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  1. Mesomorphic structure peculiarities of two mix-substituted phthalocyanines of the A3B type
  2. Design, Self-Assembly, and Switchable Wettability in Hydrophobic, Hydrophilic, and Janus Dendritic Ligand–Gold Nanoparticle Hybrid Materials
  3. Modulating the physical and electronical properties over positional isomerism: the Dispirofluorene-Dihydroindacenodithiophene (DSF-IDT) family.
  4. Incompatibility-Driven Self-Organization in Polycatenar Liquid Crystals Bearing Both Hydrocarbon and Fluorocarbon Chains
  5. High One-Dimensional Charge Mobility in Semiconducting Columnar Mesophases of Isocyano-Triphenylene Metal Complexes
  6. Plasmonic-Based Mechanochromic Microcapsules as Strain Sensors
  7. Controlled polarized luminescence of smectic lanthanide complexes
  8. Design of Janus triphenylene mesogens: Facile synthesis, mesomorphism, photoluminescence, and semiconductivity
  9. Electron-Deficient Dihydroindaceno-Dithiophene Regioisomers for n-Type Organic Field-Effect Transistors
  10. Facile transformation of 1-aryltriphenylenes into dibenzo[fg,op]tetracenes by intramolecular Scholl cyclodehydrogenation: synthesis, self-assembly, and charge carrier mobility of large π-extended discogens
  11. A semi-combinatorial approach for investigating polycatenar ligand-controlled synthesis of rare-earth fluoride nanocrystals
  12. The dendritic effect and magnetic permeability in dendron coated nickel and manganese zinc ferrite nanoparticles
  13. Isocyano-Triphenylene Complexes of Gold, Copper, Silver, and Platinum. Coordination Features and Mesomorphic Behavior
  14. A new class of nanostructured supramolecular organic semiconductors based on intertwined multi-lamellar co-assemblies in π-conjugated liquid-crystalline side-chain polymers
  15. Design, Synthesis, and Self-Assembly Behavior of Liquid-Crystalline Bis-[60]Fullerodendrimers
  16. ChemInform Abstract: Discogens Possessing Aryl Side Groups Synthesized by Suzuki Coupling of Triphenylene Triflates and Their Self-Organization Behavior.
  17. Polycatenar Ligand Control of the Synthesis and Self-Assembly of Colloidal Nanocrystals
  18. Characterization of Magnetism in Gold Nanoparticles
  19. Front Cover: Discogens Possessing Aryl Side Groups Synthesized by Suzuki Coupling of Triphenylene Triflates and Their Self-Organization Behavior (Eur. J. Org. Chem. 16/2016)
  20. Mesomorphism and Photophysics of Some Metallomesogens Based on Hexasubstituted 2,2′:6′, 2′′-Terpyridines
  21. Discogens Possessing Aryl Side Groups Synthesized by Suzuki Coupling of Triphenylene Triflates and Their Self-Organization Behavior
  22. High Photothermal Activity within Neutral Nickel Dithiolene Complexes Derived from Imidazolium-Based Ionic Liquids
  23. Dendronization-induced phase-transfer, stabilization and self-assembly of large colloidal Au nanoparticles
  24. One-step green synthesis of gold and silver nanoparticles with ascorbic acid and their versatile surface post-functionalization
  25. Synthesis of benzothiadiazole-based molecules via direct arylation: an eco-friendly way of obtaining small semi-conducting organic molecules
  26. Chemical engineering of donor–acceptor liquid crystalline dyads and triads for the controlled nanostructuration of organic semiconductors
  27. ChemInform Abstract: Olefin Cross-Metathesis: A Versatile Synthetic Reaction for the Design of Janus Liquid Crystals.
  28. Tailoring Anisotropic Interactions between Soft Nanospheres Using Dense Arrays of Smectic Liquid Crystal Edge Dislocations
  29. Quantifying “Softness” of Organic Coatings on Gold Nanoparticles Using Correlated Small-Angle X-ray and Neutron Scattering
  30. Dendron-Mediated Engineering of Interparticle Separation and Self-Assembly in Dendronized Gold Nanoparticles Superlattices
  31. Olefin Cross-Metathesis: a Versatile Synthetic Reaction for the Design ofJanusLiquid Crystals
  32. Highly Segregated Lamello-Columnar Mesophase Organizations and Fast Charge Carrier Mobility in New Discotic Donor-Acceptor Triads
  33. Symmetric bent-shaped liquid crystal dimers showing transitions between optically uniaxial and biaxial smectic phases
  34. Modulation of the Electronic and Mesomorphic Properties of Alkynyl–Spirobifluorene Compounds as a Function of the Substitution Pattern
  35. Mesogenic, Luminescence, and Nonlinear Optical Properties of New Bipyrimidine-Based Multifunctional Octupoles
  36. Spin-crossover, mesomorphic and thermoelectrical properties of cobalt(ii) complexes with alkylated N3-Schiff bases
  37. The influence of lateral fluorination and cyanation on the mesomorphism of polycatenar mesogens and the nature of the SmC phase therein
  38. Green-blue light-emitting platinum(ii) complexes of cyclometallated 4,6-difluoro-1,3-dipyridylbenzenes showing mesophase organisation
  39. Star-shaped triphenylene discotic liquid crystalline oligomers and their hydrogen-bonded supramolecular complexes with simple acids
  40. Designing Supramolecular Liquid-Crystalline Hybrids from Pyrenyl-Containing Dendrimers and Arene Ruthenium Metallacycles
  41. H-bonded adducts of [2,4,6-{(C10H21O)3C6H2NH}3C3N3] with [LnM{PPh2(C6H4CO2H)}] displaying Columnar Mesophases at Room Te...
  42. Combined Stabilizing Effects of Trifluoromethyl Groups and Semifluorinated Side Chains on the Thermotropic Liquid‐Crystal Behavior of β‐Enamino Ketone Ligands and Their Bischelate PdII Complexes
  43. Mesomorphism and Shape-Memory Behavior of Main-Chain Liquid-Crystalline Co-Elastomers: Modulation by the Chemical Composition
  44. Charge carrier mobility study of a mesogenic thienothiophene derivative in bulk and thin films
  45. Metal‐Containing Liquid Crystals
  46. Fullerene‐Containing Liquid Crystals
  47. Intertwined Lamello-Columnar Coassemblies in Liquid-Crystalline Side-Chain Π-Conjugated Polymers: Toward a New Class of Nanostructured Supramolecular Organic Semiconductors
  48. Luminescence modulation in liquid crystalline phases containing a dispiro[fluorene-9,11′-indeno[1,2-b]fluorene-12′,9′′-fluorene] core
  49. Liquid–crystalline metallodendrimers
  50. Morphology-driven absorption and emission colour changes in liquid-crystalline, cyclometallated platinum(ii) complexes
  51. Thermotropic mesomorphism of mixed-valent diruthenium aliphatic carboxylates with axial anion bearing two aliphatic chains
  52. A Strongly Emitting Liquid‐Crystalline Derivative of Y3N@C80: Bright and Long‐Lived Near‐IR Luminescence from a Charge Transfer State
  53. A Strongly Emitting Liquid‐Crystalline Derivative of Y3N@C80: Bright and Long‐Lived Near‐IR Luminescence from a Charge Transfer State
  54. Influence of linear and branched perfluoroalkylated side chains on the π–π stacking behaviour of hexa-peri-hexabenzocoronene and thermotropic properties
  55. Chromonic‐Like Physical Luminescent Gels Formed by Ionic Octahedral Iridium(III) Complexes in Diluted Water Solutions
  56. Host–Guest Complexation of [60]Fullerenes and Porphyrins Enabled by “Click Chemistry”
  57. Implementing Liquid‐Crystalline Properties in Single‐Stranded Dinuclear Lanthanide Helicates (Eur. J. Inorg. Chem. 19/2013)
  58. Implementing Liquid‐Crystalline Properties in Single‐Stranded Dinuclear Lanthanide Helicates
  59. A convenient synthesis of a 2,7-difunctional tetra(alkoxy)triphenylene involving 4,4′-diacetoxy-3,3′-dialkoxybiphenyl as a key precursor and its conversion to extended hybrid mesogenic compounds
  60. Implementing Liquid‐Crystalline Properties in Single‐Stranded Dinuclear Lanthanide Helicates
  61. Thermal Behavior and High- and Low-Temperature Phase Structures of Gemini Fluorocarbon/Hydrocarbon Diblocks
  62. On the liquid-crystalline properties of methacrylic polymers containing 4′-(4-alkyloxyphenyl)azobenzene mesogens
  63. ChemInform Abstract: [60]Fullerene‐Containing Thermotropic Liquid Crystals
  64. Room‐Temperature Columnar Mesophases in Triazine–Gold Thiolate Metal–Organic Supramolecular Aggregates
  65. Supramolecular Organization and Magnetic Properties of Mesogen-Hybridized Mixed-Valent Manganese Single Molecule Magnets [MnIII8MnIV4O12(Lx,y,z-CB)16(H
  66. Halogen-bonded liquid crystals of 4-alkoxystilbazoles with molecular iodine: a very short halogen bond and unusual mesophase stability
  67. Supramolecular aggregates of metallo–organic acids with stilbazoles. Formation of columnar mesophases and Langmuir films
  68. Gold nanoparticle self-assembly moderated by a cholesteric liquid crystal
  69. Photo- and thermal-processing of azobenzene-containing star-shaped liquid crystals
  70. Spacing-dependent dipolar interactions in dendronized magnetic iron oxide nanoparticle 2D arrays and powders
  71. ChemInform Abstract: Magnetism in Gold Nanoparticles
  72. Fe-TUD-1 for the preferential rupture of the substituted C C bond of methylcyclopentane (MCP)
  73. Synthesis and characterization of luminescent tricationic salts of mesitylene and stilbazolium moieties
  74. Magnetic Properties of Gold Nanoparticles: A Room‐Temperature Quantum Effect
  75. Mo/KIT-6, Fe/KIT-6 and Mo–Fe/KIT-6 as new types of heterogeneous catalysts for the conversion of MCP
  76. New chiral discotics with helical organization of the mesophase—liquid crystalline derivatives of dibenzotetraaza[14]annulene
  77. [60]Fullerene‐Containing Thermotropic Liquid Crystals
  78. Liquid-crystalline nanoparticles: Hybrid design and mesophase structures
  79. Peripherally Fused Porphyrins via the Scholl Reaction: Synthesis, Self-Assembly, and Mesomorphism
  80. Liquid Crystals: Mesomorphic Organization and Thermochromic Luminescence of Dicyanodistyrylbenzene‐Based Phasmidic Molecular Disks: Uniaxially Aligned Hexagonal Columnar Liquid Crystals at Room Temperature with Enhanced Fluorescence Emission and Semico...
  81. Influence of polymorphism on charge transport properties in isomers of fluorenone-based liquid crystalline semiconductors
  82. Room-temperature columnar mesophases of nickel-bis(dithiolene) metallomesogens
  83. Magnetism in gold nanoparticles
  84. Heterolithic azobenzene-containing supermolecular tripedal liquid crystals self-organizing into highly segregated bilayered smectic phases
  85. Self-assembly and liquid-crystalline supramolecular organizations of semifluorinated block co-dendritic supermolecules
  86. Lamello-Columnar Mesophase Formation in a Side-Chain Liquid Crystal π-Conjugated Polymer Architecture
  87. Mesomorphic Organization and Thermochromic Luminescence of Dicyanodistyrylbenzene‐Based Phasmidic Molecular Disks: Uniaxially Aligned Hexagonal Columnar Liquid Crystals at Room Temperature with Enhanced Fluorescence Emission and Semiconductivity
  88. Orienting the Demixion of a Diblock‐copolymer Using 193 nm Interferometric Lithography for the Controlled Deposition of Nanoparticles
  89. Emissive Metallomesogens Based on 2-Phenylpyridine Complexes of Iridium(III)
  90. Self‐Assembly and Shape Morphology of Liquid Crystalline Gold Metamaterials
  91. Influence of corona treatment on adhesion and mechanical properties in metal/polymer/metal systems
  92. From tectons to luminescent supramolecular ionic liquid crystals
  93. Liquid crystalline salen manganese(iii) complexes. Mesomorphic and catalytic behaviour
  94. Liquid-crystalline functional carbazole and naphthalene platforms
  95. Unsymmetric main-chain liquid crystal elastomers with tuneable phase behaviour: synthesis and mesomorphism
  96. Iron oxide nanoparticle-containing main-chain liquid crystalline elastomer: towards soft magnetoactive networks
  97. Nematic self-organization of regioselectively polyfunctionalized [60]fullerene
  98. Single crystals of mesoporous tungstenosilicate W-MCM-48 molecular sieves for the conversion of methylcyclopentane (MCP)
  99. Fluorenone core donor–acceptor–donor π-conjugated molecules end-capped with dendritic oligo(thiophene)s: synthesis, liquid crystalline behaviour, and photovoltaic applications
  100. Size-dependent properties of magnetic iron oxidenanocrystals
  101. Synthesis and liquid‐crystalline properties of poly(4‐vinylpyridinium) bromides N‐substituted with dialkyloxyterphenyl groups
  102. Electric‐Field‐Induced Reversible Viscosity Change in a Columnar Liquid Crystal
  103. Dimer acid-based thermoplastic bio-polyamides: Reaction kinetics, properties and structure
  104. Synthesis and thermal properties of rigid oxa-bridged-containing dimers and tetramers
  105. Ionic liquid crystals bearing bipyridinium and pentaphenylene groups
  106. Diethynylbenzene-Based Liquid Crystalline Semiconductor for Solution-Processable Organic Thin-Film Transistors
  107. Dimerization of Dendrimeric Lanthanide Complexes: Thermodynamic, Thermal, and Liquid-Crystalline Properties
  108. Oxidation of Organoplatinum(II) by Coordinated Dimethylsulfoxide: Metal−Metal Bonded, Dinuclear, Liquid-Crystalline Complexes of Platinum(III)
  109. The influence of lateral apolar substituents on the mesomorphic behaviour of tetracatenar liquid crystals
  110. Nematic‐like Organization of Magnetic Mesogen‐Hybridized Nanoparticles
  111. Correction: The Quest for Nanoscale Magnets: The example of [Mn12] Single Molecule Magnets
  112. ChemInform Abstract: Liquid Crystalline ortho‐Palladated Complexes
  113. Self-Assembled Structures of Liquid-Crystalline Oligopeptide Dimers
  114. Liquid-Crystalline Self-Organization of Isocyanide-Containing Dendrimers Induced by Coordination to Gold(I) Fragments
  115. Halide effect in electron rich and deficient discotic phthalocyanines
  116. Magneto-optical control of a Mn12 nano-magnet
  117. Very slow high-temperature relaxation of the remnant magnetic moment in 2 nm mesomorphic gold nanoparticles
  118. The Quest for Nanoscale Magnets: The example of [Mn12] Single Molecule Magnets
  119. Luminescent Ethynyl−Pyrene Liquid Crystals and Gels for Optoelectronic Devices
  120. Liquid‐Crystalline Fullerodendrimers and Fullero(codendrimers)
  121. 4′-(2-(2-Ethoxyethoxy)ethoxy)biphenyl-4-carboxylic acid—a polar smectogen for amphipathic liquid crystals
  122. Mesomorphic Imidazolium Salts: New Vectors for Efficient siRNA Transfection
  123. Mesomorphism of Protodendritic Oligomers
  124. Columnar Mesophases in Hybrid Organic−Inorganic Supramolecular Aggregates: Liquid Crystals of Fe, Cr, Mo, and W at Room Temperature, Built from Triazines and Metalloacid Complexes
  125. Thermal, Magnetic, and Luminescent Properties of Dendronized Ferrite Nanoparticles
  126. Miscibility between Differently Shaped Mesogens: Structural and Morphological Study of a Phthalocyanine-Perylene Binary System
  127. Synthesis and physical properties of ferrocene derivatives. XXI. Crystal structure of a liquid crystalline ferrocene derivative, 1,1'-bis[3-[4-(4-methoxyphenoxycarbonyl)phenoxy]propyloxycarbonyl]ferrocene
  128. Polycatenar bows with single carbon atom elbow
  129. Rational shaping of liquid crystalline diacylaminophenyl platforms equipped with chelating fragments, fluorescent dyes, and square planar platinum complexes
  130. Supramolecular organization of dendritic supermolecules into liquid crystalline mesophases
  131. Supramolecular architecture elucidation of the room temperature columnar mesophases exhibited by mixed-valent diruthenium alkoxybenzoates
  132. Formation of Ferrimagnetic Films with Functionalized Magnetite Nanoparticles Using the Langmuir−Blodgett Technique
  133. Design of Neutral Metallomesogens from 5,5‐Dimethyldipyrromethane: Metal Ion Mediated Control of Folding and Hairpin Structures
  134. Physical properties of two systems with induced antiferroelectric phase
  135. Liquid Crystalline Ortho‐Palladated Complexes
  136. Phosphorescent, Terdentate, Liquid‐Crystalline Complexes of Platinum(II): Stimulus‐Dependent Emission
  137. Phosphorescent, Terdentate, Liquid‐Crystalline Complexes of Platinum(II): Stimulus‐Dependent Emission
  138. Main-Chain Liquid Crystalline Elastomers: Monomer and Cross-Linker Molecular Control of the Thermotropic and Elastic Properties
  139. Star‐Shaped Oligobenzoates: Non‐conventional Mesogens Forming Columnar Helical Mesophases
  140. Self‐Organization of Dendritic Supermolecules, Based on Isocyanide–Gold(I), –Copper(I), –Palladium(II), and –Platinum(II) Complexes, into Micellar Cubic Mesophases
  141. Supramolecular Aggregates in Fluid Phases: Mesomorphic ortho‐Palladated Complexes with Substituted Crown Ethers and Their Potassium Adducts
  142. Imidazo[4,5-f]-1,10-phenanthrolines: Versatile Ligands for the Design of Metallomesogens
  143. Liquid-crystalline methanofullerodendrimers which display columnar mesomorphism
  144. Liquid Crystal Nanoparticles- LCNANOP: A SONSII Collaborative Research Project
  145. Thermodynamics of dimerization in solution as a rational tool for inducing nematic vs. smectic organizations in lanthanidomesogens
  146. Rigid tetracatenar liquid crystals derived from 1,10-phenanthroline
  147. Metal-directed columnar phase formation in tetrahedral zinc(ii) and manganese(ii) metallomesogens
  148. Single‐Molecule Magnets with Mesomorphic Lamellar Ordering
  149. Single‐Molecule Magnets with Mesomorphic Lamellar Ordering
  150. Liquid Crystalline Dendrimers
  151. Liquid—Crystalline Janus‐Type Fullerodendrimers Displaying Tunable Smectic—Columnar Mesomorphism.
  152. Dendronized Ferromagnetic Gold Nanoparticles Self‐Organized in a Thermotropic Cubic Phase
  153. Rational Tuning of Melting Entropies for Designing Luminescent Lanthanide‐Containing Thermotropic Liquid Crystals at Room Temperature
  154. Liquid—Crystalline Fullerodendrimers
  155. Discotic Liquid‐Crystalline Materials Based on Porphycenes: A Mesogenic Metalloporphycene–Tetracyanoquinodimethane (TCNQ) Adduct
  156. Liquid−Crystalline Janus-Type Fullerodendrimers Displaying Tunable Smectic−Columnar Mesomorphism
  157. Synthesis and Physical Properties of Ferrocene Derivatives (XX): Crystal Structure of a Liquid-Crystalline Ferrocene Derivative, 1,1′-bis [9-[4-(4-methoxyphenoxycarbonyl)phenoxy] nonyloxycarbonyl]Ferrocene
  158. Supramolecular Liquid Crystals
  159. Molecular Factors Responsible for the Formation of the Axially Polar Columnar Mesophase ColhPA
  160. Cover Picture: Formation of Gels and Liquid Crystals Induced by Pt⋅⋅⋅Pt and π–π* Interactions in Luminescent σ‐Alkynyl Platinum(II) Terpyridine Complexes (Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 15/2007)
  161. Titelbild: Formation of Gels and Liquid Crystals Induced by Pt⋅⋅⋅Pt and π–π* Interactions in Luminescent σ‐Alkynyl Platinum(II) Terpyridine Complexes (Angew. Chem. 15/2007)
  162. Formation of Gels and Liquid Crystals Induced by Pt⋅⋅⋅Pt and π–π* Interactions in Luminescent σ‐Alkynyl Platinum(II) Terpyridine Complexes
  163. Mesomorphism of Hybrid Siloxane-Triphenylene Star-Shaped Oligomers
  164. Formation of Gels and Liquid Crystals Induced by Pt⋅⋅⋅Pt and π–π* Interactions in Luminescent σ‐Alkynyl Platinum(II) Terpyridine Complexes
  165. Supramolecular Liquid Crystals Based on Cyclo[8]pyrrole
  166. Supramolecular Liquid Crystals Based on Cyclo[8]pyrrole
  167. Tuning the Polarization Along Linear Polyaromatic Strands for Rationally Inducing Mesomorphism in Lanthanide Nitrate Complexes
  168. Cover Picture: Tuning the Polarization Along Linear Polyaromatic Strands for Rationally Inducing Mesomorphism in Lanthanide Nitrate Complexes (Chem. Eur. J. 6/2007)
  169. Supramolecular Self‐Organization of “Janus‐Like” Diblock Codendrimers: Synthesis, Thermal Behavior, and Phase Structure Modeling.
  170. Liquid-crystalline fullerodendrimers
  171. Liquid crystalline dendrimers
  172. Controlling the lateral aggregation of perfluoroalkylated hexa-peri-hexabenzocoronenes
  173. A nematic [60]fullerene supermolecule: when polyaddition leads to supramolecular self-organization at room temperature
  174. Design of Functionalized Fe3O4 Nanoparticles for Elaboration of Nanostructured Films with Magnetic Properties
  175. Metallomesogens
  176. Thermotropic Lanthanidomesogens
  177. Interfacial Behavior of a Series of Amphiphilic Block Co-dendrimers
  178. Supramolecular Self‐Organization of “Janus‐like” Diblock Codendrimers: Synthesis, Thermal Behavior, and Phase Structure Modeling
  179. Synthesis and Liquid—Crystalline Properties of Bromoalkyloxy‐Substituted Terphenylenes.
  180. Self-Assembly of Fluorescent Amphipathic Borondipyrromethene Scaffoldings in Mesophases and Organogels
  181. Silver Coordination Complexes as Room‐Temperature Multifunctional Materials
  182. Schiff base oligopyrrolic macrocycles as ligands for lanthanides and actinides
  183. Synthesis and Liquid-crystalline Properties of Bromoalkyloxy-substituted Terphenylenes
  184. Tuning the Thermotropic and Lyotropic Properties of Liquid‐Crystalline Terpyridine Ligands
  185. Liquid crystalline properties of penta(p‐phenylene)s modified with short lateral and long terminal alkoxy chains
  186. Liquid-Crystalline Fullerodendrimers which Display Columnar Phases
  187. Mesomorphism of complexed 2,6‐disubstituted pyridine ligands: crystal and molecular structure of two bent‐core pyridines
  188. Structural, Thermodynamic, and Mesomorphic Consequences of Replacing Nitrates with Trifluoroacetate Counteranions in Ternary Lanthanide Complexes with Hexacatenar Tridentate Ligands
  189. Thermotropic lanthanidomesogens
  190. Liquid Crystalline Dendrimers and Polypedes
  191. Encoding calamitic mesomorphism in thermotropic lanthanidomesogens
  192. Liquid-crystalline cholesterol-based [60]fullerene hexaadducts
  193. Mesomorphic silver(I) complexes of polycatenar 2′- and 3′-stilbazoles. Crystal and molecular structure of 3,4-dimethoxy-3′-stilbazole and of two silver triflate complexes
  194. Engineering of an iron–terpyridine complex with supramolecular gels and mesomorphic properties
  195. Dinuclear Lanthanide Schiff‐Base Complexes Forming a Rectangular Columnar Mesophase
  196. PAMAM- and DAB-Derived Dendromesogens:  The Plastic Supermolecules
  197. Design of High Coordination Number Metallomesogens by Decoupling of the Complex-Forming and Mesogenic Groups:  Nematic and Lamello-Columnar Mesophases
  198. A Propeller-like Uranyl Metallomesogen
  199. Ferrocene‐Containing Optically Active Liquid‐Crystalline Side‐Chain Polysiloxanes with Planar Chirality
  200. Mesomorphic Hexabenzocoronenes Bearing Perfluorinated Chains
  201. Remarkable Miscibility between Disk- and Lathlike Mesogens
  202. Optical and structural studies of Langmuir–Blodgett films of polyalkoxystilbazole complexes of iridium(I)
  203. Liquid‐Crystalline [60]Fullerene‐TTF Dyads.
  204. Mixed f‐d Metallomesogens with an Extended Rigid Core
  205. Synthesis, Photonic Characteristics, and Mesomorphism of an Oligo Biphenylene Vinylene π-Electron System
  206. Liquid-Crystalline [60]Fullerene-TTF Dyads
  207. Main-chain liquid-crystalline dendrimers based on amido-core moieties – effect of the core structure
  208. Self-organization of nanostructured functional dendrimers
  209. Lanthanide luminescent mesomorphic complexes with macrocycles derived from diaza-18-crown-6
  210. Molecular Control of Macroscopic Cubic, Columnar, and Lamellar Organizations in Luminescent Lanthanide-Containing Thermotropic Liquid Crystals
  211. Axially Polar Columnar Phase Made of Polycatenar Bent-Shaped Molecules
  212. A Generalized Model for the Molecular Arrangement in the Columnar Mesophases of Polycatenar Mesogens. Crystal and Molecular Structure of Two Hexacatenar Mesogens
  213. Tuning Organogels and Mesophases with Phenanthroline Ligands and Their Copper Complexes by Inter- to Intramolecular Hydrogen Bonds
  214. Mixed-valent diruthenium (II,III) aliphatic carboxylates: columnar mesophases in dodecylsulfate and octylsulfonate derivatives
  215. Polycatenar, bent-core pyridines and their discotic complexes with silver(I)
  216. Liquid-Crystalline Octopus Dendrimers:  Block Molecules with Unusual Mesophase Morphologies
  217. Self-assembled Columnar Mesophase from a New Disclike Polar Mesogen Based on a 3,5-Dicyano-2,4,6-Tristyrylpyridine Core
  218. Rodlike metallomesogens containing nickel(ii), palladium(ii) and copper(ii) based on novel enaminoketonato ligands
  219. Bent-core molecules with lateral halogen atoms forming tilted, synclinic and anticlinic, lamellar phases
  220. Lamellar to Columnar Mesophase Evolution in a Series of PAMAM Liquid-Crystalline Codendrimers
  221. Structure and Mesomorphic Behavior of Alkoxy-Substituted Bis(phthalocyaninato)lanthanide(III) Complexes
  222. Liquid Crystalline Octopus: An Alternative Class of Mesomorphic Dendrimers
  223. Columnar Mesomorphism from Hemi‐Disklike Metallomesogens Derived from 2,6‐Bis[3′,4′,5′‐tri(alkoxy)phenyliminomethyl]pyridines (L): Crystal and Molecular Structures of [M(L)Cl2] (M=Mn, Ni, Zn)
  224. Metallomesogens with extended bent tridentate receptors: columnar and cubic mesomorphism tuned by the size of the lanthanide metal ionsElectronic supplementary information (ESI) available: experimental procedures and characterization (elemental analyse...
  225. Polycatenar vinamidinium salts—low-melting ionic mesogens displaying columnar mesomorphism
  226. Liquid-crystalline azines formed by the rare-earth promoted decomposition of hydrazide “habbe” ligands: structural and thermal properties
  227. Polycatenar Metallomesogens - From Layers to Columns and so yo Cubics
  228. Columnar Mesomorphic Order in Thermotropic Liquid Crystals
  229. Metallomesogens
  230. Lyotropic Behavior of Diruthenium(II,III) Alkoxybenzoates in Dodecane
  231. Lyotropic metallomesogens
  232. Thermal and optical behaviour of octa-alkoxy substituted phthalocyaninatovanadyl complexes
  233. Bent-shaped mesogens without an azomethine joint
  234. Columnar mesophase from a new hybrid siloxane-triphenylene
  235. Liquid-Crystalline Materials Based on Rhodium Carboxylate Coordination Polymers:  Synthesis, Characterization and Mesomorphic Properties of Tetra(alkoxybenzoato)dirhodium(II) Complexes and Their Pyrazine Adducts
  236. Mixed Copper–Lanthanide Metallomesogens
  237. Aromatic Bent-Core Liquid Crystals:  an Opportunity for Introducing Terdentate Binding Units into Mesophases
  238. ChemInform Abstract: Dendromesogens: Liquid Crystal Organizations of Poly(amidoamine) Dendrimers versus Starburst Structures. Part 2.
  239. Mesomorphic silver(i) complexes of 4-alkyloxy-2′-stilbazoles and 4-alkyloxy-3′-stilbazoles. Crystal and molecular structure of 4-methoxy-2′-stilbazole
  240. Hexacatenar liquid-crystalline complexes of palladium(ii) and platinum(ii) based on trialkoxystilbazole esters
  241. Columnar Mesophase from a New Disclike Mesogen Based on a 3,5-Dicyano-2,4,6-tristyrylpyridine Core
  242. Controlled Molecular Conformation and Morphology in Poly(amidoamine) (PAMAM) and Poly(propyleneimine) (DAB) Dendrimers
  243. On the Formation of the Thermotropic Cubic Phase:  Insights from Monoacetylide Complexes of Pt(II)
  244. Dendromesogens: Liquid Crystal Organizations of Poly(amidoamine) Dendrimers versus Starburst Structures
  245. Molecular morphology and mesomorphism in dendrimers: a competition between rods and discs
  246. Multipodal Liquid-Crystalline Materials based on Ferrocene Cores
  247. A Simple and Versatile Synthetic Route for the Preparation of Main-Chain, Liquid-Crystalline Elastomers
  248. Mesomorphic Dithiooxamide Complexes of Platinum(II)
  249. A Ferrocene-Containing Carbohydrate Surfactant:  Thermotropic and Lyotropic Phase Behavior
  250. Hydrogen-bonded polycatenar mesogens
  251. Nematic mesomorphism in laterally substituted palladium complexes of alkoxystilbazoles
  252. On the Formation of Cubic Phases
  253. Liquid-crystalline, polycatenar complexes of silver(I): dependence of the mesomorphism on the ligand and the anion
  254. Effect of alkyl sulfate anion on the mesomorphism of 3,4-dialkoxystilbazole complexes of silver(I)
  255. The Synthesis, Mesomorphism, and Characterization by X-ray Diffraction and Freeze-Fracture Electron Microscopy of Polycatenar Liquid Crystals of Silver(I) Showing Columnar and Cubic Mesophases
  256. Freeze-fracture electron microscopy of thermotropic cubic and columnar mesophases
  257. Preliminary Communication Characterisation by X-ray diffraction of the S4 phase of some silver(I) complexes of alkoxystilbazoles
  258. Liquid-crystalline complexes of palladium(II) and platinum(II) with di- and tri-alkoxystilbazoles: ligand control of mesomorphism
  259. Calamitic liquid crystals containing metal–metal bonds: design of mesomorphic materials based on the Ru2(CO)4(μ-η2-O2CR)2L2 sawhorse unit †
  260. The synthesis and mesomorphism of a new series of silver(I) complexes showing glassy mesophases
  261. X-Ray Diffraction from Mesophases of Some Stilbazole Complexes of Silver(I); Monodomain Determination of a Thermotropic Cubic Phase
  262. Melt syntheses of some [PtCl2L2] complexes
  263. Metallomesogens