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  1. Bioguided Fractionation of Phyllanthus spp.
  2. Anaerobic sludge from a full-scale biodigester
  3. Modeling Pseudomonas spp. and psychrotrophic bacteria growth and monitoring spoilage indicators
  4. Chemical profile of the Agaricus blazei Murill - Anti-inflammatory effect on human neutrophils
  6. UPLC-QTOF/MS-MS Coupled to Antioxidant Activity for Evaluation of Unripe Acerola Fruits
  7. Chemodiversity of seeds of guaraná (Paullinia cupana) by UPLC-MS and NMR
  8. Synbiotic Sapota-do-Solimões (Quararibea cordata Vischer) Juice Improves Gut Microbiota and Short-Chain Fatty Acid Production in an In Vitro Model
  9. NMR for metabolomic profiling of goat ovarian follicular fluid
  10. Biosynthesis of Volatile Compounds Associated with the Ripening of Grape Tomato Fruits
  11. Pulsed light influences several metabolic routes improving the postharvest quality of acerola
  12. Chemical Composition of Melon Nectar Explain Flower Gender Preference by Apis mellifera
  13. Chrysoperla externa is a good candidate for predation of Aleurodicus cocois in cashew crop
  14. Evaluation of freeze-dried phenolic extract from cashew apple by-product
  15. Impact of orange juice containing prebiotic ingredients on human gut microbiota
  16. Molecular optimization of castor oil maleate for water-in-oil emulsions
  17. NMR and Chemometrics to Evaluate the Effect of Non-Thermal Plasma on Sapota-do-Solimões Juice
  18. NMR and UPLC-MS based metabolomic approach for evaluation of the grape maturity and maceration time
  19. Attraction of whitefly mediated by volatile organic compounds from cashew
  20. Effect of Ultrasound and Ozone Processing on Quality and Microbial Stability of Cashew Apple Juice
  21. Volatile profile of cashew apple and correlation with sensory attributes by chemometrics
  22. Postharvest methyl jasmonate and ethylene treatments on the biosynthesis of compounds of peppers
  23. Ultrasound-Assisted Extraction of Bioactive Compounds from Mushrooms, Potatoes, and Onion Peels
  24. NMR evaluation of apple composition subjected to different cold plasma processing
  25. Chemical composition and anticholinesterase activity of cultivated bulbs from Hippeastrum elegans, a potential tropical source of bioactive alkaloids
  26. Non-thermal Processing on Guava, Orange, and Tangerine Juices
  27. Near infrared spectroscopy coupled to chemometrics to evaluate different rubber tree clones
  28. Effect of different plasma processing on chemical profiling of camu-camu Juice
  29. GC/MS-based approach for identification of anti-inflammatory alkaloids from Hippeastrum elegans
  30. Chicken hamburgers blended with green banana and passion fruit epicarp biomasses
  31. Nopal cladode as a novel reinforcing and antioxidant agent for starch-based films
  32. Protective effect of inulin on thermally treated acerola juice
  33. Chemical profile of colorful bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L) flours
  34. Quality and authenticity of dairy foods by Nuclear Magnetic Resonance
  35. Pressurized liquid extraction and ultrasound for recovery of anthocyanins from jambolan fruit
  36. Metabolomic Analysis of Forage Palm to Define Biomarkers Associated to Carmine Cochineal
  37. NIR and 1H qNMR to discriminate the chemotypes of Egletes viscosa
  38. Acerola fruits composition and metabolomic profiling according to the ripening stage
  39. Multivariate analysis for select the vine pruning pretreatment
  40. Primary metabolites and volatile organic compounds variability of mite-ripened cheeses
  41. Thermal and non-thermal processing of açai juices
  42. Volatile compounds variability to the loss of astringency in persimmon fruit
  43. Chemotaxonomic evaluation of different species from the Myrtaceae family
  44. Modulation of aroma and flavor of juice using dielectric barrier discharge plasma
  45. Modulation of aroma and flavor using plasma
  46. Chemical composition of thermally processed coconut water
  47. Improvement of the bioaccessibility of bioactive compounds from Amazon fruits
  48. Compound variability of common bean (Phaseolus vulgaris) stored under controlled atmosphere
  49. Effects of cold plasma processing in food components
  50. Variability of the Volatile Organic Compounds of Achillea millefolium L.
  51. Ozone and plasma processing effect on green coconut water
  52. Green ultrasound-assisted of sweet potato peels
  53. Advanced analytical techniques to evaluate thermal and non-thermal processing of cashew apple juice
  54. Cold plasma processing effect on cashew nuts composition and allergenicity
  55. Transcriptome analysis of acerola fruit ripening
  56. Metabolomic Variability of Different Genotypes of Cashew by LC-Ms and Correlation with Near-Infrared Spectroscopy as a Tool for Fast Phenotyping
  57. Association of pollinators of oil palm with volatile organic compounds
  58. Evaluation of solid-phase extraction methods for dereplication of Phyllanthus spp.
  59. 1H NMR and LC-MS-based metabolomic approach for evaluation of the seasonality and viticultural practices in wines from São Francisco River Valley, a Brazilian semi-arid region
  60. NMR metabolomic evaluation of cashew apple fiber to prevent obesity.
  61. Metabolic profile and cytotoxicity of pineapple leaves
  62. Metabolic profiling of Phyllanthus amarus and Phyllanthus niruri under hydric stress
  63. Dimeric chalcones from Myracrodruon urundeuva act as cathepsin V inhibitors
  64. Metabolomic profile of Schinopsis brasiliensis and evaluation of its cytotoxic potential
  65. Convertion of α-solanine and α-chaconine from potato peels into β-solanine and β-chaconine
  66. Qualitative and quantitative evaluation of pediatric syrups using NMR and chemometrics
  67. Thermal and non-thermal processing on non-prebiotic and prebiotic acerola juices using NMR and GC-MS
  68. Chemometric analysis of NMR and GC datasets for chemotype characterization of Ocimum
  69. Kinetics of the Production of Castor Oil Maleate
  70. DESI-MS imaging and NMR to investigate the influence of biodiesel in commercial rubbers
  71. Untargeted chemometric evaluation of plasma and ozone processing on orange juice
  72. Fructo-oligosaccharides by Aspergillus ibericus and chemical characterization
  73. Chemometric evaluation of volatile profile of probiotics melon and cashew juices
  74. Screening Organic Compounds in Urban Wastewater Using NMR
  75. 1H NMR dataset solid-state NMR data of cowpea
  76. Cowpea NMR
  77. NMR commercial carbon black filled vulcanized natural rubber petrodiesel/biodiesel
  78. thermal degradation of passion fruit juice using NMR chemometrics
  79. 1H NMR spectroscopy chemometrics non-thermal processing orange juice
  80. NMR Spectroscopy Chemometrics Processing Coconut Water
  81. plasma high-pressure ultrasound processing stability FOS
  82. Comprehensive multiphase NMR spectroscopy effect biodiesel blends structure commercial rubbers
  83. Advancements in Wastewater Characterization Through NMR Spectroscopy
  84. 1H qNMR and Chemometric Analyses of Urban Wastewater
  85. Non-targeted analyses of organic compounds in urban wastewater
  86. Advancements in waste water characterization NMR spectroscopy
  87. transgenic conventional common bean genotype 1H HR-MAS NMR
  88. DOSY NMR spectroscopy HPLC-UV-SPE-NMR undeclared synthetic drugs medicines illegally phytotherapies
  89. 1H HRMAS NMR spectroscopy chemometrics metabolic changes citrus sinensis Xanthomonas axonopodis
  90. sugarcane ¹H NMR chemometrics
  91. Quantification of Oligosaccharides from Common Beans by HR-MAS NMR
  92. fruit biotypes antifungal activity essential oils eugenia uniflora leaves
  93. qNMR and PCA for discrimination of guarana seeds from different geographic regions of Brazil