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  1. Leaders’ accounts on employee voice in the Indian context
  2. Introduction to the AIRAANZ 2019 conference
  3. The meaning and essential nature of a profession
  4. Gender equity and inclusion in Ghana
  5. Union suppression and union substitution
  6. Community‑level mechanisms and strategies for managing sustainable water supply systems
  7. Is the fourth industrial revolution relevant to sub-Sahara Africa?
  8. Local isomorphism and multinational enterprises’ human resource management practices
  9. historical and institutional re-construction of Ghana
  10. Macro-institutional conditions in Ghana and the challenges to HRM program development and implementation
  11. HRM development in Ghana after independence
  12. Skilled labour shortage: a qualitative study of Ghana’s training and apprenticeship system
  13. This paper examines HRM practices between MNE subsidiaries and domestic firms
  14. Developing effective local content regulations in sub-Sahara Africa
  15. A conceptual framework for international human resource management research in developing economies