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  1. Comparison of different macroinvertebrates bioassessment indices in a large near‐natural watershed under the context of metacommunity theory
  2. Estimating surface air temperature from multiple gridded observations and reanalysis datasets over Ghana
  3. Changes in Near-Surface Temperature in Ghana, West Africa and the links with Climatic Factors
  4. Projection of Extreme Temperature Events over the Mediterranean and Sahara Using Bias-Corrected CMIP6 Models
  5. CMIP6 multimodel simulated changes in near‐surface temperature properties over Ghana
  6. COVID-19 Contact Tracing: Ghana’s Efforts in the Application of Geospatial Technology in Minimizing the Impact of the Pandemic
  7. Impact of Oil Spillage on Vegetation in South-Western Niger Delta, Nigeria
  8. Connecting the Complex Dots of Environmental Problems in Greater Accra Metropolitan Area of Ghana
  9. Impacts of climate hazards on coastal livelihoods in Ghana.
  10. Assessing local drivers influencing Land Use Cover Change (LUCC) in Southwestern Ghana: A Mixed-Method Approach (MMA) Analyses.
  11. A Survey on an Artificial Intelligence Approach to Maintenance of Solar Photovoltaic Modules
  12. Influence of Organic Amendments on Soil Fertility and the Growth of Maize (Zea Mays)