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  1. School Reform: New Future-Ready Quality Outcomes and Proposed Measures
  2. Future-Readiness in Education
  3. Teacher collaboration for change: sharing, improving, and spreading
  4. Effects of Leadership for Professional Learning on Teacher Affective Factors: Mediational Role of School Culture
  5. Leadership across schools to diffuse an education innovation
  6. System Leadership for Future-ready Learners in Singapore
  7. The roles of school leaders in developing future-ready learners: the case of Singapore
  8. Reframing Educational Leadership Research in the Twenty-First Century
  9. Teacher collaboration for change:sharing, improving, and spreading
  10. Exploring the relationships between instructional leadership and teacher competences: Singapore primary school teachers’ perceptions
  11. A review of the empirical research on teacher leadership (2003–2017)
  12. Future-Ready Leadership Development
  13. Instructional Leadership
  14. Instructional Leadership
  15. Instructional leadership structure in Singapore: a co-existence of hierarchy and heterarchy
  16. Tensions in the distribution of leadership in a school's ICT reform
  17. Distributed leadership using the lens of Activity Theory
  18. A review of Singapore principals’ leadership qualities, styles, and roles
  19. Instructional leadership practices in Singapore
  20. Leadership learning for complex organizations
  21. Complexity-based learning—An alternative learning design for the twenty-first century
  22. Assessing leadership knowledge in a principalship preparation programme
  23. Factors which impact the distribution of leadership for an ICT reform: expertise vis-à-vis formal role?
  24. How leadership for an ICT reform is distributed within a school
  25. Distributed Leadership for ICT Reform in Singapore
  26. Towards innovation: a paradigm shift in the school leadership preparation programme in Singapore
  27. Developing Transformative Curriculum Leaders Through Reflective Inquiry