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  1. Subtitles in English-only TV commercials
  2. The importance of influencers in Instagram marketing.
  3. Is it worth investing in an online fashion pop-up store?
  4. The influence of the Covid-19 pandemic on guests’ evaluations of hotel services
  5. Are Retail Customers Ready for Service Robot Assistants?
  6. What determines omnivores’ meat consumption and their willingness to reduce the amount of meat they eat?
  7. Does a chatbot’s location influence consumer attitude and intentions
  8. Do verbal and visual nudges influence consumers’ choice for sustainable fashion?
  9. The Effects of Language Errors in Service Recovery Communication on Customers’ Hotel Perceptions and Booking Intentions
  10. The power of negative publicity on the fast fashion industry
  11. The effectiveness of subtitles in cross‐cultural television commercials
  12. The Importance of the Service and Shopping Customer Experience in a Retail Environment
  13. The influence of external design elements on clothing store entry intentions for recreationally and task-oriented female clothing shoppers
  14. The effects of online customer reviews and managerial responses on travelers’ decision-making processes
  15. The Impact of Negative Endorser Information and their Facial Appearance on Advertising Effectiveness for Profit and Not-for-Profit Organizations
  16. Does institutional nation branding exist in a Singaporean context?
  17. De effecten van verondersteld en werkelijk begrip van gemakkelijke en moeilijke Engelse slagzinnen in een gestandaardiseerde Europese reclamecampagne
  18. “De terughaalactie geld alleen voor de hierboven afgebelede pizza’s geldig.”
  19. What is the relative advertising effectiveness of different touch points?
  20. The differential impact of observational learning and practice-based learning on the development of oral presentation skills in higher education
  21. The impact of emotional appeal and the media context on the effectiveness of commercials for not-for-profit and for-profit brands
  22. How effective are self- and peer assessment of oral presentation skills compared with teachers’ assessments?
  23. The impact of goal orientation, self-reflection and personal characteristics on the acquisition of oral presentation skills
  24. The impact of an innovative instructional intervention on the acquisition of oral presentation skills in higher education
  25. The ethical dimensions of decision processes of employees
  26. Polish and Belgian consumers' perception of environmentally friendly behaviour
  27. Attributes of Environmentally Friendly Consumer Behavior
  28. Who are really purchasing environmentally friendly detergents?
  29. A decision support model for the planning and assessment of export promotion activities by government export promotion institutions — the Belgian case