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  1. Am I ‘In or Out’? A social identity approach to studying expatriates’ social networks and adjustment in a host country context
  2. Young aspiring globals (YAGs): early-stage strategies of knowledge-focused international entrepreneurs
  3. Knowledge management, sharing and transfer in cross-national teams and the remote management of team members: the onsite-offshore phenomenon of service EMNEs
  4. Managerial challenges to promoting competency-based intellectual capital in emerging market economies – developing a framework for implications
  5. Organizational learning, innovativeness and performance of financial service firms in an emerging market: examining the mediation effects of customer-focused strategy
  6. Investigating the influence of absorptive capacity of recipients within cross-border transfer of knowledge: evidence from emerging markets
  7. Wearable technology and consumer interaction: A systematic review and research agenda
  8. Contemporary Entrepreneurship Issues in International Business
  10. Conclusion and Future Research Agenda
  11. Introduction: Technological Innovation and International Competitiveness for Business Growth—State-of-the-Art
  12. The Impact of Innovation and Entrepreneurship on Competitiveness
  13. Japanese expatriates' management in global assignments: A review and research agenda
  14. International business-government relations: The risk management strategies of MNEs in emerging economies
  15. Formal-informal channels of university-industry knowledge transfer: the case of Australian business schools
  16. Multinational Enterprise Strategies for Addressing Sustainability: the Need for Consolidation
  17. Global mobility of professionals and the transfer of tacit knowledge in multinational service firms
  18. Interpersonal relations in China: Expatriates’ perspective on the development and use of guanxi
  19. Religious belief and international business negotiations: Does faith influence negotiator behaviour?
  20. Career Capital Development of Self-Initiated Expatriates in China
  21. Global Talent Management and Staffing in MNEs: An Introduction to the Edited Volume of International Business and Management
  22. Business strategy and performance in Indonesia’s service sector
  23. New perspectives on the internationalization of service firms
  24. Developing the Islamic Financial Services sector in Italy: An institutional theory perspective
  25. Social reporting by Islamic banks
  26. International business negotiations with Arab managers
  27. Islamic banking in Pakistan: A history of emergent accountability and regulation
  28. Islamic mutual funds’ financial performance and international investment style: evidence from 20 countries
  29. Navigating IJVS successfully in Southeast Asia
  30. Islamic finance: Challenges and opportunities
  31. The grounding of the “flying bank”
  32. Political motivations: The nationalization of the Pakistani banking sector
  33. The impact of regulatory quality on intra-foreign direct investment flows in the ASEAN markets
  34. The importance of Shari’ah supervision in Islamic financial institutions
  35. Purchasing Power Parity and the Asian Financial Crisis
  36. International business negotiations: The case of Pakistan