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  1. Photovoltaic Panel Parameters Estimation Using Grey Wolf Optimization Technique
  2. Frequency Control System Effectiveness in a Combined Cycle Gas Turbine Plant
  3. Sub-Synchronous Torsional Interaction Study and Mitigation Using a Synchro-Phasors Measurement Unit
  4. State feedback linearization using block companion similarity transformation
  5. Monitoring of Isolated Standalone Renewable Energy Systems
  6. Multi-agent System for Voltage Regulation in Smart Grid
  7. An Investigation of Different PMU phasor estimation techniques Based on DFT Using MATLAB
  8. Improve monitoring system of interconnected oscillation power system based on PMU technology
  9. Automatic Voltage Regulator Design Using Particle Swarm Optimization Technique
  10. Modeling and Analysis of Heavy-Duty Gas Turbine Based on Frequency Dependent Model
  11. On Transistor Sizing of CMOS 6T-SRAM for NBTI-aware Design
  12. Graph Theory Based Reliability Assessment Software Program for Complex Systems
  13. Comprehensive learning bat algorithm for optimal coordinated tuning of power system stabilizers and static VAR compensator in power systems
  14. Ferroresonance Study Using False Trip Root Cause Analysis
  15. Airplane Reliability Study Using Graph Theory Based Matlab GUI Application
  16. Memetic Algorithm for Coordinated design of Power System Stabilizers in multimachine system
  17. Human–Robot Shared Control for Path Generation and Execution
  18. A New Model for Negative Bias Temperature Instability in MOS structure
  19. IoT Path Planning Approach for Mobile Robots
  20. Robust Wide Area Power System Stabilizers Design in Multimachine System based on Backtracking Search Optimization
  21. Analysis of small signal in North Africa Inter-Area Power System
  22. Design Of an integration Frame HAZOP-SIL for safety Optimization of a Fired Heater
  23. Implementation of a Numerical Over-current Relay Using LabVIEW and Acquisition Card
  24. Oscillation Detection Using PMU Technology in the North Africa Power System
  25. A new framework of smart auto-recloser
  26. PMU based SCADA enhancement in smart power grid
  27. North African power system monitoring using PMU technology
  28. Distance relay reliability enhancement
  29. Impact of STATCOM on generator positive-offset mho element loss of excitation protection
  30. SMIB power system model with PSS for transient stability studies
  31. A Review on Protective Relays Developments
  32. Mobile robot Platform Navigating in Dynamic environment
  33. Power Swing Detection using PMU for Preventing false trip of Distance protective Relay
  34. Experimental Techniques
  35. Optimization of the compression systems using genetic algorithm
  36. Contribution to improve the dynamic control of a binary distillation column
  37. Differential relay reliability enhancement by blocking technique using fourth harmonic
  38. PMU Deployment in Power System Oscillation Monitoring
  39. Low cost numerical distance relay
  40. PMU based centralized adaptive load shedding scheme in power system
  41. Effects of voltage disturbances on induction motors and adjustable speed drives
  42. Investigation of the effect of design aspects on dyanamic control of a binary distillation column
  43. Voltage unbalance effects on induction motors
  44. Hybrid power system ( wind, solar, and energy storing systems) for sustainable power generation
  45. Measurement quality enhancement using digital filter in power grid integrating TCSC
  46. Application of a Binary Teaching Learning-Based Algorithm to the Optimal Placement of Phasor Measurement Units
  47. Reliability assessment of digital protective relays
  48. Autonomous Mobile Robot
  49. NURBs trajectory generation and following by an autonomous mobile robot navigating in 3D environment
  50. Transformer reliability
  51. Capacitor Bank Resizing in Islanded Power Grid Fed by Induction Generator
  52. A New Differential Relay Framework for Power Transformer
  54. A renewable energy including wind/solar for remote areas in Algeria
  55. Differential Relay Framework for Power Transformer
  56. A New Computer Based Quadrilateral Distance Relay Framework for Power Transmission Lines
  57. Design of an IIR digital filter for phasor measurement improvement based on a hybrid optimization algorithm
  58. Simulation of data communication in wide area networks employing phasor measurment units
  59. PC based testing system for protective relay
  60. Digital filters using spiral optimization technique
  61. A new computer based auto-recloser framework
  62. Pattern nulling of linear array antennas with mutual coupling effects using taguchi method
  63. Optimization of MIMO Wireless Communication Systems Using a Genetic-Taguchi Algorithm
  64. Surface state modelling using charge pumping technique in MOS structure
  65. A new approach applied to steam turbine controller in thermal power plant
  66. Introduction
  67. Experimental Techniques
  68. The MOS Oxide and Its Defects
  69. The MOS Structure
  70. Theoretical Approaches of Mobile Ions Density Distribution Determination
  71. Review of Transport Mechanism in Thin Oxides of MOS Devices
  72. Theoretical Model of Mobile Ions Distribution and Ionic Current in the MOS Oxide
  73. Mobile Ions Effects on the Oxide Properties in MOS structure
  74. Genetic Algorithm Based MIMO Capacity Enhancement in Spatially Correlated Channels Including Mutual Coupling
  75. A new computer based Phasor Measurement Unit framework
  76. Combating multiple access interference in wireless communication systems employing Smart Antennas
  77. Reliability assessment and improvement of medium power induction motor winding insulation protection system using predictive analysis
  78. Microstrip design of low noise amplifier for application in narrowband and wideband
  79. Traveling wave Antennas Optimization using Genetic algorithms
  80. Low Noise Amplifier Design for Wireless Communication Systems
  81. New techniques for studying the surface states in MOS devices
  82. A theoretical model for the density distribution of mobile ions in the oxide of metal‐oxide‐semiconductor structures
  83. Generation of dc substrate current in metal‐oxide‐semiconductor structures under an oscillating gate voltage
  84. Faults Analysis in Power Systems