerability in Ghana.
  36. Stakeholders Participation in the Formulation of Corporate Social Responsibility Programmes
  37. Effects of Indiscriminate Disposal of Waste in Ghana.
  38. Nature and Management of Some Marine Ecosystems in Vietnam: A Case Study at The Hon Mun Island at Nha Trang