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  1. PRECISE Photonic Hybrid Electromagnetic Solver
  2. High extinction ratio thermo-optic based reconfigurable optical logic gates for programmable PICs
  3. Mitigating indistinguishability issues in photon pair sources by delayed-pump intermodal four wave mixing
  4. Interferometric method to estimate the eigenvalues of a non-Hermitian two-level optical system
  5. A photonic complex perceptron for ultrafast data processing
  6. Light induced memory in in-vitro neuronal cultures
  7. On the response of the Taiji microresonator against small perturbation of the counter propagating mode
  8. Certified Quantum Random-Number Generator Based on Single-Photon Entanglement
  9. A Microring as a Reservoir Computing Node: Memory/Nonlinear Tasks and Effect of Input Non-ideality
  10. Microring resonators with external optical feedback for time delay reservoir computing
  11. Thirty Years in Silicon Photonics: A Personal View
  12. An analog electronic emulator of non-linear dynamics in optical microring resonators
  13. A silicon source of heralded single photons at 2 μm
  14. Experimental demonstration of reservoir computing with a silicon resonator and time multiplexing
  15. Compact and Low-Insertion-Loss 1×N Power Splitter in Silicon Photonics
  16. Influence of the bus waveguide on the linear and nonlinear response of a taiji microresonator
  17. Entropy certification of a realistic quantum random-number generator based on single-particle entanglement
  18. Reservoir computing based on a silicon microring and time multiplexing for binary and analog operations
  19. Role of the bus waveguide in the nonlinear reciprocity breaking in a Taiji microresonator
  20. Electric Field Induced Second Harmonic Generation In Silicon Waveguides: the role of the disorder
  21. A FEM Enhanced Transfer Matrix Method for Optical Grating Design
  22. Nonlinearity-Induced Reciprocity Breaking in a Single Nonmagnetic Taiji Resonator
  23. On the modeling of thermal and free carrier nonlinearities in silicon-on-insulator microring resonators
  24. Robust Geometries for Second-Harmonic-Generation in Microrings Exhibiting a 4-Bar Symmetry
  25. Bell-inequality violation by entangled single-photon states generated from a laser, an LED, or a halogen lamp
  26. On-chip heralded single photon sources
  27. An optical chip for self-testing quantum random number generation
  28. Single‐Particle Entanglement
  29. Unidirectional reflection from an integrated “taiji” microresonator
  30. Near-ideal spontaneous photon sources in silicon quantum photonics
  31. Second harmonic generation in periodically poled silicon waveguides with lateral p-n junctions
  32. Structures and Methods for Fully-Integrated Quantum Random Number Generators
  33. Electric field-induced second harmonic generation in silicon waveguide by interdigitated contacts (Conference Presentation)
  34. Design of an external cavity semiconductor laser for intra-cavity beam combining
  35. A Compact TDC-based Quantum Random Number Generator
  36. Time Response of a Microring Resonator to a Rectangular Pulse in Different Coupling Regimes
  37. Sign Singularity of the Local Energy Transfer in Space Plasma Turbulence
  38. Field-Induced Nonlinearities in Silicon Waveguides Embedded in Lateral p-n Junctions
  39. AFM1 Detection in Milk by Fab’ Functionalized Si3N4 Asymmetric Mach–Zehnder Interferometric Biosensors
  40. Automatic Initialization Methods for Photonic Components on a Silicon-Based Optical Switch
  41. Hermitian and Non-Hermitian Mode Coupling in a Microdisk Resonator Due to Stochastic Surface Roughness Scattering
  42. On the origin of second harmonic generation in silicon waveguides with silicon nitride cladding
  43. Four Wave Mixing control in a photonic molecule made by silicon microring resonators
  44. Integrated Reconfigurable Silicon Photonics Switch Matrix in IRIS Project: Technological Achievements and Experimental Results
  45. A Free-Space Interferometer for Phase-Delay Measurements in Integrated Optical Devices in Degenerate Pump-and-Probe Experiments
  46. A Robust Quantum Random Number Generator Based on an Integrated Emitter-Photodetector Structure
  47. Are on-chip heralded single photon sources possible by intermodal four wave mixing in silicon waveguides?
  48. Intermodal four-wave mixing in silicon waveguides
  49. Fast analytical modelling of an SOI micro-ring resonator for bio-sensing application
  50. Low crosstalk silicon arrayed waveguide gratings for on-chip optical multiplexing
  51. A 3D Photonic-Electronic Integrated Transponder Aggregator With $48\times 16$ Heater Control Cells
  52. Mid-infrared coincidence measurements based on intracavity frequency conversion
  53. Compact Quantum Random Number Generator with Silicon Nanocrystals Light Emitting Device Coupled to a Silicon Photomultiplier
  54. Tuning the strain-induced resonance shift in silicon racetrack resonators by their orientation
  55. Thermo-optic coefficient and nonlinear refractive index of silicon oxynitride waveguides
  56. Optical Switching in Next Generation Data Centers
  57. Integrated, scalable and reconfigurable Silicon Photonics based optical switch for colorless, directionless and contentionless operation
  58. Methods for Low Crosstalk and Wavelength Tunability in Arrayed-Waveguide Grating for On-Silicon Optical Network
  59. A new aptamer immobilization strategy for protein recognition
  60. Oblique beams interference for mode selection in multimode silicon waveguides
  61. From SHG to mid-infrared SPDC generation in strained silicon waveguides
  62. Use of microring resonators for biospecific interaction analysis
  63. Nonlinear silicon photonics
  64. Broad wavelength generation and conversion with multi modal Four Wave Mixing in silicon waveguides
  65. Pump-and-probe optical transmission phase shift as a quantitative probe of the Bogoliubov dispersion relation in a nonlinear channel waveguide
  66. Mid-infrared coincidence measurements on twin photons at room temperature
  67. Robust Quantum Random Number Generation With Silicon Nanocrystals Light Source
  68. Complete crossing of Fano resonances in an optical microcavity via nonlinear tuning
  69. Wavelength Dependence of a Vertically Coupled Resonator-Waveguide System
  70. Design and Implementation of an Integrated Reconfigurable Silicon Photonics Switch Matrix in IRIS Project
  71. A robust approach to the generation of high-quality random numbers
  72. (Invited) Silicon Nanostructures: A Versatile Material for Photonics
  73. Role of the inversion layer on the charge injection in silicon nanocrystal multilayered light emitting devices
  74. Reflectance Reduction in a Whiskered SOI Star Coupler
  75. Generation of high quality random numbers via an all-silicon-based approach
  76. Quantum interference in an asymmetric Mach-Zehnder interferometer
  77. Stimulated degenerate four-wave mixing in Si nanocrystal waveguides
  78. High frequency electro-optic measurement of strained silicon racetrack resonators
  79. Biosensors based on Si 3 N 4 asymmetric Mach-Zehnder interferometers
  80. One and two-photon quantum interference in a Mach-Zehnder interferometer
  81. A SiON Microring Resonator-Based Platform for Biosensing at 850 nm
  82. Asymmetric Mach–Zehnder Interferometer Based Biosensors for Aflatoxin M1 Detection
  83. Microring Resonators and Silicon Photonics
  84. Silicon Photonics III
  85. Sensitivity and Limit of Detection of biosensors based on ring resonators
  86. High-frequency electro-optic measurement of strained silicon racetrack resonators
  87. Silicon nanocrystals for nonlinear optics and secure communications
  88. Spectral- and time-resolved electroluminescence of silicon nanocrystals based light emitting devices
  89. Second order nonlinearity in Si by inhomogeneous strain and electric fields
  90. Design and Optimization of SiON Ring Resonator-Based Biosensors for Aflatoxin M1 Detection
  91. Ultra-high-Q thin-silicon nitride strip-loaded ring resonators
  92. Integrated silicon photodetector for lab-on-chip sensor platforms
  93. Off-diagonal photonic Lamb shift in reactively coupled waveguide-resonator system
  94. Quantum random number generator based on silicon nanocrystals LED
  95. Characterization of SION microring resonators for biosensing applications
  96. Role of Edge Inclination in an Optical Microdisk Resonator for Label-Free Sensing
  97. Multi-mode interference revealed by two photon absorption in silicon rich SiO2 waveguides
  98. Integrated silicon photodetector for lab-on-chip sensor platform
  99. Sensitivity and Limit of detection of biosensors based on ring resonators
  100. Enhancement of photoluminescence intensity of erbium doped silica containing Ge nanocrystals: distance dependent interactions
  101. Purcell effect and luminescent downshifting in silicon nanocrystals coated back-contact solar cells
  102. Silicon Photonics
  103. Second-Order Optical Nonlinearity in Silicon Waveguides: Inhomogeneous Stress and Interfaces
  104. Intermode reactive coupling induced by waveguide-resonator interaction
  105. High Detection Efficiency and Time Resolution Integrated-Passive-Quenched Single-Photon Avalanche Diodes
  106. Nonlinear self-polarization flipping in silicon sub-wavelength waveguides: distortion, loss, dispersion, and noise effects
  107. Characterization of Single-Photon Time Resolution: From Single SPAD to Silicon Photomultiplier
  108. Silicon oxynitride waveguides as evanescent-field-based fluorescent biosensors
  109. Chaotic dynamics in coupled resonator sequences
  110. Introduction to the Issue on Silicon Photonics
  111. Chaotic dynamics in coupled resonator sequences
  112. Erratum: Oscillatory Vertical Coupling between a Whispering-Gallery Resonator and a Bus Waveguide [Phys. Rev. Lett. 110, 163901 (2013)]
  113. Thermo-optical bistability with Si nanocrystals in a whispering gallery mode resonator
  114. Infrared photoconductivity of Er-doped Si nanoclusters embedded in a slot waveguide
  115. Evanescent-field excitation and collection approach for waveguide based photonic luminescent biosensors
  116. An All Optical Method for Fabrication Error Measurements in Integrated Photonic Circuits
  117. Electroluminescent devices based on nanosilicon multilayer structures
  118. Electrically pumped Er-doped light emitting slot waveguides for on-chip optical routing at 1.54 μm
  119. Monolithic integration of high-Q wedge resonators with vertically coupled waveguides
  120. Mid-infrared difference-frequency generation in silicon waveguides strained by silicon nitride
  121. Oscillatory Vertical Coupling between a Whispering-Gallery Resonator and a Bus Waveguide
  122. Role of electron and hole transport processes in conductivity and light emission of silicon nanocrystals field-effect transistors
  123. Interferometric switching in CROW based reconfigurable optical device for routing application
  124. Er-doped light emitting slot waveguides monolithically integrated in a silicon photonic chip
  125. Silicon-based monolithically integrated whispering-gallery mode resonators
  126. Quantum effects in silicon for photovoltaic applications
  127. Toward a 1.54 $\mu$m Electrically Driven Erbium-Doped Silicon Slot Waveguide and Optical Amplifier
  128. Interferometric switching in coupled resonator optical waveguides-based reconfigurable optical device
  129. Electrical pump & probe and injected carrier losses quantification in Er doped Si slot waveguides
  130. Reconfigurable optical routers based on Coupled Resonator Induced Transparency resonances
  131. A polarimetric sensor based on nanoporous free standing membranes
  132. A fully integrated high-Q Whispering-Gallery Wedge Resonator
  133. Limit to the erbium ions emission in silicon-rich oxide films by erbium ion clustering
  134. Two-dimensional micro-Raman mapping of stress and strain distributions in strained silicon waveguides
  135. Innovative Quantum Effects in Silicon for Photovoltaic Applications
  136. Silicon-based monolithically integrated whispering-gallery mode resonators with buried waveguides
  137. Polarization strategies to improve the emission of Si-based light sources emitting at 1.55μm
  138. Opto-electrical characterization of erbium-doped slot waveguides
  139. Silicon nanocluster sensitization of erbium ions under low-energy optical excitation
  140. Bipolar pulsed excitation of erbium-doped nanosilicon light emitting diodes
  141. Erbium emission in MOS light emitting devices: from energy transfer to direct impact excitation
  142. Modeling of silicon nanocrystals based down-shifter for enhanced silicon solar cell performance
  143. Photophysics of resonantly and non-resonantly excited erbium doped Ge nanowires
  144. Effect of the annealing treatments on the electroluminescence efficiency of SiO 2 layers doped with Si and Er
  145. Cost Model Developed in European Project LIMA
  146. Light Combining for Interferometric Switching
  147. Optical and electrical properties of undoped and doped Ge nanocrystals
  148. Electroluminescence from Si nanocrystal/c-Si heterojunction light-emitting diodes
  149. Continuous wave spectroscopy of nonlinear dynamics of Si nanocrystals in a microdisk resonator
  150. Copropagating pump and probe experiments on Si-nc in SiO2 rib waveguides doped with Er: The optical role of non-emitting ions
  151. Second-harmonic generation in silicon waveguides strained by silicon nitride
  152. Graded-size Si quantum dot ensembles for efficient light-emitting diodes
  153. Second-order susceptibility χ(2) in Si waveguides
  154. 154µm Er doped light emitting devices: Role of silicon content
  155. A Silicon Photonic Interferometric Router Device Based on SCISSOR Concept
  156. Power efficiency of silicon nanocrystal based LED in pulsed regime
  157. Silicon nanocrystal light emitting device as a bidirectional optical transceiver
  158. Monolithic Whispering-Gallery Mode Resonators With Vertically Coupled Integrated Bus Waveguides
  159. Modeling of Slot Waveguide Sensors Based on Polymeric Materials
  160. On-chip silicon-based active photonic molecules by complete photonic bandgap light confinement
  161. Electroluminescence and charge storage characteristics of quantum confined germanium nanocrystals
  162. Optical characterization of a SCISSOR device
  163. Coupled-resonator-induced-transparency concept for wavelength routing applications
  164. Deoxycholate as an efficient coating agent for hydrophilic silicon nanocrystals
  165. Nanosilicon: a new platform for photonics
  166. Power efficiency estimation of silicon nanocrystals based light emitting devices in alternating current regime
  167. Development and optical characterization of vertical tapers in SiON waveguides using gray-scale lithography
  168. Erbium implanted silicon rich oxide thin films suitable for slot waveguides applications
  169. Nanocrystalline silicon as a new platform to widen the scope of silicon photonics
  170. Nanosilicon photonics as a platform to widen the scope of silicon photonics
  171. Si nanoclusters coupled to Er3+ ions in a SiO2 matrix for optical amplifiers
  172. Robust design of an optical router based on a tapered side-coupled integrated spaced sequence of optical resonators
  173. Role of kinetic energy of impinging molecules in the α-sexithiophene growth
  174. Silicon nanocrystals as a photoluminescence down shifter for solar cells
  175. Photoluminescence of hydrophilic silicon nanocrystals in aqueous solutions
  176. Broad-band tunable visible emission of sol–gel derived SiBOC ceramic thin films
  177. Light emission and floating gate memory characteristics of germanium nanocrystals
  178. Silicon Photonics II
  179. Cost model for LIMA device
  180. Effect of the annealing treatments on the transport and electroluminescence properties of SiO2 layers doped with Er and Si nanoclusters.
  181. Optical characterization of silicon-on-insulator–based single and coupled racetrack resonators
  182. Towards a Realistic Modelling of Ultra-Compact Racetrack Resonators
  183. Purcell factor and superradiance in Si-patterned waveguides
  184. Development and Application of Er-Doped Silicon-Rich Silicon Nitrides and Er Silicates for On-Chip Light Sources
  185. Photonics and Electronics Integration
  186. Silicon Photonic Wire Waveguides: Fundamentals and Applications
  187. Coupled-resonator-induced-transparency concept for wavelength router applications
  188. Energy transfer mechanism and Auger effect in Er3+ coupled silicon nanoparticle samples
  189. High efficieny and long-term stability of nanocrystalline silicon based devices
  190. Photovoltaic properties of Si nanostructure based solar cells fabricated on quartz
  191. Silicon solar cells with nano-crystalline silicon down shifter: experiment and modeling
  192. Ultrafast All-Optical Switching in a Silicon-Nanocrystal-Based Silicon Slot Waveguide at Telecom Wavelengths
  193. HELIOS: photonics electronics functional integration on CMOS
  194. Introduction
  195. Photonics Application of Silicon Nanocrystals
  196. Ultrafast All-Optical Switching in a Silicon-Nanocrystal-Based Silicon Slot Waveguide at Telecom Wavelengths
  197. Ferroelectric and ferroelastic domain wall motion in unconstrained Pb(Zr,Ti)O3 microtubes and thin films
  198. Silicon Nanocrystals
  199. Probing the Spontaneous Emission Dynamics in Si-Nanocrystals-Based Microdisk Resonators
  200. NanoSi low loss horizontal slot waveguides coupled to high Q ring resonators: Erratum
  201. White Luminescence from Sol–Gel-Derived SiOC Thin Films
  202. Nanosilicon photonics
  203. Optically active Er3+ ions in SiO2 codoped with Si nanoclusters
  204. NanoSi low loss horizontal slot waveguides coupled to high Q ring resonators
  205. Q-factor tuning in all-active whispering-gallery mode resonators with Si-nc
  206. Bipolar injection in nanocrystalline-Si LEDs with low turn-on voltages and high power efficiency
  207. Photo-response of Si-rich oxynitride film
  208. Polymeric waveguides using oxidized porous silicon cladding for optical amplification
  209. Low-voltage onset of electroluminescence in nanocrystalline-Si/SiO2 multilayers
  210. Silicon Nanocrystals as an Enabling Material for Silicon Photonics
  211. Er-doped Si nanoclusters waveguides longitudinally pumped by broad area lasers for optical amplification
  212. Silicon quantum dots in microdisk resonators: Stress-engineering of disk core for q-factor tuning and enhancement
  213. High power efficiency in Si-nc/SiO2 multilayer light emitting devices by bipolar direct tunneling
  214. Hybrid nanostructured supports for surface enhanced Raman scattering
  215. Energy transfer between amorphous Si nanoclusters and Er 3 + ions in a SiO 2 matrix
  216. Whispering-gallery mode micro-kylix resonators
  217. Silicon quantum dots in microdisk resonators: whispering-gallery modes, stress-induced Q-factor tuning and enhancement
  218. Assessment of the main material issues for achieving an Er coupled to silicon nanoclusters infrared amplifier
  219. Light emitting devices based on nanocrystalline-silicon multilayer structure
  220. Optical amplification studies in Si nanocrystals-based waveguides prepared by ion-beam synthesis
  221. Supersonic molecular beams deposition of α-quaterthiophene: Enhanced growth control and devices performances
  222. Bound electronic and free carrier nonlinearities in Silicon nanocrystals at 1550nm
  223. Superlinear photovoltaic effect in Si nanocrystals based metal-insulator-semiconductor devices
  224. Optical Gain and Lasing in Low Dimensional Silicon: The Quest for an Injection Laser
  225. Silicon nanocrystals to enable silicon photonics Invited Paper
  226. Low dimensional silicon structures for photonic and sensor applications
  227. Light emission properties and mechanism of low-temperature prepared amorphous SiNX films. I. Room-temperature band tail states photoluminescence
  228. Light emission properties and mechanism of low-temperature prepared amorphous SiNX films. II. Defect states electroluminescence
  229. Electrical conduction and electroluminescence in nanocrystalline silicon-based light emitting devices
  230. Whispering-gallery modes and light emission from a Si-nanocrystal-based single microdisk resonator
  231. Stabilized porous silicon optical superlattices with controlled surface passivation
  232. Si-nanocrystals/SiO2 thin films obtained by pyrolysis of sol–gel precursors
  233. Intensely Photoluminescent Pseudo-Amorphous SiliconOxyCarboNitride Polymer-Ceramic Hybrids
  234. Noise Spectroscopy of Gas Sensors
  235. Further improvements in Er3+coupled to Si nanoclusters rib waveguides
  236. Evanescent multimode longitudinal pumping scheme for Si-nanocluster sensitized Er3+doped waveguide amplifiers
  237. Photonic switching on silicon: the FP6-PHOLOGIC approach
  238. Noise spectroscopy of porous silicon gas sensors
  239. Dynamics of capillary condensation in bistable optical superlattices
  240. Linear and nonlinear optical properties of Si nanocrystals in SiO2 deposited by plasma-enhanced chemical-vapor deposition
  241. The electron and crystalline structure features of ion-synthesized nanocomposite of Si nanocrystals in Al 2 O 3 matrix revealed by electron spectroscopy
  242. Quantification of the carrier absorption losses in Si-nanocrystal rich rib waveguides at 1.54μm
  243. Porous Multilayers as a Dielectric Host for Photons Manipulation
  244. Whispering-gallery modes and Purcell effect in a Si-nanocrystal-based single microdisk resonator
  245. Stabilization of Porous Silicon Free-Standing Coupled Optical Microcavities by Surface Chemical Modification
  246. Er3+ coupled to Si nanoclusters rib waveguides
  247. Couapled cavities in one-dimensional photonic crystal based on horizontal slot waveguide structure with Si-nc
  248. Electroluminescence from nanocrystalline-Si/SiO2 multilayers with an electron injection barrier
  249. Experimental characterization of Mach-Zehnder interferometers with coupled ring resonators in Silicon nanocrystals horizontal slot waveguides
  250. Group velocity dispersion in horizontal slot waveguides filled by Si nanocrystals
  251. High quality coupled ring resonators based on silicon clusters slot waveguide
  253. Non linear optical properties of Silicon nanocrystals for applications in photonic logic gates devices.
  254. Nonlinear properties of Silicon nanocrystals at 1550 nm and their application in slot waveguides
  255. Photovoltaic effect in ultra-thin a-Si/SiO2 multilayered structures
  256. Silicon-Based Light Sources for Silicon Integrated Circuits
  257. Subband gap photoresponse of nanocrystalline silicon in a metal-oxide-semiconductor device
  258. Excitable Er fraction and quenching phenomena in Er-doped Si O 2 layers containing Si nanoclusters
  259. Signal Enhancement and Limiting Factors in Waveguides Containing Si Nanoclusters and Er 3+ Ions
  260. Erbium and Silicon nanocrystals for light amplification
  261. Nanostructured Silicon for Optical Biosensors
  262. Silicon Photonics at University of Trento
  263. Study of the pyrolysis process of an hybrid CH3SiO1.5 gel into a SiCO glass
  264. Interference lithography by a soft x-ray laser beam: Nanopatterning on photoresists
  265. Silicon nanocrystal formation in annealed silicon-rich silicon oxide films prepared by plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition
  266. Optical gain in dye-doped polymer waveguides using oxidized porous silicon cladding
  267. Non-linear optical properties of PECVD Si-nc under nanosecond excitation
  268. Signal enhancement in Er3+coupled to Si nanoclusters rib-waveguides
  269. Waveguiding, absorption and emission properties of dye-impregnated oxidized porous silicon
  270. Vapor control of resonant Zener tunneling of light in a photonic crystal
  271. Optical gain in oxidized porous silicon waveguides impregnated with a laser dye
  272. Low-frequency noise in structures with porous silicon in different gas media
  273. Current–voltage and low-frequency noise characteristics of structures with porous silicon layers exposed to different gases
  274. Optical switching by capillary condensation
  275. Spectroscopy of silica layers containing Si nanocrystals: Experimental evidence of optical birefringence
  276. Band gap characterization and slow light effects in one dimensional photonic crystals based on silicon slot-waveguides
  277. Photoluminescence of Silicon Nanocrystals in Silicon Oxide
  278. Study of an efficient longitudinal multimode pumping scheme for Si-nc sensitized EDWAs
  279. Optical losses and absorption cross-section of silicon nanocrystals
  280. Optical losses and gain in silicon-rich silica waveguides containing Er ions
  281. Rewritable photonic circuits
  282. Er-Coupled Si Nanocluster Waveguide
  283. Distance dependent interaction as the limiting factor for Si nanocluster to Er energy transfer in silica
  284. Wave transport in random systems: Multiple resonance character of necklace modes and their statistical behavior
  285. Influence of the nature of oxide matrix on the photoluminescence spectrum of ion-synthesized silicon nanostructures
  286. Tuning of resonant Zener tunneling by vapor diffusion and condensation in porous optical superlattices
  287. Optical gain in dye-impregnated oxidized porous silicon waveguides
  288. Wide-band transmission of nondistorted slow waves in one-dimensional optical superlattices
  289. Focused ion beam fabrication of one-dimensional photonic crystals on Si 3 N 4 /SiO 2 channel waveguides
  290. Luminescence of porous silicon derived nanocrystals dispersed in water: dependence on initial porous silicon oxidation
  291. Refractive index dependence of the absorption and emission cross sections at 1.54μm of Er3+ coupled to Si nanoclusters
  292. Silicon light emitters and amplifiers: state of the art
  293. Photon recycling in Fabry–Perot micro-cavities based on Si3N4 waveguides
  294. Photon energy lifter
  295. Integrated Optical Microcavity Infiltrated by Liquid Crystals for CWDM Applications
  296. Wide-band transmittance of one-dimensional photonic crystals carved in Si3N4∕SiO2 channel waveguides
  297. Porous silicon-based rugate filters
  298. Design of an integrated optical switch based on liquid crystal infiltration
  299. Porous silicon-based notch filters and waveguides
  300. Bloch oscillations and resonant Zener tunneling of light in optical superlattices (Invited Paper)
  301. Absorption cross section and signal enhancement in Er-doped Si nanocluster rib-loaded waveguides
  302. Time resolved optical Bloch oscillations in porous silicon superlattice structures
  303. Role of microstructure and layer thickness in porous silicon conductometric gas sensors
  304. Fabrication and optimization of rugate filters based on porous silicon
  305. Stimulated emission in the active planar optical waveguide made of silicon nanocrystals
  306. Structural and light-emission modification in chemically-etched porous silicon
  307. Force modulation microscopy of multilayered porous silicon samples
  308. Low-loss rib waveguides containing Si nanocrystals embedded in SiO2
  309. Zener Tunneling of Light Waves in an Optical Superlattice
  310. Optical Necklace States in Anderson Localized 1D Systems
  311. Propagation losses of silicon nitride waveguides in the near-infrared range
  312. Light-pulse propagation in Fibonacci quasicrystals
  313. Birefringence characterization of mono-dispersed silicon nanocrystals planar waveguides
  314. Luminescent properties of Er and Si co-implanted silicates
  315. Optical gain in different silicon nanocrystal systems
  316. Optical gain in nanocrystalline silicon: comparison of planar waveguide geometry with a non-waveguiding ensemble of nanocrystals
  317. Optics of nanostructured dielectrics
  318. Prospects and methods for Si-based lasers
  319. Routes toward silicon-based lasers
  320. Light amplification in silicon nanocrystals by pump and probe transmission measurements
  321. Polarized Optical Gain and Polarization-Narrowing of Heavily Oxidized Porous Silicon
  322. Optical gain in monodispersed silicon nanocrystals
  323. Systematic correlation between Raman spectra, photoluminescence intensity, and absorption coefficient of silica layerscontaining Si nanocrystals
  324. Birefringence in optical waveguides made by silicon nanocrystal superlattices
  325. Role of microstructure in porous silicon gas sensors for NO2
  326. Comparison Among Various<tex>$hbox Si_3hboxN _4$</tex>Waveguide Geometries Grown Within a CMOS Fabrication Pilot Line
  327. Silicon-based near-infrared tunable filters based on liquid crystals
  328. Opposite effects of NO2 on electrical injection in porous silicon gas sensors
  329. Photonic bands and group-velocity dispersion in Si / SiO 2 photonic crystals from white-light interferometry
  330. Silicon-based near-infrared tunable filters filled with positive or negative dielectric anisotropic liquid crystals
  331. Applicability conditions and experimental analysis of the variable stripe length method for gain measurements
  332. Fabrication and optical characterization of thin two-dimensional Si3N4 waveguides
  333. Improved reversibility in aged porous silicon NO2 sensors
  334. Stimulated emission in nanocrystalline silicon superlattices
  335. Optical Analogue of Electronic Bloch Oscillations
  336. Surface photovoltage studies of porous silicon in presence of polluting gases: toward a selective gas sensor
  337. Scattering rings as a tool for birefringence measurements in porous silicon
  338. Role of the interface region on the optoelectronic properties of silicon nanocrystals embedded in SiO 2
  339. Si nanocrystals obtained through polymer pyrolysis
  340. Dynamics of stimulated emission in silicon nanocrystals
  341. Will silicon be the photonic material of the third millenium? *
  342. Free-standing porous silicon single and multiple optical cavities
  343. A review of the various approaches to a silicon laser
  344. Light propagation in one-dimensional porous silicon complex systems
  345. Multiparametric porous silicon gas sensors with improved quality and sensitivity
  346. Chemical etching effects in porous silicon layers
  347. Very sensitive porous silicon NO2 sensor
  348. Porous silicon free-standing coupled microcavities
  349. Size dependence of lifetime and absorption cross section of Si nanocrystals embedded in SiO2
  350. Absorption cross-sections and lifetimes as a function of size in Si nanocrystals embedded in SiO2
  351. Nanostructured silicon as a photonic material
  352. Stimulated emission in plasma-enhanced chemical vapour deposited silicon nanocrystals
  353. X-ray absorption study of light emitting silicon nanocrystals
  354. Chemical composition and local structure of plasma enhanced chemical vapor-deposited Si nanodots and their embedding silica matrix
  355. Light Transport through the Band-Edge States of Fibonacci Quasicrystals
  356. Interferometric Method for Monitoring Electrochemical Etching of Thin Films
  357. Scattering rings in optically anisotropic porous silicon
  358. P-type macroporous silicon for two-dimensional photonic crystals
  359. Optical gain in PECVD silicon nanocrystals
  360. Silicon nanostructures for photonics
  361. Optical response of one-dimensional (Si/SiO2)m photonic crystals
  362. Near-field spectroscopy of porous silicon microcavity samples
  363. Multiparametric Porous Silicon Sensors
  364. Nonlinear optical properties of silicon nanocrystals grown by plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition
  365. Linear and nonlinear optical properties of plasma-enhanced chemical-vapour deposition grown silicon nanocrystals
  366. Spectroscopy of photonic bands in macroporous silicon photonic crystals
  367. Photoluminescence from (Si/SiO2)n superlattices and their use as emitters in [SiO2/Si]n SiO2 [Si/SiO2]m microcavities
  368. Monitoring penetration of ethanol in a porous silicon microcavity by photoluminescence interferometry
  369. Bulk and surface contributions to second-order susceptibility in crystalline and porous silicon by second-harmonic generation
  370. (Si/SiO2)n multilayers and microcavities for LED applications
  371. Preface
  372. Optical gain in silicon nanocrystals
  373. Structural and Optical Properties of Silicon Nanocrystals Grown by Plasma-Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition
  374. Optical gain in silicon nanocrystals
  375. Room temperature luminescence from (Si/SiO2)n (n=1,2,3) multilayers grown in an industrial low-pressure chemical vapor deposition reactor
  376. CMOS Fabrication of a Light Emitting Diode Based on Silicon/Porous Silicon Heterojunction
  377. Porous Silicon Microcavities as Optical and Electrical Chemical Sensors
  378. Porous silicon microcavities as optical chemical sensors
  379. Optical absorption and luminescence properties of wide-band gap amorphous silicon based alloys
  380. Porous silicon optical devices and Si/SiO 2 quantum wells: recent results
  381. Porous silicon optical devices and Si/SiO2quantum wells: Recent results
  382. Near-field optical investigation of porous silicon samples
  383. Near-field optical investigation of porous silicon samples
  384. Porous silicon: a quantum sponge structure for silicon based optoelectronics
  385. Electroluminescence in MOS structures with Si/SiO2 nanometric multilayers
  386. Optical absorption and photoluminescence properties of a − Si 1 − x N x : H films deposited by plasma-enhanced CVD
  387. Electrochemically oxidised porous silicon microcavities
  388. Light emitting diodes based on anodically oxidized silicon/porous silicon heterojunction
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