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  1. Landslide detection from bitemporal satellite imagery using attention-based deep neural networks
  2. Merging and Downscaling Soil Moisture Data From CMIP6 Projections Using Deep Learning Method
  3. Effect of CO 2 concentration on drought assessment in China
  4. COVID-19 Contact Tracing: Ghana’s Efforts in the Application of Geospatial Technology in Minimizing the Impact of the Pandemic
  5. Land use systems and climate variability in Ghana over the past 50 years
  6. Water identification using convolutional neural networks
  7. GIS-Based Emergency Fire Response for Minimization of Fire Outbreaks in the Greater Accra Metropolis, Ghana
  8. Impacts of climate hazards on coastal livelihoods in Ghana.
  9. Future drought in CMIP6 projections and the socioeconomic impacts in China
  10. Spatiotemporal Characteristics and Trend Analysis of Two Evapotranspiration-Based Drought Products and Their Mechanisms in Sub-Saharan Africa
  11. Identifying Cotton Fields from Remote Sensing Images Using Multiple Deep Learning Networks
  12. Spatial Distribution and Environmental Significance of Phosphorus Fractions in River Sediments and Its Influencing Factor from Hongze and Tiaoxi Watersheds, Eastern China
  13. Spatial variations in and environmental significance of nitrogen forms in river sediments from two different watersheds in eastern China