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  1. Thickness dependence of piezo-bimorph adaptive mirror bending
  2. Real-time machine-learning-driven control system of a deformable mirror for achieving aberration-free X-ray wavefronts
  3. Off-axis representation of hyperbolic mirror shapes for X-ray beamlines
  4. Data-driven modeling and control of an X-ray bimorph adaptive mirror
  5. Derivation of closed-form ellipsoidal X-ray mirror shapes from Fermat's principle
  6. Analytic descriptions of parabolic X-ray mirrors
  7. Simulations of applications using diaboloid mirrors
  8. Diaboloidal mirrors: algebraic solution and surface shape approximations
  9. Pseudo-gray-scale halftone gratings for shearing and Hartmann wavefront sensors
  10. Binary Amplitude Reflection Gratings for X-ray Shearing and Hartmann Wavefront Sensors
  11. Experimental verification of high-NA imaging simulations using SHARP
  12. Reflective binary amplitude grating for soft x-ray shearing and Hartmann wavefront sensing
  13. Compensation of heat load deformations using adaptive optics for the ALS upgrade: a wave optics study
  14. Extreme ultraviolet microscope characterization using photomask surface roughness
  15. Adaptive shape control of wavefront-preserving X-ray mirrors with active cooling and heating
  16. Collaborative development of diffraction-limited beamline optical systems at US DOE light sources
  17. Front Matter: Volume 10957
  18. Upgrade to the SHARP EUV mask microscope
  19. A New Light for Berkeley Lab—the Advanced Light Source Upgrade
  20. Design and demonstration of tunable soft x-ray lateral shearing and Hartmann wavefront sensors
  21. EUV photolithography mask inspection using Fourier ptychography
  22. Front Matter: Volume 10583
  23. Field-varying aberration recovery in EUV microscopy using mask roughness
  24. Taking a SHARP look at mask 3D effects
  25. Measurement of through-focus EUV pattern shifts using the SHARP actinic microscope
  26. Image-based pupil plane characterization via a space-domain basis
  27. Front Matter: Volume 10143
  28. Amplitude versus phase effects in extreme ultraviolet lithography mask scattering and imaging
  29. Front Matter: Volume 9776
  30. Emulation of anamorphic imaging on the SHARP extreme ultraviolet mask microscope
  31. Measurement of EUV lithography pupil amplitude and phase variation via image-based methodology
  32. Ultrahigh efficiency EUV contact-hole printing with chromeless phase shift mask
  33. Optimized mirror shape tuning using beam weightings based on distance, angle of incidence, reflectivity, and power
  34. Preface: The 5th International Workshop on X-ray Mirror Design, Fabrication, and Metrology
  35. Emulation of anamorphic imaging on the SHARP EUV mask microscope
  36. Image-based pupil plane characterization via principal component analysis for EUVL tools
  37. Aerial imaging study of the mask-induced line-width roughness of EUV lithography masks
  38. Multiplexed high resolution soft x-ray RIXS
  39. Off-axis aberration estimation in an EUV microscope using natural speckle
  40. EUV actinic brightfield mask microscopy for predicting printed defect images
  41. Examination of phase retrieval algorithms for patterned EUV mask metrology
  42. Demonstration of 22-nm half pitch resolution on the SHARP EUV microscope
  43. EUV Research at Berkeley Lab: Enabling Technologies and Applications
  44. Mask blank defect printability comparison using optical and SEM mask and wafer inspection and bright field actinic mask imaging
  45. Evaluating printability of buried native extreme ultraviolet mask phase defects through a modeling and simulation approach
  46. Modal wavefront reconstruction from its gradient
  47. Aberration estimation using EUV mask roughness
  48. Understanding EUV mask blank surface roughness induced LWR and associated roughness requirement
  49. A method of image-based aberration metrology for EUVL tools
  50. Phase measurements of EUV mask defects
  51. Enhancing defect detection with Zernike phase contrast in EUV multilayer blank inspection
  52. New ways of looking at masks with the SHARP EUV microscope
  53. Evaluating printability of buried native EUV mask phase defects through a modeling and simulation approach
  54. Level-set multilayer growth model for predicting printability of buried native extreme ultraviolet mask defects
  55. Broader view on extreme ultraviolet masks: adding complementary imaging modes to the SHARP microscope
  56. Enabling EUV Resist Research at the 1x and Smaller Regime
  57. Partially Coherent Quantitative Phase Retrieval for EUV Lithography
  58. Gradient descent algorithm applied to wavefront retrieval from through-focus images by an extreme ultraviolet microscope with partially coherent source
  59. Experimental measurements of telecentricity errors in high-numerical-aperture extreme ultraviolet mask images
  60. A broader view on EUV-masks: adding complementary imaging modes to the SHARP microscope
  61. Phase-enhanced defect sensitivity for EUV mask inspection
  62. Electro-optical system for scanning microscopy of extreme ultraviolet masks with a high harmonic generation source
  63. Extreme ultraviolet mask roughness: requirements, characterization, and modeling
  64. Actinic mask imaging: recent results and future directions from the SHARP EUV microscope
  65. Recovering effective amplitude and phase roughness of EUV masks
  66. Increased depth of field through wave-front coding: using an off-axis zone plate lens with cubic phase modulation in an EUV microscope
  67. The SEMATECH high-NA actinic reticle review project (SHARP) EUV mask-imaging microscope
  68. Pupil shaping and coherence control in an EUV mask-imaging microscope
  69. Metrology for the Advancement of X-ray Optics at the ALS
  70. In situ fine tuning of bendable soft x-ray mirrors using a lateral shearing interferometer
  71. Application of phase shift focus monitor in EUVL process control
  72. Commissioning an EUV mask microscope for lithography generations reaching 8 nm
  73. Experimental methods for optimal tuning of bendable mirrors for diffraction-limited soft x-ray focusing
  74. Methodology for optimal in situ alignment and setting of bendable optics for nearly diffraction-limited focusing of soft x-rays
  75. Ex situ tuning of bendable x-ray mirrors for optimal beamline performance
  76. Methodology for optimal in situ alignment and setting of bendable optics for diffraction-limited focusing of soft x-rays
  77. EUV actinic imaging tool aerial image evaluation of EUVL embedded phase shift mask performance
  78. EUV mask multilayer defects and their printability under different multilayer deposition conditions
  79. Printability study of pattern defects in the EUV mask as a function of hp nodes
  80. Accelerating EUV learning with synchrotron light: mask roughness challenges ahead
  81. Printability of native blank defects and programmed defects and their stack structures
  82. Mask roughness challenges in extreme ultraviolet mask development
  83. An experimental apparatus for diffraction-limited soft x-ray nano-focusing
  84. Design optimization of bendable x-ray mirrors
  85. Development of in situ, at-wavelength metrology for soft X-ray nano-focusing
  86. Characterization of Mo/Si multilayer growth on stepped topographies
  87. Optical modeling of Fresnel zoneplate microscopes
  88. Cross-check of ex-situ and in-situ metrology of a bendable temperature stabilized KB mirror
  89. An EUV Fresnel zoneplate mask-imaging microscope for lithography generations reaching 8 nm
  90. Quantitative evaluation of mask phase defects from through-focus EUV aerial images
  91. Critical challenges for EUV resist materials
  92. Printability and inspectability of defects on the EUV mask for sub-32nm half pitch HVM application
  93. Replicated mask surface roughness effects on EUV lithographic patterning and line edge roughness
  94. The SEMATECH Berkeley MET: extending EUV learning down to 16nm half pitch
  95. Using synchrotron light to accelerate EUV resist and mask materials learning
  96. Actinic characterization of extreme ultraviolet bump-type phase defects
  97. Reflection microscope for actinic mask inspection and other progress in soft x-ray laser nano-imaging
  98. Extreme ultraviolet mask substrate surface roughness effects on lithographic patterning
  99. Laser based aerial microscope for at-wavelength characterization of extreme ultraviolet lithography masks
  100. Photon flux requirements for extreme ultraviolet reticle imaging in the 22- and 16-nm nodes
  101. At-wavelength optical metrology development at the ALS
  102. Extreme ultraviolet laser-based table-top aerial image metrology of lithographic masks
  103. Photon flux requirements for EUV reticle imaging microscopy in the 22- and 16nm nodes
  104. Actinic imaging of native and programmed defects on a full-field mask
  105. EUV-multilayers on grating-like topographies
  106. A study of defects on EUV masks using blank inspection, patterned mask inspection, and wafer inspection
  107. Carbon contamination topography analysis of EUV masks
  108. Particle removal challenges of EUV patterned masks for the sub-22nm HP node
  109. Printability and inspectability of programmed pit defects on the masks in EUV lithography
  110. Effect of carbon contamination on the printing performance of extreme ultraviolet masks
  111. Study of real defects on EUV blanks and a strategy for EUV mask inspection
  112. Wavelength-specific reflections: A decade of extreme ultraviolet actinic mask inspection research
  113. Actinic imaging and evaluation of phase structures on extreme ultraviolet lithography masks
  114. Surface Slope Metrology on Deformable Soft X-ray Mirrors
  115. Elliptically Bent X-Ray Mirrors with Active Temperature Stabilization
  116. Table-top Extreme Ultraviolet Laser Aerial Imaging of Lithographic Masks
  117. Table-top microscope for at-wavelength inspection of extreme ultraviolet lithography mask
  118. Investigation of buried EUV mask defect printability using actinic inspection and fast simulation
  119. Advances in full field microscopy with table-top soft x-ray lasers
  120. 22-nm Half-pitch extreme ultraviolet node development at the SEMATECH Berkeley microfield exposure tool
  121. Collecting EUV mask images through focus by wavelength tuning
  122. Mask defect verification using actinic inspection and defect mitigation technology
  123. Improving the performance of the actinic inspection tool with an optimized alignment procedure
  124. 13.2 nm Table-Top Inspection Microscope for Extreme Ultraviolet Lithography Mask Defect Characterization
  125. At-Wavelength and Optical Metrology of Bendable X-Ray Optics for Nanofocusing at the ALS
  126. EUV pattern defect detection sensitivity based on aerial image linewidth measurements
  127. Pushing extreme ultraviolet lithography development beyond 22 nm half pitch
  128. Actinic extreme ultraviolet mask inspection beyond 0.25numericalaperture
  129. Advanced extreme ultraviolet resist testing using the SEMATECH Berkeley 0.3-NA microfield exposure tool
  130. Performance of actinic EUVL mask imaging using a zoneplate microscope
  131. EUV and non-EUV inspection of reticle defect repair sites
  132. Recent results from the Berkeley 0.3-NA EUV microfield exposure tool
  133. Advanced resist testing using the SEMATECH Berkeley extreme ultraviolet microfield exposure tool
  134. Lithographic characterization of the spherical error in an extreme-ultraviolet optic by use of a programmable pupil-fill illuminator
  135. Testing EUV optics with EUV light: If you can measure it, you can make it
  136. Actinic inspection of extreme ultraviolet programed multilayer defects and cross-comparison measurements
  137. X-ray beam metrology and x-ray optic alignment by Hartmann wavefront sensing
  138. EUV focus sensor: design and modeling
  139. EUV microexposures at the ALS using the 0.3-NA MET projection optics
  140. Performance of EUV photoresists on the ALS micro exposure tool
  141. Characterization of the synchrotron-based 0.3 numerical aperture extreme ultraviolet microexposure tool at the Advanced Light Source
  142. Extreme ultraviolet focus sensor design optimization
  143. Lithographic characterization of the field dependent astigmatism and alignment stability of a 0.3 numerical aperture extreme ultraviolet microfield optic
  144. Measuring line roughness through aerial image contrast variation using coherent extreme ultraviolet spatial filtering techniques
  145. EUV interferometric testing and alignment of the 0.3-NA MET optic
  146. EUV resist imaging below 50 nm using coherent spatial filtering techniques
  147. Status of EUV micro-exposure capabilities at the ALS using the 0.3-NA MET optic
  148. Recent developments in X-UV optics and X-UV diagnostics
  149. At-Wavelength Interferometry of High-NA Diffraction-Limited EUV Optics
  150. A Synchrotron-Based Fourier-Synthesis Custom-Coherence Illuminator
  151. X ray Wavefront Hartmann Sensor
  152. At-wavelength alignment and testing of the 0.3 NA MET optic
  153. Extreme ultraviolet microexposures at the Advanced Light Source using the 0.3 numerical aperture micro-exposure tool optic
  154. New techniques for the measurement of x-ray beam or x-ray optics quality
  155. Hartmann wave-front measurement at 134 nm with λ_EUV/120 accuracy
  156. EUV interferometry of the 0.3-NA MET optic
  157. Calibration of EUV 2D photoresist simulation parameters for accurate predictive modeling
  158. Effects of radiation-induced carbon contamination on the performance of an EUV lithographic optic
  159. Resist evauation at 50 nm in the EUV using interferometric spatial-frequency-doubled imaging
  160. Static EUV micro-exposures using the ETS Set-2 optics
  161. System and process learning in a full-field, high-power EUVL alpha tool
  162. Fourier-synthesis custom-coherence illuminator for extreme ultraviolet microfield lithography
  163. Preparations for extreme ultraviolet interferometry of the 0.3 numerical aperture Micro Exposure Tool optic
  164. Lithographic characterization of the printability of programmed extreme ultraviolet substrate defects
  165. Printing-based performance analysis of the engineering test stand set-2 optic using a synchrotron exposure station with variable sigma
  166. Fourier transform interferometer alignment method
  167. Honing the accuracy of extreme-ultraviolet optical system testing: at-wavelength and visible-light measurements of the ETS Set-2 projection optic
  168. Lithographic evaluation of the EUV engineering test stand
  169. Performance upgrades in the EUV engineering test stand
  170. Static microfield printing at the Advanced Light Source with the ETS Set-2 optic
  171. Direct measurement of index of refraction in the extreme-ultraviolet wavelength region with a novel interferometer
  172. Testing extreme ultraviolet optics with visible-light and extreme ultraviolet interferometry
  173. Sub-70 nm extreme ultraviolet lithography at the Advanced Light Source static microfield exposure station using the engineering test stand set-2 optic
  174. Soft X-Ray Microscopy and EUV Lithography: An Update on Imaging at 20–40 nm Spatial Resolution
  175. Current Status of the EUV Engineering Test Stand.
  176. <title>Initial results from the EUV engineering test stand</title>
  177. Wave-front measurement errors from restricted concentric subdomains
  178. <title>Adding static printing capabilities to the EUV phase-shifting point diffraction interferometer</title>
  179. <title>Extremely fine-pitch printing with a 10X Schwarzschild optic at extreme-ultraviolet wavelengths</title>
  180. <title>System integration and performance of the EUV engineering test stand</title>
  181. Tolerancing of diffraction-limited Kirkpatrick–Baez synchrotron beamline optics for extreme-ultraviolet metrology
  182. Fourier-transform method of phase-shift determination
  183. Extreme-ultraviolet lensless Fourier-transform holography
  184. At-wavelength characterization of the extreme ultraviolet Engineering Test Stand Set-2 optic
  185. First lithographic results from the extreme ultraviolet Engineering Test Stand
  186. Phase-shifting point-diffraction interferometry at 193 nm
  187. EUV interferometry of a four-mirror ring-field EUV optical system
  188. <title>EUV engineering test stand</title>
  189. <title>EUV holographic aerial image recording</title>
  190. At-wavelength, system-level flare characterization of extreme-ultraviolet optical systems
  191. <title>At-wavelength characterization of DUV-radiation-induced damage in fused silica</title>
  192. Extreme ultraviolet carrier-frequency shearing interferometry of a lithographic four-mirror optical system
  193. Extreme ultraviolet alignment and testing of a four-mirror ring field extreme ultraviolet optical system
  194. Extreme ultraviolet holographic microscopy and its application to extreme ultraviolet mask-blank defect characterization
  195. The EUV phase-shifting point diffraction interferometer
  196. The PS/PDI: A high accuracy development tool for diffraction limited short-wavelength optics
  197. Extreme-ultraviolet phase-shifting point-diffraction interferometer: a wave-front metrology tool with subangstrom reference-wave accuracy
  198. <title>Recent advances in EUV phase-shifting point diffraction interferometry</title>
  199. Direct comparison of EUV and visible-light interferometries
  200. EUV scattering and flare of 10X projection cameras
  201. Sub-100-nm lithographic imaging with an EUV 10X microstepper
  202. Dual-domain point diffraction interferometer
  203. Tunable coherent radiation in the soft X-ray and extreme ultraviolet spectral regions
  204. Testing extreme ultraviolet optical systems at-wavelengthwith sub-angstrom accuracy
  205. Extreme ultraviolet interferometric measurements of diffraction-limited optics
  206. Phase effects owing to multilayer coatings in a two-mirror extreme-ultraviolet Schwarzschild objective
  207. High-accuracy interferometry of extreme ultraviolet lithographic optical systems
  208. Microassembly technologies for MEMS
  209. Characterization of the accuracy of EUV phase-shifting point diffraction interferometry
  210. At-wavelength interferometry of extreme ultraviolet lithographic optics
  211. Extreme ultraviolet interferometry
  212. At-wavelength interferometry for extreme ultraviolet lithography
  213. Characterization of an EUV Schwarzschild objective using phase-shifting point diffraction interferometry
  214. Phase-shifting point-diffraction interferometry at EUV wavelengths
  215. Phase-shifting point diffraction interferometer
  216. Interferometry using undulator sources (invited, abstract)
  217. Progress towards λ/20 extreme ultraviolet interferometry
  218. At-wavelength testing of optics for EUV
  219. EUV Optical Testing