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  1. Concentration dependence of the infrared photoluminescence of Pr3+in fluoroindate glasses
  2. EXAFS study of Er,Yb doped hollow and dense SiO2 microspheres
  3. Nanostructured glass coatings for solar control with photocatalytic properties
  4. Silica/Ormosil SPIONs for Biomedical Applications
  5. Preparation and Chemical Characterization of Eco-friendly ORMOSIL Nanoparticles of Potential Application in DNA Gene Therapy
  6. Up-conversion in rare earth-doped silica hollow spheres
  7. Sol–gel derived photonic bandgap coatings for solar control
  8. Flexible photonic crystals for strain sensing
  9. Photoluminescence in Er3+/Yb3+-doped silica-titania inverse opal structures
  10. High quality factor Er-doped Fabry–Perot microcavities by sol–gel processing
  11. 3-D rare earth-doped colloidal photonic crystals
  12. An alternative method to obtain direct opal photonic crystal structures
  13. Processing optimization and optical properties of 3-D photonic crystals
  14. Er3+ ion dispersion in tellurium oxychloride glasses
  15. The effects of ZnCl2 and ErCl3 on the vibrational spectra and structure of tellurite glasses
  16. Self-absorption and radiation trapping in Er 3 + -doped TeO 2 -based glasses
  17. Influence of Er3+ on the early stages of crystallization of chloro-tellurite glasses studied by XRD and EXAFS
  18. Er3+-doped tellurite waveguides deposited by excimer laser ablation
  19. Preparation and characterization of Er3+-doped TeO2-based oxyhalide glasses