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  1. Accounting information manipulation in the political arena
  2. SDGs and the city
  3. New development: Embedding the SDGs in city strategic planning and management
  4. Resilient municipalities despite austerity
  5. Academic logics in changing performance measurement systems An exploration in a university setting
  6. Enacting accountability: The case of the Asili di Carità, 1913–1926
  7. Facilitating co-production in public services
  8. The Role of Budgetary Rules in Multi-Level Governments
  9. Accounting information that builds local communities
  10. Performance-Based Funding and Internal Resource Allocation: The Case of Italian Universities
  11. Microbiology Managers: Managerial Training in the RItrain Project
  12. Performance-based funding e sistemi di allocazione delle risorse ai dipartimenti: prime evidenze nelle università italiane
  13. Political uses of accounting information
  14. Italian Municipalities and the Fiscal Crisis: Four Strategies for Muddling Through
  15. La gestion des services publics et la coproduction dans les structures de gouvernance à niveaux multiples
  16. Understanding the domestic implications of EU's deficit-control targets
  17. Deficit Control
  18. An Anatomy of Governance Failures in Municipal Bankruptcy
  19. Public services management and co-production in multi-level governance settings
  20. Measuring Public Value in Bureaucratic Settings: Opportunities and Constraints
  21. Il processo di unificazione del Regno d'Italia e l'armonizzazione dei preesistenti sistemi contabili
  22. CSR Role in Public Private Partnerships: Models of Governance
  23. Fiscal Responsibility and Multi-Level Governance