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  1. Analysis of the cutting fluid behavior with a modified micro single-lip deep hole drilling tool
  2. Cutting fluid behavior under consideration of chip formation during SDL hole drilling of Inconel 718
  3. Coolant distribution considering the viscosity of the cutting fluid during machining
  4. A Mathematical Model for Inner Contour of Moineau Stators
  5. Cutting-fluid flow with chip evacuation during deep-hole drilling with twist drills
  6. Chip formation, mechanical loads and cooling pressure when micro single-lip deep hole drilling.
  7. Cutting Conditions and Cutting Parameters on Cutting Temperature in Bone Drilling Processes
  8. Effects of deep-temperature emulsion when turning Inconel 718
  9. A Mathematical Model to Describe the Inner Contour of Moineau Stators
  10. Simulative analyses in cutting fluid supply of twist drills with modification
  11. A New Flank Face Design when Drilling High-Temperature Nickel-Base Alloys
  12. Thermomechanical analysis for tools used the drilling of Inconel 718
  13. FSI modelling of deep hole twist drilling with internal cutting fluid supply
  14. FEM investigation in drilling of Inconel 718
  15. Additiv Manufactured Tool Holders for Turning
  16. Experimental and simulative investigation of the deep-hole oil distribution
  17. Flow drilling predict 3D FEM model
  18. Geometrical torque prediction method for tapping tools
  19. New method which enables a deeper 3D insight into the chip formation
  20. Modeling methodes for analysis the cutting fluid and transient chip formation when drilling
  21. Transient Simulation of Cooling-Lubricant Flow
  22. Innovative flank face modification for drilling Nickel-base alloys
  23. Twist hole drilling 3D chip simulation and validation
  24. Tapping 3D simulation model to predict the torque
  25. 3D simulation of Micro-milling with experimental validation
  26. CFD simulation and optimization of coolant during tapping
  27. Optimization of cutting edge of twist drills - Inconel 718
  28. CFD simulation of internal cooling conditions - twist drill - Inconel 718
  29. CFD Analysis and optimization the geometry of twist drills
  30. CFD simulation - abrasiv blasting process