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  1. Fourth-generation light sources
  2. Numerical Simulation of Heat Load for Multilayer Laue Lens under Exposure to XFEL Pulse Trains
  3. Optical Funnel to Guide and Focus Virus Particles for X-Ray Diffractive Imaging
  4. Optical bunching of particles in a liquid flow
  5. The Natural Breakup Length of a Steady Capillary Jet: Application to Serial Femtosecond Crystallography
  6. John C. H. Spence (1946–2021)
  7. High-resolution achromatic X-ray optical systems for broad-band imaging and for focusing attosecond pulses
  8. X-ray screening identifies active site and allosteric inhibitors of SARS-CoV-2 main protease
  9. X-ray-Based Techniques to Study the Nano–Bio Interface
  10. C-phycocyanin as a highly attractive model system in protein crystallography: unique crystallization properties and packing-diversity screening
  11. Analysis of X-ray multilayer Laue lenses made by masked deposition
  12. Macromolecular phasing using diffraction from multiple crystal forms
  13. A ray-trace analysis of x-ray multilayer Laue lenses for nanometer focusing
  14. speckle-tracking: a software suite for ptychographic X-ray speckle tracking
  15. Crystal structures of native cytochrome c 6 from Thermosynechococcus elongatus in two different space groups and implications for its oligomerization
  16. Photon statistics and signal to noise ratio for incoherent diffraction imaging
  17. Low-signal limit of X-ray single particle diffractive imaging
  18. XGANDALF – extended gradient descent algorithm for lattice finding
  19. Computed stereo lensless X-ray imaging
  20. 3D printed nozzles on a silicon fluidic chip
  21. Multilayer Laue lenses at high X-ray energies: performance and applications
  22. X-ray Emission Spectroscopy at X-ray Free Electron Lasers: Limits to Observation of the Classical Spectroscopic Response for Electronic Structure Analysis
  23. New insights into the crystallization of polymorphic materials: from real-time serial crystallography to luminescence analysis
  24. Hard x-ray multi-projection imaging for single-shot approaches
  25. Dose efficient Compton X-ray microscopy
  26. X-ray and UV radiation-damage-induced phasing using synchrotron serial crystallography
  27. X-ray focusing with efficient high-NA multilayer Laue lenses
  28. Pink-beam serial crystallography
  29. Imaging the rapid binding of small molecules to proteins
  30. Continuous diffraction of molecules and disordered molecular crystals
  31. AXSIS: Exploring the frontiers in attosecond X-ray science, imaging and spectroscopy
  32. Special issue on imaging the dynamic structure of matter
  33. OnDA: online data analysis and feedback for serial X-ray imaging
  34. Three-dimensional-printed gas dynamic virtual nozzles for x-ray laser sample delivery
  35. Femtosecond structural dynamics drives the trans/cis isomerization in photoactive yellow protein
  36. Recent developments in CrystFEL
  37. Visualizing aerosol-particle injection for diffractive-imaging experiments
  38. Macromolecular diffractive imaging using imperfect crystals
  39. In celluloserial crystallography of alcohol oxidase crystals inside yeast cells
  40. Ceramic micro-injection molded nozzles for serial femtosecond crystallography sample delivery
  41. Accurate determination of segmented X-ray detector geometry
  42. Crystal structure of rhodopsin bound to arrestin by femtosecond X-ray laser
  43. Electronic damage in S atoms in a native protein crystal induced by an intense X-ray free-electron laser pulse
  44. Extended asymmetric-cut multilayer X-ray gratings
  45. High numerical aperture multilayer Laue lenses
  46. Effects of self-seeding and crystal post-selection on the quality of Monte Carlo-integrated SFX data
  47. Fabrication of wedged multilayer Laue lenses
  48. Indications of radiation damage in ferredoxin microcrystals using high-intensity X-FEL beams
  49. Structural basis for bifunctional peptide recognition at human δ-opioid receptor
  50. Direct Phasing of Finite Crystals Illuminated with a Free-Electron Laser
  51. Imaging single cells in a beam of live cyanobacteria with an X-ray laser
  52. Towards RIP using free-electron laser SFX data
  53. Ultrafast self-gating Bragg diffraction of exploding nanocrystals in an X-ray laser
  54. Time-resolved serial crystallography captures high-resolution intermediates of photoactive yellow protein
  55. High-throughput imaging of heterogeneous cell organelles with an X-ray laser
  56. Explosion dynamics of sucrose nanospheres monitored by time of flight spectrometry and coherent diffractive imaging at the split-and-delay beam line of the FLASH soft X-ray laser
  57. Erratum: Corrigendum: X-ray holography with a customizable reference
  58. Chemical reaction dynamics I and electron dynamics in molecules: general discussion
  59. Chemical reaction dynamics II and Correlated systems, surfaces and catalysis: general discussion
  60. Nanoscale and bio imaging: general discussion
  61. X-ray holography with a customizable reference
  62. Expression, purification and crystallization of CTB-MPR, a candidate mucosal vaccine component against HIV-1
  63. Toward atomic resolution diffractive imaging of isolated molecules with X-ray free-electron lasers
  64. Visualizing a protein quake with time-resolved X-ray scattering at a free-electron laser
  65. Serial time-resolved crystallography of photosystem II using a femtosecond X-ray laser
  66. Femtosecond x-ray photoelectron diffraction on gas-phase dibromobenzene molecules
  67. Mapping the continuous reciprocal space intensity distribution of X-ray serial crystallography
  68. The birth of a new field
  69. Phasing coherently illuminated nanocrystals bounded by partial unit cells
  70. Diffraction before destruction
  71. Room-temperature macromolecular serial crystallography using synchrotron radiation
  72. Cheetah: software for high-throughput reduction and analysis of serial femtosecond X-ray diffraction data
  73. Conformation sequence recovery of a non-periodic object from a diffraction-before-destruction experiment
  74. X-Ray Diffraction from Isolated and Strongly Aligned Gas-Phase Molecules with a Free-Electron Laser
  75. Lipidic cubic phase injector facilitates membrane protein serial femtosecond crystallography
  76. Serial crystallography onin vivogrown microcrystals using synchrotron radiation
  77. Automated identification and classification of single particle serial femtosecond X-ray diffraction data
  78. Microfluidic liquid jet system with compatibility for atmospheric and high-vacuum conditions
  79. Imaging molecular structure through femtosecond photoelectron diffraction on aligned and oriented gas-phase molecules
  80. Disruptive photon technologies for chemical dynamics
  81. Instrumentation and methods: general discussion
  82. Serial Femtosecond Crystallography of G Protein-Coupled Receptors
  83. Structure of a photosynthetic reaction centre determined by serial femtosecond crystallography
  84. Hollow Bessel-like beam as an optical guide for a stream of microscopic particles
  85. Toward unsupervised single-shot diffractive imaging of heterogeneous particles using X-ray free-electron lasers
  86. Mesoscale morphology of airborne core–shell nanoparticle clusters: x-ray laser coherent diffraction imaging
  87. Determination of multiwavelength anomalous diffraction coefficients at high x-ray intensity
  88. The extraction of single-particle diffraction patterns from a multiple-particle diffraction pattern
  89. Crystallographic data processing for free-electron laser sources
  90. Sensing the wavefront of x-ray free-electron lasers using aerosol spheres
  91. Characterizing the focus of a multilayer coated off-axis parabola for FLASH beam at λ = 4.3 nm
  92. Invited Article: Coherent imaging using seeded free-electron laser pulses with variable polarization: First results and research opportunities
  93. Molecular Imaging Using X-Ray Free-Electron Lasers
  94. Natively Inhibited Trypanosoma brucei Cathepsin B Structure Determined by Using an X-ray Laser
  95. Limitations of coherent diffractive imaging of single objects due to their damage by intense x-ray radiation
  96. X-ray lasers for structural and dynamic biology
  97. Erratum: Fractal morphology, imaging and mass spectrometry of single aerosol particles in flight
  98. Fractal morphology, imaging and mass spectrometry of single aerosol particles in flight
  99. High-Resolution Protein Structure Determination by Serial Femtosecond Crystallography
  100. CrystFEL: a software suite for snapshot serial crystallography
  101. Lipidic phase membrane protein serial femtosecond crystallography
  102. In vivo protein crystallization opens new routes in structural biology
  103. Single-particle structure determination by correlations of snapshot X-ray diffraction patterns
  104. Radiation damage in protein serial femtosecond crystallography using an x-ray free-electron laser
  105. Self-terminating diffraction gates femtosecond X-ray nanocrystallography measurements
  106. TOF-OFF: A method for determining focal positions in tightly focused free-electron laser experiments by measurement of ejected ions
  107. Multiwavelength Anomalous Diffraction at High X-Ray Intensity
  108. Heterogeneous clusters as a model system for the study of ionization dynamics within tampered samples
  109. Introduction to the special issue in honor of Regents' Prof. John C.H. Spence in occasion of his 65th birthday
  110. Theoretical estimation for correlations of diffraction patterns from objects differently oriented in space
  111. Multipurpose modular experimental station for the DiProI beamline of Fermi@Elettra free electron laser
  112. Damage threshold of amorphous carbon mirror for 177eV FEL radiation
  113. Structure-factor analysis of femtosecond microdiffraction patterns from protein nanocrystals
  114. Single mimivirus particles intercepted and imaged with an X-ray laser
  115. Femtosecond X-ray protein nanocrystallography
  116. On the Feasibility of Nanocrystal Imaging Using Intense and Ultrashort X-ray Pulses
  117. Saturated ablation in metal hydrides and acceleration of protons and deuterons to keV energies with a soft-x-ray laser
  118. State- and conformer-selected beams of aligned and oriented molecules for ultrafast diffraction studies
  119. Moving the Frontier of Quantum Control into the Soft X-Ray Spectrum
  120. Coherent lensless X-ray imaging
  121. Femtosecond diffractive imaging of biological cells
  122. Single-shot femtosecond x-ray diffraction from randomly oriented ellipsoidal nanoparticles
  123. Intense X-ray science: the first 5 years of FLASH
  124. Publisher’s Note: Cryptotomography: Reconstructing 3D Fourier Intensities from Randomly Oriented Single-Shot Diffraction Patterns [Phys. Rev. Lett. 104 , 225501 (2010)]
  125. Cryptotomography: Reconstructing 3D Fourier Intensities from Randomly Oriented Single-Shot Diffraction Patterns
  126. Electronic Structure of an XUV Photogenerated Solid-Density Aluminum Plasma
  127. Beyond small-angle x-ray scattering: Exploiting angular correlations
  128. Structure of a single particle from scattering by many particles randomly oriented about an axis: toward structure solution without crystallization?
  129. Sacrificial Tamper Slows Down Sample Explosion in FLASH Diffraction Experiments
  130. Aerosol Imaging with a Soft X-Ray Free Electron Laser
  131. Turning solid aluminium transparent by intense soft X-ray photoionization
  132. X-ray imaging beyond the limits
  133. An assessment of the resolution limitation due to radiation-damage in X-ray diffraction microscopy
  134. Experiments at FLASH
  135. Ultrafast soft X-ray scattering and reference-enhanced diffractive imaging of weakly scattering nanoparticles
  136. Powder diffraction from a continuous microjet of submicrometer protein crystals
  137. Tomographic Femtosecond X-Ray Diffractive Imaging
  138. Erratum: Ultrafast single-shot diffraction imaging of nanoscale dynamics
  139. Massively parallel X-ray holography
  140. Three-Dimensional Coherent X-Ray Diffraction Imaging of a Ceramic Nanofoam: Determination of Structural Deformation Mechanisms
  141. APPLIED PHYSICS: Focus on X-ray Diffraction
  142. Ultrafast single-shot diffraction imaging of nanoscale dynamics
  143. Modeling of the damage dynamics of nanospheres exposed to x-ray free-electron-laser radiation
  144. Single Particle X-ray Diffractive Imaging
  145. Dose, exposure time and resolution in serial X-ray crystallography
  146. Droplet streams for serial crystallography of proteins
  147. Aerosol sample preparation methods for X-ray diffractive imaging: Size-selected spherical nanoparticles on silicon nitride foils
  148. Soft-x-ray free-electron-laser interaction with materials
  149. Femtosecond time-delay X-ray holography
  150. Encapsulation and Diffraction-Pattern-Correction Methods to Reduce the Effect of Damage in X-Ray Diffraction Imaging of Single Biological Molecules
  151. Subnanometer-Scale Measurements of the Interaction of Ultrafast Soft X-Ray Free-Electron-Laser Pulses with Matter
  152. Reflection of attosecond x-ray free electron laser pulses
  153. Femtosecond diffractive imaging with a soft-X-ray free-electron laser
  154. Damped and thermal motion of laser-aligned hydrated macromolecule beams for diffraction
  155. Observation of Structural Anisotropy and the Onset of Liquidlike Motion During the Nonthermal Melting of InSb
  156. Pulse requirements for x-ray diffraction imaging of single biological molecules
  157. Diffraction with wavefront curvature: a path to unique phase recovery
  158. Atomic-Scale Visualization of Inertial Dynamics
  159. High-efficiency diffractive x-ray optics from sectioned multilayers
  160. Clocking Femtosecond X Rays
  161. Use of extended and prepared reference objects in experimental Fourier transform x-ray holography
  162. Phasing diffuse scattering. Application of theSIR2002algorithm to the non-crystallographic phase problem
  163. SPEDEN: reconstructing single particles from their diffraction patterns
  164. Unique Phase Recovery for Nonperiodic Objects
  165. X-ray image reconstruction from a diffraction pattern alone
  166. Inversion of x-ray diffuse scattering to images using prepared objects
  167. X-ray microscopy by phase-retrieval methods at the advanced light source
  168. Testing extreme ultraviolet optics with visible-light and extreme ultraviolet interferometry
  169. Sub-70 nm extreme ultraviolet lithography at the Advanced Light Source static microfield exposure station using the engineering test stand set-2 optic