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  1. Metamaterial engineered silicon photonic coupler for whispering gallery mode microsphere and disk resonators
  2. Microbubble resonators for scattering-free absorption spectroscopy of nanoparticles
  3. Microbubble Resonators for All-Optical Photoacoustics of Flowing Contrast Agents
  4. Nonlinear Optics in Microspherical Resonators
  5. Modification of the Near‐Infrared Spontaneous Emission in Er 3+ ‐Activated Inverse Silica Opals
  6. Parametrical Optomechanical Oscillations in PhoXonic Whispering Gallery Mode Resonators
  7. Long Period Grating-Based Fiber Coupling to WGM Microresonators
  8. Long Period Grating-Based Fiber Coupling to WGM Microresonators for Sensing Applications
  9. THz Pyro-Optical Detector Based on LiNbO3 Whispering Gallery Mode Microdisc Resonator
  10. Optical Microbubble Resonators with High Refractive Index Inner Coating for Bio-Sensing Applications: An Analytical Approach
  11. Photoluminescence and lasing in whispering gallery mode glass microspherical resonators
  12. Two photon versus one photon fluorescence excitation in whispering gallery mode microresonators
  13. Generation of hyper-parametric oscillations in silica microbubbles
  14. Quasi-distributed and wavelength selective addressing of optical micro-resonators based on long period fiber gratings
  15. Microbubble resonators as enhancement platforms for linear and nonlinear applications
  16. Confocal reflectance microscopy for determination of microbubble resonator thickness
  17. Optical micro-bubble resonators as promising biosensors
  18. Non-linear fluorescence excitation of Rhodamine 6G and TRITC labeled IgG in whispering gallery mode microresonators
  19. Cladding modes fiber coupling to silica micro-resonators based on long period gratings
  20. Whispering Gallery Modes Microresonators for Sensing and Biosensing Applications
  21. Glass-based confined structures enabling light control
  22. Polymer based planar coupling of self-assembled bottle microresonators
  23. Long period grating-based fiber coupler to whispering gallery mode resonators
  24. Stimulated anti-Stokes Raman scattering resonantly enhanced in silica microspheres
  25. Whispering gallery mode profiles in a coated microsphere
  26. Fabrication of optical channel waveguides in crystals and glasses using macro- and micro ion beams
  27. Coupling light to whispering gallery mode resonators
  28. Leaky mode suppression in planar optical waveguides written in Er:TeO2–WO3 glass and CaF2 crystal via double energy implantation with MeV N+ ions
  29. Coated spherical microresonators for cutting-edge photonics application
  30. Ion beam irradiated optical channel waveguides
  31. Optical Frequency Conversion in Silica-Whispering-Gallery-Mode Microspherical Resonators
  32. Multicolour emission in silica whispering gallery mode microspherical resonators
  33. About the role of phase matching between a coated microsphere and a tapered fiber: experimental study
  34. M-line spectroscopic, spectroscopic ellipsometric and microscopic measurements of optical waveguides fabricated by MeV-energy N+ ion irradiation for telecom applications
  35. Single- and double energy N+ ion irradiated planar optical waveguides in Er: Tungsten–tellurite oxide glass and sillenite type Bismuth Germanate crystals working up to telecommunications wavelengths
  36. Optical Microbubble Resonator: A Novel Structure for Sensing Applications
  37. Aptamer Based Whispering Gallery Mode Biosensor
  38. Glass-Based Sub-Wavelength Photonic Structures
  39. Biosensing with microresonators and fibre nanotips
  40. Front Matter: Volume 8627
  41. Whispering gallery mode aptasensors for detection of blood proteins
  42. Impact of thermal oxidation, surface chemistry and porous silicon morphology for sensing applications
  43. High gain selective amplification in whispering gallery mode resonators: analysis by cavity ring down method
  44. Whispering gallery mode microresonators: results on aptasensors and on a new sensing approach
  45. Tailored spectroscopic and optical properties in rare earth-activated glass-ceramics planar waveguides
  46. Single- and double-energy N + - irradiated planar waveguides in eulytine and sillenite type BGO crystals
  47. Structural and optical characterization of ZrO2:CeO2 slab waveguides obtained via sol–gel
  48. Performance of Eudragit Coated Whispering Gallery Mode Resonator-Based Immunosensors
  49. Analysis of the feed-forward method for the referencing of a CW laser to a frequency comb
  50. Whispering Gallery Mode Microresonators for Biosensing
  51. Formation of slab waveguides in eulytine type BGO and CaF2 crystals by implantation of MeV nitrogen ions
  52. Kerr versus thermal non-linear effects studied by hybrid whispering gallery mode resonators [Invited]
  53. Characterization technique of optical whispering gallery mode resonators in the microwave frequency domain for optoelectronic oscillators
  54. Fiber ring laser for intracavity sensing using a whispering-gallery-mode resonator
  55. MeV Energy $\hbox{N}^{+}$-Implanted Planar Optical Waveguides in Er-Doped Tungsten-Tellurite Glass Operating at 1.55 $\mu\hbox{m}$
  56. Whispering gallery mode aptasensors for detection of blood proteins
  57. Spherical resonators coated by glass and glass-ceramic films
  58. Neuronal rat cell imaging using a new UV-extended supercontinuum source
  59. Hybrid microspheres for nonlinear Kerr switching applications
  60. High Q silica microbubble resonators
  61. Fabrication of barrier-type slab waveguides in Er 3+ -doped tellurite glass by single and double energy MeV N + ion implantation
  62. Coupling approaches and new geometries in whispering-gallery-mode resonators
  63. Colorimetric resonant detection of biochemical agents in mesoporous silicon-based photonic crystals
  64. Front Matter: Volume 8264
  65. High Q silica microbubble resonators fabricated by arc discharge
  66. Fiber optic nanoprobes for biological sensing
  67. Characterization of planar waveguides fabricated by multiple sol-gel dip-coatings
  68. Slab optical waveguides in Er3 +-doped tellurite glass by N+ ion implantation at 1.5 MeV
  69. WGM microresonators: Light coupling issues and integration perspectives
  70. Development and optical characterization of vertical tapers in SiON waveguides using gray-scale lithography
  71. Hybrid microspheres for nonlinear Kerr switching devices
  72. Coupling of angle polished waveguides to high-Q whispering gallery mode resonators
  73. Characterisation of optical waveguides in BGO crystals fabricated by N+ ion implantation
  74. Planar coupling to high-Q lithium niobate disk resonators
  75. Generation of UV and blue light by using off-axis pumping for fluorescence lifetime spectroscopy
  76. Coupling of lithium niobate disk resonators to integrated waveguides
  77. Optical Microspherical Resonators for Biomedical Sensing
  78. Fabrication and characterization of confined structures for sensing and lasing applications
  79. Interrogation of microresonators using multimode fibers
  80. Spatially localized UV-induced crystallization of SnO 2 in photorefractive SiO 2 -SnO 2 thin film
  81. Characterisation of slab waveguides, fabricated in CaF 2 and Er-doped tungsten-tellurite glass by MeV energy N + ion implantation, using spectroscopic ellipsometry and m-line spectroscopy
  82. Polymer-functionalised microspheres for immunosensing applications
  83. Highly photorefractive Eu 3+ activated sol-gel SiO 2 -SnO 2 thin film waveguides
  84. Glass-ceramics coating of silica microspheres
  85. Er3+-doped silica–hafnia films for optical waveguides and spherical resonators
  86. High-Q polymer-coated microspheres for immunosensing applications
  87. Spherical whispering-gallery-mode microresonators
  88. An alternative method to obtain direct opal photonic crystal structures
  89. Preparation and characterization of ZnO particles embedded in organic–inorganic planar waveguide by sol–gel route
  90. Er3+/Yb3+-activated silica-hafnia planar waveguides for photonics fabricated by rf-sputtering
  91. Er3+-activated sol–gel silica confined structures for photonic applications
  92. Micro resonator stabilization by thin film coating
  93. Glass-based erbium activated micro-nano photonic structures
  94. Fabrication of channel waveguides in Er3+-doped tellurite glass via N+ ion implantation
  95. Er 3+ -activated photonic structures fabricated by sol-gel and rf-sputtering techniques
  96. Design of erbium-doped microsphere lasers
  97. Photonic properties and applications of glass micro- and nanospheres
  98. Er3+-activated nanocomposite photonic glasses and confined structures
  99. Annealing effect on optical barrier in ion-implanted tellurite glass waveguides
  100. Erbium-activated silica-hafnia: A reliable photonic system
  101. Whispering gallery mode spectra of channel waveguide coupled Microspheres
  102. Fabrication and spectroscopic properties of glass-based erbium activated micro-nano photonic structures
  103. Preparation and characterization of ZnO particles embedded in organic-inorganic planar waveguide by sol-gel route
  104. Photonic properties of erbium activated coated microspheres
  105. Nitrogen-ion-implanted planar optical waveguides in Er-doped tellurite glass: fabrication and characterization
  106. Nanocomposite Photonic Glasses, Waveguiding Glass Ceramics and Confined Structures Tailoring Er3+ Spectroscopic Properties
  107. Fabrication by rf-sputtering and diagnostics of Er3+/Yb3+ - activated silicahafnia waveguides
  108. Nanocomposite photonic glasses and confined structures optimizing Er 3+ -luminescent properties
  109. Reproducibility of splicer-based long-period fiber gratings for gain equalization
  110. Er3+-activated silica inverse opals synthesized by the solgel method
  111. Diagnostic techniques for photonic materials based on Raman and Brillouin spectroscopies
  112. Silver to erbium energy transfer in phosphate glasses
  113. Rare-earth-doped silica-based glasses for photonic applications
  114. Erbium activated HfO2 based glass–ceramics waveguides for photonics
  115. Design of photonic structures by sol–gel-derived silica nanospheres
  116. Ion beam irradiated channel waveguides in Er3+-doped tellurite glass
  117. Electric-arc-induced long period fiber gratings for gain equalization of erbium-doped optical amplifiers
  118. Channel waveguides fabrication in Er 3+ -doped tellurite glass by ion beam irradiation
  119. Ceramization of erbium activated planar waveguides by bottom up technique
  120. Tailoring Er3+ spectroscopic properties by nanocomposite photonic glasses and confined structures
  121. UV photoimprinting of channel waveguides on active SiO2–GeO2 sputtered thin films
  122. Optical and spectroscopic properties of soda-lime alumino silicate glasses doped with Er3+ and/or Yb3+
  123. Characterization of erbium doped lithium niobate crystals and waveguides
  124. Spectroscopic and lasing properties of Er3+-doped glass microspheres
  125. Er3+/Yb3+-codoped silica–germania sputtered films: structural and spectroscopic characterization
  126. Nanocomposite Er–Ag silicate glasses
  127. Homogeneous and nanocomposite rare-earth-activated glasses for photonic devices
  128. Fabrication and optical assessment of sol-gel-derived photonic bandgap dielectric structures
  129. Er 3+ activated silica-hafnia glass-ceramics planar waveguides
  130. Characterization of highly photorefractive and active silica-germania sputtered thin films
  131. Microspherical resonators for biophotonic sensors
  132. Whispering gallery mode resonators for microlasers and microsensors
  133. Integrated optical amplifiers and microspherical lasers based on erbium-doped oxide glasses
  134. Laser irradiation, ion implantation, and e-beam writing of integrated optical structures
  135. Spectroscopic assessment of rare-earth activated planar waveguides and microcavities
  136. Aluminum co-doping of soda-lime silicate glasses: Effect on optical and spectroscopic properties
  137. Simple approach to calculate the refractive index profile of ion-exchanged waveguides
  138. The effect of Ca 2+ , Mg 2+ , and Zn 2+ on optical properties of Er 3+ doped silicate glass
  139. Spectroscopic properties of Er3+-activated Ag-exchanged silicate and phosphate glasses
  140. Optical and spectroscopic properties of erbium-activated modified silica glass with 1.54 μm high quantum efficiency
  141. Characterization of a highly photorefractive RF-sputtered SiO2-GeO2 waveguide
  142. Laser microsphérique en verre phosphate co-dopé erbium ytterbium : couplage avec une cavité externe
  143. Microsphere laser in Er3+-doped oxide glasses
  144. Tm3+-activated transparent oxy-fluoride glass–ceramics: structural and spectroscopic properties
  145. Sol–gel-derived Er-activated SiO2–HfO2 planar waveguides for 1.5μm application
  146. Rare-earth doped tungsten tellurite glasses and waveguides: fabrication and characterization
  147. Erbium-doped silicate glasses for integrated optical amplifiers and lasers
  148. Optical spectroscopy of Er 3 + and Ce 3 +-codoped TeO 2 -WO 3 -Na 2 O glasses
  149. Optical feedback on whispering gallery mode laser: wavelength shifts in erbium-doped microspherical laser
  150. Microsphere laser in Er 3+ /Yb 3+ -codoped phosphate glass: coupling with an external cavity
  151. Compact multimode pumped erbium-doped phosphate fiber amplifiers
  152. Characterization of ion-exchanged waveguides in tungsten tellurite and zinc tellurite Er3+-doped glasses
  153. Sol-gel erbium-doped silica-hafnia planar and channel waveguides
  154. Ion-exchanged planar waveguides in different Er 3+ -doped tellurite glasses
  155. Waveguide distributed Bragg reflector laser arrays in erbium doped glass made by dry Ag film ion exchange
  156. Rare-earth-doped glasses and ion-exchanged integrated optical amplifiers and lasers
  157. Testing of active optical waveguides obtained by diluted silver exchange in Er-doped soda lime silicate glass
  158. Development and characterization of a new Er 3+ -doped phosphate glass for planar waveguide lasers and amplifiers
  159. Finite difference mode solver for active optical waveguides