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  1. Mesoporous Tin Dioxide stable up to 500 C
  2. The influence of lateral fluorination and cyanation on the mesomorphism of polycatenar mesogens and the nature of the SmC phase therein
  3. Green-blue light-emitting platinum(ii) complexes of cyclometallated 4,6-difluoro-1,3-dipyridylbenzenes showing mesophase organisation
  4. Structure from Diffraction Methods
  5. Multi Length-Scale Characterisation
  6. Competition and cooperation: hydrogen and halogen bonding in co-crystals involving 4-iodotetrafluorobenzoic acid, 4-iodotetrafluorophenol and 4-bromotetrafluorophenol
  7. Morphology-driven absorption and emission colour changes in liquid-crystalline, cyclometallated platinum(ii) complexes
  8. Local Structural Characterisation
  9. David Cole-Hamilton – the perfect academic
  10. 1 : 1 and 2 : 1 co-crystals of alkoxystilbazoles with tetrafluoroiodobenzenes: halogen bonding, a rare Carene–H⋯N hydrogen bond and unsymmetric iodine⋯pyridine interactions
  11. Liquid Crystals Formed from Specific Supramolecular Interactions
  12. Homo- and hetero-bimetallic complexes of TTHA
  13. Polarised phosphorescent emission in an organoplatinum(ii)-based liquid-crystalline polymer
  14. Nematogenic tetracatenar lanthanidomesogens
  15. Molecular Materials. Inorganic Materials Series. Herausgegeben von Duncan W. Bruce, Dermot O'Hare und Richard I. Walton.
  16. Energy Materials
  17. Porous Materials
  18. Low-Dimensional Solids
  19. Molecular Materials
  20. Functional Oxides
  21. ChemInform Abstract: The Material Chemistry of Alkoxystilbazoles and Their Metal Complexes.
  22. A halogen-bonded complex of DMAP with 4-bromoiodobenzene
  23. Liquid Crystalline Ortho‐Palladated Complexes
  24. Phosphorescent, Terdentate, Liquid‐Crystalline Complexes of Platinum(II): Stimulus‐Dependent Emission
  25. Naomi Hoshino‐Miyajima
  26. Generation of metallomesogens using common ligands functionalised with liquid-crystalline moieties
  27. Hydrogen‐bonded oxadiazole mesogens
  28. Liquid-crystalline terpyridines
  29. Solvent-dependent mesomorphism of polycatenar silver(i) complexes in organic solvents
  30. The First Liquid-Crystalline, Expanded Porphyrins.
  31. Towards the biaxial nematic phase through molecular design
  32. Lyotropic mesomorphism in some thermotropic, polycatenar complexes of silver(i)
  33. Liquid-crystalline phenanthrolines
  34. The materials chemistry of alkoxystilbazoles and their metal complexes
  35. Calamitics, Cubics, and ColumnarsLiquid-Crystalline Complexes of Silver(I)
  36. ChemInform Abstract: Metallomesogens: Supramolecular Organization of Metal Complexes in Fluid Phases
  37. Hydrogen-bonded polycatenar mesogens
  38. Nematic mesomorphism in laterally substituted palladium complexes of alkoxystilbazoles
  39. (−)-Isocamphoric Acid Building Block for Chiral Liquid Crystals
  41. CCMM′98 Chemistry and Characterization of Mesophase Materials
  42. Amphitropic Mesomorphic Phthalocyanines—A New Approach to Highly Ordered Layers
  43. Amphitropic Mesomorphic Phthalocyanines—A New Approach to Highly Ordered Layers
  44. Vorlander's wheel
  45. Freeze-fracture electron microscopy of thermotropic cubic and columnar mesophases
  46. Low-Melting, Liquid-Crystalline Metalloporphyrins
  47. Mesomorphic dithiocarbamate complexes
  48. Synthesis of calamitic, liquid crystalline porphyrins with lateral aromatic branches
  49. Mesomorphic 2,2′-bipyridine diesters and their related metal complexes
  50. Liquid-crystalline ionic liquids
  51. Control of intermolecular porphyrin π–π interactions: low-melting liquid-crystal porphyrins with calamitic mesophases
  52. One-Step Synthesis of β, meso-Unsubstituted Dipyrromethane
  53. Mesomorphic N-alkylpyridinium dodecylsulphates
  54. Octahedral, liquid-crystalline complexes of 1,4-diazabutadienes with rhenium(I)
  55. Mesomorphic 2,2′-bipyridine diesters
  56. Mesomorphic complexes of rhenium(I) and manganese(I)
  57. High coordination number calamitic metallomesogens
  58. Scientific Meeting to mark the retirement of Professor George Gray, London, 9th February 1994
  59. Liquid crystalline complexes of octahedral manganese(I)
  60. Mesomorphic metalloporphyrins showing calamitic mesophases
  61. Novel types of ionic thermotropic liquid crystals
  62. Metallomesogens
  63. Halogen-bonded Liquid Crystals
  64. Metallomesogens—Supramolecular Organization of Metal Complexes in Fluid Phases