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  1. Individualized cancer vaccines versus surveillance after adjuvant chemotherapy for surgically resected high-risk stage 2 and stage 3 colorectal cancer: protocol for a randomized trial
  2. Neoadjuvant chemotherapy for locally advanced colonic cancer is not ready to be the standard of care
  3. SARS-CoV-2 in the abdomen or pelvis: SAFE SURGERY study
  4. Rectal cancer management during the COVID-19 pandemic (ReCaP): multicentre prospective observational study
  5. Reply to Mathew
  6. Targeting Acid Ceramidase to Improve the Radiosensitivity of Rectal Cancer
  7. Hartmann's procedure versus intersphincteric abdominoperineal excision (HiP Study): a multicentre prospective cohort study
  8. Research disruptions and recovery
  9. Measuring sarcopenia on pre-operative CT in older adults undergoing emergency laparotomy: a comparison of three different calculations
  10. A systematic review and meta-analysis of baseline risk factors for the development of postoperative ileus in patients undergoing gastrointestinal surgery
  11. Outcomes following small bowel obstruction due to malignancy in the national audit of small bowel obstruction
  12. Malnutrition, nutritional interventions and clinical outcomes of patients with acute small bowel obstruction: results from a national, multicentre, prospective audit
  13. Awareness of surgical expenditure amongst UK trainees and consultants: A questionnaire study
  14. Sphingolipids and acid ceramidase as therapeutic targets in cancer therapy
  15. Patients with Crohn’s disease have longer post-operative in-hospital stay than patients with colon cancer but no difference in complications’ rate
  16. Evaluating unmet needs in patients undergoing surgery for colorectal cancer: a patient reported outcome measures study
  17. Global variation in anastomosis and end colostomy formation following left‐sided colorectal resection
  18. National prospective cohort study of the burden of acute small bowel obstruction
  19. Early anastomotic complications in colorectal surgery: a systematic review of techniques for endoscopic salvage
  20. Pooled analysis of WHO Surgical Safety Checklist use and mortality after emergency laparotomy
  21. Improving care at scale: process evaluation of a multi-component quality improvement intervention to reduce mortality after emergency abdominal surgery (EPOCH trial)
  22. Systematic review of treatment intensification using novel agents for chemoradiotherapy in rectal cancer
  23. An international multicentre prospective audit of elective rectal cancer surgery; operative approach versus outcome, including transanal total mesorectal excision (TaTME)
  24. Association of mechanical bowel preparation with oral antibiotics and anastomotic leak following left sided colorectal resection: an international, multi-centre, prospective audit
  25. Evaluating the incidence of pathological complete response in current international rectal cancer practice: the barriers to widespread safe deferral of surgery
  26. Safety of primary anastomosis following emergency left sided colorectal resection: an international, multi-centre prospective audit
  27. The impact of conversion on the risk of major complication following laparoscopic colonic surgery: an international, multicentre prospective audit
  28. The impact of stapling technique and surgeon specialism on anastomotic failure after right-sided colorectal resection: an international multicentre, prospective audit
  29. Oncosurgical Management of Liver Limited Stage IV Colorectal Cancer: Preliminary Data and Protocol for a Randomized Controlled Trial
  30. Proteomic profiling of rectal cancer reveals acid ceramidase is implicated in radiation response
  31. Laparoscopy in management of appendicitis in high-, middle-, and low-income countries: a multicenter, prospective, cohort study
  32. Prospective patient stratification into robust cancer-cell intrinsic subtypes from colorectal cancer biopsies
  33. Which pen? A comparative study of surgical site markers
  34. Exome sequencing of synchronously resected primary colorectal tumours and colorectal liver metastases to inform oncosurgical management
  35. Primary Colorectal Cells Culture as a Translational Research Model
  36. Oncosurgical Management of Liver Limited Stage IV Colorectal Cancer: Preliminary Data and Protocol for a Randomized Controlled Trial (Preprint)
  37. Incidental Mesenteric Paraganglioma: A Case Report and Literature Review
  38. Risk factors for unfavourable postoperative outcome in patients with Crohn's disease undergoing right hemicolectomy or ileocaecal resection An international audit by ESCP and S-ECCO
  39. The relationship between method of anastomosis and anastomotic failure after right hemicolectomy and ileo-caecal resection: an international snapshot audit
  40. Re-examining HSPC1 inhibitors
  41. A national patient and public colorectal research agenda: integration of consumer perspectives in bowel disease through early consultation
  42. Determinants of morbidity and mortality following emergency abdominal surgery in children in low-income and middle-income countries
  43. Mortality of emergency abdominal surgery in high-, middle- and low-income countries
  44. From mice to men: Murine models of colorectal cancer for use in translational research
  45. Oesophageal perforation caused by screw displacement 16 months following anterior cervical spine fixation
  46. Proteomic analysis to identify biomarkers in the primary tumour that predict response to neoadjuvant chemotherapy in liver metastases
  47. Evaluation of a novel tissue stabilization gel to facilitate clinical sampling for translational research in surgical trials
  48. Implementation of a new tool to improve the efficacy and safety of surgical handovers
  49. Attitudes, Motivators, and Barriers to a Career in Surgery: A National Study of UK Undergraduate Medical Students
  50. The Aetiology of Delay to Commencement of Adjuvant Chemotherapy following Colorectal Resection
  51. Outcome of colorectal cancer resection in octogenarians
  52. Rectal volvulus following laparoscopic left hemicolectomy
  53. Colocutaneous fistula secondary to amoebiasis
  54. Management of iatrogenic recto-urethral fistula by transanal rectal flap advancement
  55. The expression of S100A8 in pancreatic cancer-associated monocytes is associated with the Smad4 status of pancreatic cancer cells
  56. Pancreatic cancer cells overexpress gelsolin family-capping proteins, which contribute to their cell motility
  57. High Nuclear S100A6 (Calcyclin) Is Significantly Associated with Poor Survival in Pancreatic Cancer Patients
  58. Cancer in the elderly: pancreatic cancer
  59. Proteomic technologies and their application to pancreatic cancer
  60. Genetics and Prevention of Pancreatic Cancer
  61. Cerebrospinal fluid pseudocyst of the breast
  62. Endovascular abdominal aortic aneurysm repair outside a tertiary referral centre: feasibility and impact upon workload
  63. Internal Iliac Aneurysm Rupture into the Rectum following Endovascular Exclusion: An Unusual Cause of Massive Lower Gastrointestinal Bleeding