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  1. The role of organizational culture and voluntariness in the adoption of artificial intelligence for disaster relief operations
  2. Investigating the influence of absorptive capacity of recipients within cross-border transfer of knowledge: evidence from emerging markets
  3. Guest editorial
  4. Unravelling processes of alliance capability development: longitudinal processual insights from an emerging country multinational enterprise
  5. Organizational knowledgeable responses to institutional pressures – a review, synthesis and extension
  6. Outsourcing and offshoring decision making
  7. Human resource management and performance at the Indian Railways
  8. Impact of institutions on emerging European high-growth firms
  9. Mapping the impact of Asian business systems on HRM and organisational behaviour: multi-level comparative perspectives
  10. Journal editors as philosopher kings: duties and responsibilities of academics in a changing world
  11. Health marketing in an emerging market: The critical role of signaling theory in breast cancer awareness
  12. Colonial hangover? A case of multiple cross-cultural influences on Indian Railways
  13. Theorising Human Capital Formation for Innovation in India’s Global Information Technology Sector
  14. Indian Railways – World’s largest commercial employer’s social capital inventory
  15. Portraying an employee performance management system based on multi-criteria decision analysis and visual techniques
  16. Indian Railways: rail ways for Indians
  17. Experiences of Human Resources Practices as Implementers Measure
  18. Experiences of Human Resources Practices as Internal Customers Scale
  19. Reverse Dependency
  20. Making sense and identifying aspects of Indian culture(s) in organisations: Demystifying through empirical evidence
  21. Colliding Employer-Employee Perspectives of Employee Turnover: Evidence from a Born-Global Industry
  22. Opportunities and challenges for multiple-embeddedness through mergers and acquisitions in emerging economies
  23. Understanding cultural singularities of ‘Indianness’ in an intercultural business setting
  24. Human Capital in the Indian IT / BPO Industry
  25. An Exploration of the Role Duality Experienced by HR Professionals as Both Implementers and Recipients of HR Practices: Evidence from the Indian Railways
  26. Investigating Cultural Aspects in Indian Organizations
  27. Culture in Indian Organisations: Evidence-Based Research and Practice
  28. Managing people in the world's largest commercial employer: an exploratory study on Indian Railways
  29. Culture Research in India: Critical Issues and Future Research Opportunities
  30. Neither Western Nor Indian: HRM Policy in an Indian Multinational
  31. Shopping for CSR: An Indian Perspective of Implementing CSR in Retail
  32. Global Talent Management in Knowledge Intensive Firms in Europe and India
  33. Liberalisation of the Indian retail sector - an examination of macro level HR implications and challenges
  34. Corporate human rights responsibility and multinationality in emerging markets - a legal perspective for corporate governance and responsibility
  35. East is East? Understanding Aspects of Indian Culture(s) within Organisations
  36. A longitudinal examination of HRM in a human resources offshoring (HRO) organization operating from India
  37. Corporate Human Rights Responsibility and Multinationality in Emerging Markets – From a Developing Notion to the Legal Dimension
  38. Neither Western Nor Indian