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  1. Full‐thickness rectal advancement flap for complex fistula‐in‐ano using indocyanine green fluorescence
  2. “Near-TME”: proposed standardisation of the technique for proctectomy in male patients with ulcerative colitis
  3. Gender dysphoria: laparoscopic sigmoid vaginoplasty. Another utility of indocyanine green
  4. Inequalities in screening policies and perioperative protection for patients with acute appendicitis during the pandemic: Subanalysis of the ACIE Appy study
  5. Postoperative Complications in Hemorrhoidal Disease and Special Conditions
  6. Surgical steps for right laparoscopic D3 lymphadenectomy in a patient with a giant duodenal diverticulum
  7. A video demonstration of three‐dimensional imaging to assess the circumferential resection margin in locally advanced rectal cancer and recurrent rectal cancer – a video vignette
  8. Martius flap and sphincteroplasty as treatment for recurrent anovaginal fistula associated with anal incontinence–a video vignette
  9. A mathematical 3D-method applied to MRI to evaluate prostatic infiltration in advanced rectal cancer
  10. A video guide of five access methods to the splenic flexure: the concept of the splenic flexure box
  11. An ‘easy’ method to understand perianal sepsis – a video vignette
  12. Possible effects of height of ligation of the inferior mesenteric vein on venous return of the colorectal anastomosis: the venous trunk theory
  13. The fusion fascia of Fredet: an important embryological landmark for complete mesocolic excision and D3-lymphadenectomy in right colon cancer
  14. Diverticulitis apendicular como causa de apendicitis aguda
  15. An international multicentre prospective audit of elective rectal cancer surgery; operative approach versus outcome, including transanal total mesorectal excision (TaTME)
  16. Association of mechanical bowel preparation with oral antibiotics and anastomotic leak following left sided colorectal resection: an international, multi-centre, prospective audit
  17. Evaluating the incidence of pathological complete response in current international rectal cancer practice: the barriers to widespread safe deferral of surgery
  18. Safety of primary anastomosis following emergency left sided colorectal resection: an international, multi-centre prospective audit
  19. The impact of conversion on the risk of major complication following laparoscopic colonic surgery: an international, multicentre prospective audit
  20. Embolización selectiva de la arteria rectal superior, ¿alternativa a la cirugía hemorroidal?
  21. Papel del cirujano general en el diagnóstico y tratamiento precoz del pie de Charcot
  22. “Core out” or “curettage” in rectal advancement flap for cryptoglandular anal fistula
  23. Nódulo mamario por empiema necessitatis